Sara and Zachary Moore


Sara and Zachary Moore

We are a married couple that live in Ypsilanti, Michigan (USA). We are travelers, not tourists, who love to immerse ourselves into the culture(s) that we are visiting.

"Afoot and light-hearted, I take to the open road ... From this hour, freedom!” - Walt Whitman, 1856

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled July 14th 2012

We arrived in Bled, Slovenia from Zagreb, Croatia on Friday, 13 July. We are staying at a beautiful mountainside hostel in Spodnje Gorje, which is roughly 6-7 km (3.5-4.5 miles) from the main village area of Bled. This is, arguably, one of the most beautiful places that we have ever seen. The Alps surround us and the village of Bled is located along the banks of a glacial lake, Blejsko Jezero (Lake Bled). After breakfast, we set off on foot for the village of Bled. It was a beautiful walk that was downhill and took us 30-40 minutes. Upon reaching Lake Bled we noticed that they were preparing for some big event or festival. Come to find out, they were preparing for one of the most popular 10 Km (6.4 miles) races in Slovenia. People come ... read more
2012-07-13 14.34.26
2012-07-13 15.00.26
2012-07-13 15.07.41

Europe » Slovenia July 13th 2012

Friday, July 13, 2012 Zagreb, Croatia – Bled, Slovenia Today was another travel day. After breakfast we made our way to the train station. We had bought our tickets to Ljubljana, the capital, but realized we could go strait to Bled. While Zach went and exchanged our train tickets I went to the post office to buy stamps and mail some more postcards. We met back at the ticket office and still had almost two hours to kill. Neither one of us could decide what to do so we wandered around the underground mall for a bit. We wanted to get some snacks for the train ride so we were looking for sandwiches and we stumbled upon a pizza place. They were the largest pizzas I have ever seen. One slice was like a whole personal ... read more

Europe » Croatia July 12th 2012

Thursday, July 12, 2012 Zagreb, Croatia Wow! We are so impressed with Zagreb! What a beautiful city, such nice people, and delicious food! We started the day off with a tram ride to the upper town where the (interesting) museums and other sights are. The first thing we saw was the Cathedral. Unfortunately one of the towers was being worked on so there is construction in the pictures. We then continued on our self-walking tour and happened upon an outdoor market. They had everything from hand made crafts (from Croatia), and produce to souvenirs, honey, and lavender. The various colors of all of the produce were beautiful. The fish market was one of the nicest fish markets I have seen. It was so clean and the fish were displayed so nicely. Most of their fish (if ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb July 11th 2012

After a full day of traveling from Miskolc to Budapest, Hungary and then to Croatia, we finally made it to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Our initial plans were to take the train from Miskolc to Budapest, but the Korean-American family allowed us to ride with them to Budapest which not only saved time but money. More importantly, we had wonderful conversations and learned much about their lives, their work as Baptist missionaries, and struggles that the Gypsies face in Hungary (e.g., Hungarian Christian churches will not let Gypsies worship in their congregations nor provide them with an opportunity for baptism). A recent article published by the New York Times noted that tensions between native Hungarians and Gypsies threaten to tear the country apart. Gypsies are also referred to as Roma. They are of India, Egyptian, ... read more
2012-07-11 10.26.04
2012-07-11 10.26.36
2012-07-11 12.46.26

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Miskolc July 10th 2012

We began this morning with no real plan(s) for the day. We had some ideas, but nothing set-in-stone. After breakfast at the hostel, we decided to take the local bus to central Miskolc. Locating the bus was a breeze, but trying to pay for two tickets when you only have 1,000.00 bills (roughly $25 USD) in Hungarian currency was problematic. Although the bus driver could not change such bills, he waved us on and let us ride for free. After walking through central Miskolc for 30-45 minutes, we decided to visit a medieval castle that dates to the 9th century. Visiting the Castle of Diosgyor was enjoyable since it is primarily in ruins. We enjoy seeing structures and cultural landscapes of bygone eras much more than pristine palaces. After leaving the castle, we stopped for a ... read more
2012-07-10 04.35.55
2012-07-10 05.32.49
2012-07-10 04.35.59

Europe » Hungary July 9th 2012

Monday July 9, 2012 Barlandfurdo (Cave Bath) Wow! Zach and I have never experienced such a relaxing day. We started our day with a great breakfast at our hostel. I had cocoa puffs, an omelets (scrambled eggs) and ham and cheese. Zach had the same minus the cocoa puffs. J After breakfast we headed down the hill 300 meters and made our way to the cave baths. We paid for a full day and used almost every minute of it. The water temperature in the main “swim hall” was 30 degrees Celsius (86 F). The water is all natural and is not treated with any chemicals. It has a low salinity so you can stay in the water longer. After exploring the internal chambers we tried out the Finnish sauna park. I have never experienced such ... read more
Cave Bath
Cave Bath
2012-07-08 15.36.03

Europe » Slovakia July 8th 2012

Sunday July 8, 2012 Travel Day Poprad, Slovakia - Kosice, Slovakia - Miskolc, Hungary So, yesterday a couple checked into Pension Gabriel (in Novy Smokovec) from Poland. We asked if they recommended any other towns nearby and they told us about a few places to check out. One of them being Miskolc, Hungary. They have cave baths. The Karst caves have been eroded with medicinal waters that have been used since the 14th century by Benedictine monks. We went to the local information center and found out what train we needed to get on to get to Poprad from Stary Smokovec. We made it to Poprad and bought our tickets for the train to Miskolc. We had a transfer in Kosice in which we relaxed at a café for a few hours before our next train. ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » Nový Smokovec July 6th 2012

I know I know, we are a little bit behind. We will add details soon. Here are some pictures to hold you over.... read more
2012-07-05 High Tatras 9
2012-07-05 High Tatras 11
2012-07-05 High Tatras 12

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » Nový Smokovec July 5th 2012

We traveled today; therefore, this entry will be relatively short (or not). We took a cab to the local bus station from our hostel in Krakow. Upon arrival at the bus station, we purchased cheese croissants from a local old lady to satisfy our hunger until we arrived in Zakopane, which was our transfer city to Novy Smokovec, Slovakia. That said we did not know when the bus departed from Krakow. However, after the purchase of our cheese croissants – a necessity – we learned that we made it to the bus right on time. The 2-hour ride to Zakopane was a pleasure. The scenery was stunning and the local communities are far removed from the rush of modernity. As we headed south from Krakow the terrain transitioned from rolling hills to mountainous regions. Upon arrival ... read more
Drive to Zakopane
Food in Zakopane 2
Food in Zakopane

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków July 4th 2012

We began this morning with a healthy breakfast from a local bakery in Old Town. Since we have been eating healthy and avoiding all the yummy sweets that we encounter in each city and around, what seems to be, every corner in Poland, we opted to indulge in some “healthy” sweets. Sara opted for a rather large piece of cake – the owner warned her that it was extremely sweet - whereas I went with a donut, covered in icing, and stuffed with some fruity yumminess. The donut was so healthy for my body that I was required to get a second. Long breakfast story short, we left the bakery with big smiles, happy tummies, and enough energy to conquer the day. First destination – the Royal Castle of Krakow. Given that Sara and I have ... read more
2012-07-04 Krakow Castle
2012-07-04 Krakow Church 2
2012-07-04 Krakow Castle 1

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