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26th January 2015

nice one
great to read your travel notes disco, another fine trip, and humbling experiences. great lessons in life you are spot on. carry on.
26th January 2015

Cheers Briso
Back Thursday (flights permitting. Bogota-Atlanta-New York-Madrid-Ibiza. Lot if snow up north so fingers x'd. I'll drop by weekend☔️❄️⛄️☀️
22nd January 2015

Raising a glass of "Betty Stogs" to you bud!
Amazing blog as per usual Dave. Keep it up and never stop living the adventures for the rest of us still straped to the mortal coil of work. In 4yrs I will probably start following your suit (If I'm brave enough!) I'll raise another glass of real ale to you tonight fella. Take care, Steve
26th January 2015

Thanks Steve
Glad you're enjoying. Keep in keeping on.
16th January 2015
Cable car over district 13

Love your work Mr, great to be able to keep pace with what you are upto. Love the old building shot, the pic of the new bird did not come through so I was wondering what might appear.
Comment above.
From Blog: Medellin. WOW!!
29th May 2012

This made me smile, Dad still had the picture hanging up that featured in the papers of him holding the knife!
26th January 2015

Just found this message. Sorry late reply. Your dad was a top man. I'm tramping around Colombia at the moment. Hi to you mum. Hugs. Dave.
26th May 2012

Great read, thanks for sharing! Inspired! ( to get the bus ) ha Happy travels Karen
24th May 2012

Sabias Palabras
Wise words from your aunt!
17th May 2012

HA! i do love it
26th April 2012

I love Iqique
Way to go David. I didn't jump off a cliff but I did go up that mt in a mini bus. Keep in touch xxxx
24th April 2012

one door shuts fella another few hundred old ones open.
22nd April 2012

Thanks for message much appreciated Steve is being amazing hope all your travels continue to go well. Love Amanda x x
12th March 2012

Hi there, I had no idea you are an author. We are so enjoying your blog, what a great experience & I understandd your reasons for travelling & will be very interested to see if you eventually find the elusive "thing" you are searching for. However conintue to write it up it is fascinating, only wish it had been the normm when we were younger!!!!!!! lol H x
6th March 2012

Yeh Dave, you have a knack with the pen ,good stuff . Remember the person with the most stories WINS! Keep on , keeping on.
23rd February 2012

Dave, great reading - all those years of writing up reports has paid off!!
18th February 2012

Could've warned you about Iberia....remember flying to Chicago with them with nothing offered than half a stale ham sandwich......utter shite. Enjoy bruv
14th February 2012

keep in touch
great party, great man, looking forward to reading about your retirement travels. Love Andi & Malc.
8th February 2012

Love your great escape : )
From Blog: A few thoughts
3rd February 2012

Butch and Sundance can chase me around any time.
I too am in law enforcement and look forward to my retirement coming in 5 years. Good luck with your travels in South America. I loved it.
From Blog: A few thoughts

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