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South America » Argentina » Mendoza » Mendoza July 27th 2009

Just arrived and soon be gone Lots to talk about;) Arrived in Mendoza on Thursday at 11am. Relaxing two hours before the Wine Tour started: 2 bodegas and 1 aceite-"factory" took us on a great tasting-experience. We learned some more about Wine (how to taste it, how it is being produced), tasted and bought some for our first night in Mendoza. Supplied with good food (done by the two chefs that joined us on our trip) we happily fell asleep at 2am. The next morning 4 of us went on to a horse-riding tour, while the other two went for Canopy. In case you are now looking up "Canopy" and find something like "zip-lining in more or less greater hights"...thats what we did. And surprisingly enough, my scaredness of heights didn´t kick in...i´m quite sure ... read more

South America » Argentina » Jujuy » Purmamarca July 12th 2009

4 days - more than 60 hours on train and bus - 1 beautiful experience Wednesday morning before work: Rush to the train station to book the well planned trip to the North of Argentina. Plan was: Going to Salta, see surroundings, go to Tucuman and take the train back. Thats what we booked. Ended up being just a little bit different, but thats the fun about "backpacking", I guess;) Provided with many advice where to go and what to see by the very friendly and welcoming people at my workplace, we left with a luxurious "cama"-bus (reclining seats up to 160 degrees) Buenos Aires at 18.30. After roughly 18 hours - including 4 movies, which I all watched in Spanish...well, there were in English, but due to the perfectly located aircondition (above my head), ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires June 18th 2009

The boiler is no warm water in the morning:D went to "Sugar" at night. Sign at the door: "Dancing not permitted! This is a bar, not a disco!" Happy Hour from 8-12pm, Gin Tonic/Beer/Whiskey Cola etc for 5 Pesos (=1€)... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires June 16th 2009

Martes Finally back in good old Buenos Aires and finally perfect vision again (replaced the contactlenses I had lost in Iguazu on the second day). Made it just in time back, twenty minutes late for second class of the day. In the afternoon I got to learn a South American card game called TRUCO. it is sooo much fun and soo weird. The first thirty minutes we spend trying to understand the order and the signs of the cards. You might ask: How hard can it be to figure out the order of 1-7 and 10-12. When the #1 of two colours are the highest, the other two are low cards, 3 is more than 12 and 7 is less than 10...or more, depending on the color. Add a couple of signs to show your teammate ... read more

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires June 15th 2009

A short long trip to the "Falls of the Big Water" Woooow, been there! But lets stick to the order... Viernes, June 12th: Our bus to Iguazu departures - according to the plan - at 6:50pm del Retiro (Main Bus and Train station of BsAs). You are supposed to be there 45min prior to departure, so that makes it 6:05. Our group of six funny people - 3 Dutch, 2 Germans and 1 British) met at 5:30 at some subte-station in the city. Somehow we managed to reach el Retiro around 6pm (while only being slightly insecure where to go;) ) and even found "our bus" out of the probably 60 buses that were there. Interesting enough, they can tell you were your bus is not earlier than 15 minutes prior to I guess the ... read more
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Puerto Iguazu

¿Tienes pasaporte? Second day in Buenos Aires... i need some local money! First day at school... i need to learn some Spanish;) Very nice teachers who explain very well and even I understand most of it. Roughly 20 other students from all over the world. Lots of people from Holland, two from Germany and some more from somewhere. After school and "el curso de la regiones de Argentina" (- very interesting) off to the next bank. Pulled out my traveller scheques and the German ID including a copy of my passport: Quisiero pesos! But without the original passport you won´t get anything. Can´t hand in scheques and can´t even change dolares for pesos. So back "home", got the passport, went back to the bank. Well, at least I tried. El banco closes at 3pm.... every single ... read more

Buenos Aires - a trip to a "late"-world where "el banco" closes at 3pm Saturday, June 6th, roughly 8 hours till I leave for the airport: All of the sudden the suitcase seems to be to small for all the stuff I want to take along! While my dad is buying another one and my mom is preparing a lunch package for the flight, I'm starting to realize that somebody must be travelling to somewhere for quite some time....oh yeah right, that's me... So after the last family starbucks meeting at Frankfurt airport my plane leaves almost perfectly on time. Everyone has their own little TV-screen to watch whatever they like...sweet! ...if it would actually work. There were approx. 550 screens and circa 10 weren't take a guess where I was sitting:D Well, at least ... read more

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