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Marianne & Anthony

Two monkeys traveling around Panama with no particular destination. We´ve been having a great time and feel so lucky to get to know this country (especially for three weeks!)

Europe » France » Corsica » Calvi July 7th 2011

I apologize to anyone who has gotten the blog already. We are having some difficulty getting the blog out to everyone so we are trying again. If you haven't read the entries from London, Corsica and Italy, you can find them at the link below... Hoping this works this time! Love to all, -M and A... read more

Europe » France » Corsica » Corte July 4th 2011

Corsica has been a real adventure!!! We've raced across the island in a rented turbocharged ralley car, rode a train into the heart of the island past deep ravines and seven-thousand foot tall mountains, and swam at three beaches and in a river. In the port town of Bastia we quickly realized that Corsican's take pride in the fact that Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Ajaccio on the south coast. We arrived near Rue Napoleon and then were informed at the tourist information office that we could choose between Hotel Napoleon or Hotel Bonaparte. (We chose Hotel Napoleon...much less formal sounding.) On our first night in Corsica in the port town of Bastia we dined at one of many many waterfront restaurants offering fixed price menus of three courses consisting of Corsican dishes and French favorites. ... read more
Bastia-Church and square
On the way to Corte
In the Forest near Corte

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Monterosso al Mare June 28th 2011

Our trip from London to Milan took us over the Alps on a fairly clear day, so we were able to see Mount Blanc along with countless tiny mountain towns nestled on the edges of beautiful mountain valleys. However, when we arrived in Milan the calm induced by our leisurely glide over the Alps quickly disappeared when we realized that Marianne's bag was missing. After waiting in line for perhaps half an hour, an agent took our baggage tag and being unable to do anything with it except locate our flight number, we were directed to another line and a different agent who was also able to do little except set up a claim to have the bag delivered whenever it was located. To say the least, we were very discomforted by this experience. Naturally, there ... read more
Milan Train Station
The Beach Scene at Monterosso

Europe » United Kingdom » England June 23rd 2011

The weather in London was clear, dry and warm; typical of London in the summer...wait... that was for about ten minutes. OK I'll try again...The weather in London varied through every type of weather nearly every day, from very windy, to rainy, to 'spitting', to the sun breaking through and it feeling warm, to somewhat windy. Due to the constant variable weather, we spent a lot of time walking through the parks practicing putting on and taking off our jackets. During our walks, we picked up two different types of salami and some sharp (actually, sharpe) cheddar cheese from Harrod's food hall and had a picnic in Hyde Park. We visited a really good cafe in Highgate that served very creative foods like a salad of peaches and butternut squash. We walked distances that Londoners, when ... read more
National History Museum
In Hyde Park
At a pub near Katie's Work

Kuna Yala (formerly San Blas) is an amazing and beautiful place where it is not uncommon to see people living in much the same way that they may have lived 500 or a thousand years ago with a few common additions such as the ocassional gasoline engine, radio or oven. During our time in Kuna Yala we stayed on the island of Wichab-Wala for two days and then went on to Kuanidup Grande. Wichub Wala is an island that is fairly large for the region. It takes about a minute and a half to walk from one edge to the other and the island has a number of aborroterias which are little supply posts where you look in a window and ask for goods. There are 390 inhabitants on Wichab Wala who live in traditional huts ... read more
Kuanidup Grande
Flowers on Kuandiup Pequeno
Flowers on Kuandiup

We decided to stay a couple nights in the rain forest in a former US Air Force Radar Tower, which was once used to track planes coming from Columbia carrying "valuable cargo". The tower was converted into a 7-room eco-hotel by Raul Arias de Para, a former banker and activist in Panamanian government. The tower has been rated one of the top ten places in the world to see birds. The canopy tower is perched on top of a mountain in the center of a rainforest with 360 views above the canopy which allows you to see for miles in all directions as well as down into the Panama Canal. Within minutes of arriving, we were treated to the sight of a three-toed sloth that was at the same level as the windows on the fourth ... read more
Four winged dragon fly.
Three toed sloth

Central America Caribbean » Panama June 19th 2006

Santa Fe is a a beautiful little town that was founded in the 1500´s by the Spaniards as they explored Panama from the Caribbean. It lies at the highest point in a valley that is at an elevation of roughly 3000 feet. The terrain here is more like a very thick tropical forest than a jungle as it is not uncommon to see pine trees growing amidst the palm trees and banana trees. The town has about 3000 inhabitants, if you count those that have to ride a horse for half an hour along dirt roads and across rivers to reach the town. A huge Catholic church lies at the center of town next to a soccer field. The town proper stretches around the church for about a quarter of a mile in all directions. The ... read more
Dining Room
El Campo
Cafe El Tute

On the Island of Isla Bastimentos live these tiny, adorable frogs. Actually, these frogs live in different spots throughout Panama, yet on every island the frogs can be found in only a couple of variations in color. The colors found on Bastimentos are mostly red and orange, but white, blue, and brown can be found as well. Tony and I went for a walk to a cemetary on Bastimentos, about ten minutes up the path from Tio Tom's, to go searching for the little guys. We were told they were easy to spot by listnening to their call, yet we had a difficult time spotting them at first because we were listening for the wrong sound. We almost gave up, but were lucky to spot one on a tree on our way out of the cemetary. ... read more
Produce stand-Caribbean Style
Two frogs climbing

Isla Bastimientos is about a five minute boat ride from Isla Colon (Bocas del Toro) but it is a world apart. Most of the people here are African in descent and many speak a dialect called Ngobe-Bugle. The feel is very Caribbean rather than Panimanian and the food and music reflect this. We are staying in a hostel over the water called Tio Tom which is run by a German couple. Our first night we shared a dinner of Schnitzel, cabbage and potatoes with them. After settling in, we went for a walk to the end of the settlement, (it is about 500 meters from end to end) and then took a trail through the edge of the jungle by the water through a coconut grove and to a series of beaches. Here the fish were ... read more
Red Frog
Fish on Red Frog Beach
Red Frog Beach

We started with a 5 AM wake up call-which in Panama seems to be the owner poking his head in your room and mumbling something. Then we went downstairs and were aided in hailing a cab by a lonely and friendly graveyard shift police officer who looked like he was ready to go into combat. On the way to the airport our crazy cab driver missed our exit and decided to back up on the highway to our exit. Upon arriving at the airport we were informed that out flight was changed from 6:30 to 8:30 (it least it was still AM). Then the plane pulled up...Marianne got very nervous (and so did I) because the plane looked like Zsa Zsa Gabor could have flown on it in the 70s. Fortunately, the flight was tranquilo and ... read more
Bocas del Drago
on the way to Bocas del Drago
the beach at  Bocas del Drago

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