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4th August 2013

Wonderful blog Kathy. Loved reading it. You have seen many places of interest since Alice. Lookin forward to swapping notes in Keri
notes in keri
31st July 2013

Great reading
Hi Kathryn and Dave, I have just been absorbing your blog. It is fantastic that you take the time to document your travels like this. It brings your journey alive for the rest of us. Clare.
28th July 2013

what a adventure
Hi, Great reading and photos, looks like you had a good time without any dramas, say hi to murry & chris for us, we are off to townsville on the 24th of august. have a safe trip back home. cheers.
28th July 2013

They are never boring Cathy , cheers Les.
28th July 2013

The End
Thanks for the blog and photos, we have enjoyed your adventures but can't believe it took you so long to get a camp oven!! We love ours. You have got to do and see country alot of us will never ever get to - as you say a mechanic and engineer are useful. Your next adventure is????
28th July 2013

Great blog, what a fantastic experience. When are you writing your first book. Your Mum wrote one son now it's your turn. Safe travels.
27th July 2013

Great to read.
You look as though you have had a lovely trip since leaving us. Shame to have to head home! Talk soon and see you in April/May.
27th July 2013

Great photos
...and your camel looks happy.
9th July 2013

Enjoyed the blog and the photos, though I do not envy you those corrugations! Not easy on the vehicle either. Luckily you can fix things Dave. Keep enjoying.
7th July 2013

Great to read you travel here is rubbish at present..went to Mike cannon's funeral..would be the biggest one I have seen around here. he got a great send off..not very nice calling Dave 'camel dung' though !!!! looking forward to your next blog
6th July 2013

Great Blog
You do it so well Kathy, interesting and the photos are great . Tell the Bishop that if he took a small bite of the dung he would be able to tell us what they had eaten, Go well, cheers, Les.
6th July 2013

Hi Kathy, i really enjoyed reading your adventures. Seems like it\'s very social outback. The scenery and wildlife sure are interesting. x
24th June 2013

Great to hear about your travels. Such fun and great outdoors views and lifestyle. Hope the weather warms up in Alice Springs.
24th June 2013

On the Road Again
Must be great to be back in the saddle again! Hope you're not getting too much rain. Love the photos. Have a wonderful trip. We are going up through the middle on the Ghan in Sept.
20th June 2013

Sounds like you are all organised and its cold here as well. Looking forward to hearing about your trip to the alice. Say hi to palmer river and station for me. Drive in and get a photo if you can. Strainge that you have to many clothes cathy!!! Might need to cull a few. Have fun guys and drive safe.
20th June 2013

Happy traveling
Feels good to be on the road again i bet ??? we are having dinner with some friends friday night to start forming the plan now we have some dates to work with, cant weight. All the best and safe travelling
28th May 2013

Happy travelling
When are you back in WA, and for how long before you head off, would be good to catch up. cheers andrew & Jan
1st June 2013

Will send you a message on Facebook
22nd May 2013

Have a great time. We will keep up with your travels via your blog! Raylene & Wayne.
21st May 2013

got you okay 5/5
29th November 2011

You two are in the heat and I am in the cold.
Great surprise to read the blog, I did not know you were there. Scenery and the penguins are awesome here. Steph should be sending you photos. It is certainly a new challenge working down here. I am glad your knee held up to it, you will be abseiling next. What about around the bottom of aussie ? when is that going to happen?? Love to you both, Steve the Southern Eskimo
From Blog: The Final Month
28th November 2011

Great Blog
Even after living here for many years & spending many many many hours driving around this great state, Im impressed with the detail of your blog its very informative and a great idea, we loved catching up with ya and hope you have a great Xmas too, I may be back in April next year as i hear my brother is getting married, I might see ya there ha ha
From Blog: The Final Month
28th November 2011

The final month - thats a shame.
It's a shame because I have enjoyed so much reading your fascinating story and the excellent photographs attached. Thanks for that. It's been a great adventure and its been wonderful to be able to share it with you.
From Blog: The Final Month
6th September 2011

We tracked you on that last journey and you really got around and covered some miles. When we were over that way it was really hot and unbearable. It pays to know how to fix things mechanically that\'s for sure. Thanks for those photos of Sandra and co. Keep travelling safely.
29th August 2011

Kunnunara to Meekatharra
Ahhhhh.... Have just done all that except Purnululu NP, did part of Kidson track and Canning Stock Route over last fortnight (1600 km on 4wd track in Great Sandy, Gibson and Little Sandy deserts) and have just arrived back in civilisation, yes, campfires every night, camp oven roasts, broken springs and very few showers!... just wonderful. Heading to Karijini NP, Port Hedland and Tom Price to visit friends, a week on a 1m acre cattle station then head south to Perth by early Oct. All great!

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