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26th June 2009

It is very interesting to read about your is almost like being there. The photo's are beautiful... Keep em coming and be safe... Love Nancy and KC
17th June 2009

Keep it up!
Wow! The first to posts were enjoyable. This one was just great. What an adventure you're having. Thank you for sharing it with us. Keep it up. I'm passing this on to some friends - and am looking fwd to your next one. And I'm still cringing about the hair removal. Hugs to you both - Dave
16th June 2009

These are facinating stories!
Hi Nancy and Joe--I'm eating up these blogs!! it's so interesting to read about your experiences from your fresh eyes and perspectives!! Do lots of the Vietnamese speak English or do you encounter that more in the bigger cities? Well, we're doing yoga out in the boat house now and it's so beautiful these summer mornings. Are you keeping up with your yoga? Love, Susan
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16th June 2009

Your motorcycle driver license invalid
Joe, You guys need a motorcycle gear. Joe you need to take a driving test again. Your Colorado drive license is not valid there. :-) See, locals do not wear helmets.
15th June 2009

Wow the pictures and cultural information are fascinating. So glad the Vietnamese like Joe I hope it helps during your travels. You two look good and less stressed than when I saw you last. Good. Have fun, I am thrilled for you.
14th June 2009

lovely sights
It looks like you two are settling in the new neighborhood. It also sounds as if the people are very gracious and receptive to your presence. Keep us posted as the adventure unfolds further. Be well. Suerte.
From Blog: Cao Dai Holy See
14th June 2009

Happy Birthday
Hi Joe, Happy belated birthday. Sorry, I forgot. Love and Miss you Sis. From all of us
14th June 2009

Holly see
Hi guys, got the travel blog. Loved it, so beautiful. Keep sending. going to try to send to mom. Love, and take care Alba.
From Blog: Cao Dai Holy See
13th June 2009

Thank you
About all I can say is "WOW" You and Joe take care. I know you two will do this anyway, please spread as much around as mush love as you can and bring some home with you
From Blog: Cao Dai Holy See

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