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26th October 2009

Great Trip
Dear Nancy and Joe, I really enjoyed this adventure story and wish we could have been with you. The country side is breath takeing and look at that Hemp, you lucky dog Joe. Keep the stories comming Nancy as I enjoy them not to meantion you are a wondrful writer. Love, Ron and Alba
26th October 2009

What a way to wake up
Beautiful pictures and words. Thanks for keeping me updated.
20th October 2009

Where did you stay on Phu Quoc?
Hi, Me and my partner are going to Phu Quoc in March, I was wonder what place you stayed at? Since its only $12/night and a bungalow on the beach sounds wonderful :)
19th October 2009

Late to the Dance
I know I'm a little late to the dance here. But I have just finally had time to sit down and read your blogs. I am in awe. Gregory and I are planning to come to Vietnam in February. We may follow in these footsteps. Most definitiely we will come to see you. Who would have thought? Our trip is inspired by your blog. All my best, Chris
12th October 2009

and so are we
Nancy and Joe - Those of us who know you are also blessed - by your friendship and to be recipients of these chapters in your amazing story. And your students and new friends there are also pretty darn lucky to be spending time with you. Thanks for the info and inspiration. dave
29th September 2009

whoo hoooo
Congrats...I'm sure by now you are well into your teaching program since it has been a few weeks. Wish we were there! I'm glad you are having so much fun and are being so welcomed "into the fold" of the local culture. Do some Yoga for me, will ya! Ciaou - Rog
19th September 2009

HI Nancy and Joe Bravo to you both. for putting yourselves on the line to immerse yourselves in culture. and graduating from your lanquage course. I have always been impressed and humbled when I have patients who are immigrants. It take an enormous amount of courage to learn a foreign lanquage and adapt to a new culture. You both look great. The heat and hummidity would absolutely be a challenge. I have loved following your journey. Take care of yourselves. Love Pam Culig
14th September 2009

Hey guys -- great stuff ... and congrats on finishing the course and getting jobs. BTW, according to the LA Times, Viet Nam is a great place to wait out the recession. ( Keep on keepin' on. kc
12th September 2009

Hearty Congrats to you Both!
Dear Joe and Nancy, What a month of study! So happy that you made it through. You both look so exhilarated and happy in all the photos. It makes me smile - It's contagious! I'm just delighted that you're doing so well, developing good friendships, and delving deeper into the heart of VN. Stay well. Are you seeing an acupuncturist/herbalist? Love and hugs, Carole P.S. Are you staying in Hanoi for the remainder of your trip?
12th September 2009

Nancy and Joe, I'm glad you're both doing so well, making many friends and settling in. It looks like a fantastic trip, and I know you're both enjoying your teaching experiences. I'm jealous of all the good food too! RP
12th September 2009

Kudos to you both
Hi Nancy and Joe, Wow!!! I am once again entertained... wowed.... and inspired... by your adventure. You write so well Nancy and the photos make it all so real.. Thank you for sharing this... I just love it... looking forward to you teaching me some cooking when you get back... if you ever want to... It will be a real culture shock to come back to the states, and to all of us, who haven't done much but the same old... same old... I am loving my work at UNM and still my school...I am grateful to be a 61 year old art teacher, with "too much work" in this economy. I am starting an after school Shalom Club with older students... we are trying to find homes for our Peace Quilts. We have joined Peace Pals and they will match us to kids from around the world to be pen pals with, and hopefully find a home in several different countries for the quilts... Maybe you can help us get one to Vietnam. We also would be open to a couple of young 4/5th graders who want to be pen pals... maybe you could translate? So my questions are this... Would you be willing to help us with this? Do you know of any child who might be an orphan, or suffering a childhood illness, or who would be interested in becoming a Peacemaker in their lives, and a friend to one of my students? We will send a quilt to them... you could document it for us with photo's... Please e-mail me directly to respond... The gang had a great time in Pagosa and you were missed... I didn't make it this year... family emergency had me quite stressed.. decided to stay home and rest... and yes.. it did rain buckets... Love Nancy
11th September 2009

Glad to know you are alive and doing very well. Keep me posted
11th September 2009

pretty different from UNH Practicum
Dear Nancy and Joe, Thank you for sharing your travel log. Nancy, your teachng training is quite different from the UNH Psychology Teaching Practicum. It sounds much better. Maybe we should send our graduate students to the same program to improve their teaching. I am envious of your trip! Enjoy! Ellen
5th September 2009

Thanks again
Thanks for you most recent posting. it's been great to follow your adventures. Your involvement with locals sets you apart - in a very good way - from so many tourists. Other people could learn from you, and it would improve world relations. Keep it up!!
23rd August 2009

AWEsome blogging!
Nancy and Joe - am LOVING following along on your adventures. Very well written, gorgeous pictures and just such a joy to hear your perspective and experiences. THANK YOU for sharing all this with us!! CONGrATS on all the hard work you're doing on your CELTA course, and on making new friends. (no surprise there - you guys are amazing :) Huge hugs and love Shirl, Beev and Trevor
19th August 2009

Nancy, Happy Birthday!! RP
19th August 2009

Nancy, I love your writing and the stories of your trip. You guys have a beautiful apartment and it sounds like you're finally getting settled in. Keep the blogs coming and good luck with the intense classes and rehumanization process. I'd love to come over for a visit. Roger
18th August 2009

thank you for your hard work
I am always inspired by what you guys are doing and the way you do it with intention and love. Keep smiling.
18th August 2009

Student Life!
Wow, good on you. It is tough, long, takes dedication, but is usually very rewarding. Congrats on being half way through the course. Best of luck with the second half. It sounds quite challenging!
17th August 2009

Really enjoy hearing about the people and the food. Oh and of course the beer. Love your new digs. Thanks for the great blog!
17th August 2009

Happy to hear you are jioning the Human Race again, I didn't no you had been Dehumanized.
16th August 2009

How amazing
Hi guys, sounds like you are experiencing things that some may never have the opportunity to enjoy. How wonderful that you are settling in and making it a better place (teaching english is fantastic!) I have to say I've been waiting for your latest update and hope the next one comes sooner rather than later. Be safe, enjoy and know we are thinging of you! Much love, Chris and Sheryl xo
15th August 2009

Great Phase II Transistion Report
Very nice pad you found! Interesting to hear about the intensive training. I would not have guessed that it would be so rigorous! I think it's great that you are finding local people to socialize with. I know it can be lots of effort to interact with language barriers, but so incredibly rewarding in the long run. WSG continues to have fine gatherings. What an amazing group of women. We miss you! Love, Catherine
15th August 2009

Greetings from Denver
Sounds like you two are doing great! Glad you found a good ESL course and already jobs when you finish. All is well here. Car running fine and I really enjoy having it. Love, Constance
15th August 2009

good show
Joe and Nancy -- Great blog -- fascinating to be a watcher as you navigate through a different world. Good luck with your course. KC

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