Hi, my name is Chris. I started this blog with my partner at the time Georgette as a way to document our trip to China by bike. Both of us being cyclists at home in Canada to some degree(me as a recreational mountain biker and G as a commuter) and both avid travellers, we put the two together for a short trip to Cuba and our love affair with cycle touring was born! We then both went on to solo trips of Morocco. We had kept photo records and journals but wanted a way for our friend's and families to keep track of our travels and we found this site suited us well. At the same time we figured that our blog may benefit other cyclist's who may embark upon the same or similar journeys. Anyway, G and I have gone our separate ways but both continue to bike(last I heard G was somewhere in South America on her bike!). I work in the construction industry in Canada and take the winters off to do my bike travel. I usually spend X-mas with friends and family and then take off for warmer climes. I used to take part of the winter to snowboard in Western Canada but haven't in a few years much to do so little time! I miss it and plan to get "out west" next winter(2010/11). I hope to hit all corners of the globe on my bike and eventually plan to do a multi-year around the world journey!! I hope that you enjoy reading about the journeys and looking at some of the pics. If it inspires some of you to hop on a bike-even better! C'mon and join me....there's always room on the road in front of my bike to draft behind someone-lol!

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Toba February 6th 2010

So, the next a.m after arriving in Berestagi Julian and I set off for Lake Toba. It's a clear, volcanic lake (the biggest in s.e asia at 1700 sq. km) surrounded by mountains and looming volcanoes. Sumatra has a string of 14 volcanoes(many of which are active to some degree or another) running down the centre of the island. We tried to get some info. on taking a road that followed the east side of the lake but were unable to find anything useful. All we knew was that the buses took a big detour and didn't follow this road. There are a couple of blogs online from other cyclists who have ridden some parts of Sumatra but nothing on this road. We had to assume that because buses avoided it, it must be a bad ... read more
East Road, Lake Toba
Ferry to Samosir Island

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Toba February 6th 2010

After a long blog-absence I have returned! I am now in Probolinngo,Java Indonesia after having had a fantastic trip in Sumatra. The people of Sumatra and Indonesia in general are so friendly and welcoming! Not to mention there is an attraction or two to see! The adventure began interestingly right off the bat. At the ferry terminal there sat a ragged-looking old mountain bike set-up for touring and VERY loaded! It definitely looked like it had seen a few miles. It's owner was a fantastic character named Julian who has been cycling around the world since 1989!! That is not a typo! Julian was born in Africa and grew up mostly there to parents of mixed heritage and then then ended up in the UK. He holds a UK passport and has an English accent but ... read more
Watch your Step
Masjid Raya

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town January 14th 2010

I'm now sitting sipping a tiger beer in Penang waiting for tomorrow morning's ferry to Sumatra I've been going a little stir-crazy here as I've been stuck here trying to get a 60 day Indonesian visa and the ferry over has broken down. Anyway, more on that later. So, where did I leave off? Ah yes, Cameron highlands. I had a great time there. There's lots of good eating and plenty of hikes to waterfalls, visits to temples and tea plantations to see. That first evening I ran into a cool American guy named Rob(Rob if you're reading this don't get a big head...I'm embellishing for effect!). Rob is 47 and decided to leave the rat-race 5yrs ago and has been travelling ever since. Nice one buddy! Within our first 10sec. of conversation he pegged ... read more
Anyone for tea?
Leaf Bug!

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Cameron Highlands January 8th 2010

Had a fun breakfast experience at the Chinese place across from my hotel. Just me and about a dozen old Chinese guys. Neatly pre-placed on each table were two small triangular shaped dishes wrapped in paper and banana leaf which I recognized as Nasi Lemak. It's a delicious dish of rice cooked in coconut cream and topped with a spicy red sauce(sambal) and roasted peanuts, tiny anchovies, usually a slice of cucumber and sometimes an egg! The nice lady, recognizing me as a non-Malay(damn my cover was blown) came over and offered me ham or bacon and eggs with toast etc. When I declined and said that I would have the Nasi Lemak and some tea I got nods of approval and what I presumed to be words of encouragement from my neighbours at the next ... read more
Funny sign

Asia » Malaysia » Kuala Lumpur January 8th 2010

So after a couple of days of checking out the sites in Kuala Lumpur including the super-cool Petronas towers and lots of good eats, and I was ready to head north. I got a late start as I had a great conversation with Andrew from Traveller's Palm guesthouse where I'd stayed. The map that I was using, though not detailed seemed straightforward enough. Little did I know that it would prove much more challenging. I definitely didn't want to take the expressway and so opted for what my map referred to as primary roads. Well these roads such as Jalan Kuching that criss-cross throughout the city certainly seemed enough like expressways to me! I attempted to follow signs for the number 1 primary road as opposed to the E-1 expressway, but I just wasn't enjoying travelling ... read more
Petronas Towers_2
Petronas Towers_3

Asia » Malaysia » Wilayah Persekutuan » Kuala Lumpur » Bukit Bintang January 5th 2010

I begin after having had an overnight layover in Tokyo with a 4-star hotel(nicest I'll probably stay in for a while-lol!) courtesy of Japan airlines(which btw has the best service I've ever had)! It was just long enough to enjoy some scrumptious food! The Japanese sure know how to eat! Anyway, after a comfortable flight in an exit row seat (thanks Suzy the airport check-in lady!) I arrived in Kuala Lumpur. I was happy to find that my bike had made it, and it one piece. Things were starting well! This changed quickly however. The guesthouse that I had booked had told me via email that I would have no trouble taking a star shuttle bus service with the bike box right to the hotel. As it was New Year's eve however and many of the ... read more
Kuala Lumpur-New Year's
Party time!

Asia » Philippines » Boracay March 13th 2009

Howdy again folks! Well, it's down to the final leg of my trip! Have had such an awesome time since my last update! I haven't done as much much biking as I thought because I found some really cool places and people to hang out in/with! I stayed at Driftwood resort on Sugar Beach in Sipalay(southwest coast of Negros) which is owned by a Swiis guy named Peter and his Filipina wife Daisy. It was by far the best lodging I've ever stayed at! The nipa huts were cool and there is a great layout with hammocks etc on the beach and a great little bar with pool table and foosball(sp?)and restaurant etc. Just a great place to chill on the beach, read a book, and if you're feeling energetic go snorkelling(there's a cool wreck that ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Negros » Bais February 24th 2009

Hey folks! I know, I know....long time no update! What can I say--it's nice to get away from it all! A lot has happened since I last left off. I got a little sick of the rain in Borneo and decided to head back to the Phillipines. I decided to go by boat from Sandakan,Borneo to Zamboanga,Phillipines. The only problem was that with all the bad weather the ferry had been delayed four days. They finally decided to 'go for it' even though not much had changed weather-wise. I decided on the fastcraft which takes 14hrs instead of 24. I knew that the ride would be 'rough' so I prudently and confidently popped a motion sickness pill. Well, I guess I should have taken two pills( and half of the other passengers as well) as an ... read more
Airport Security-Cebu
Tarsier Sanctuary-Bohol island

Asia » Malaysia » Sabah » Sandakan February 1st 2009

Hi folks! After having spent almost a month in the Philippines(with a brief stop in Tokyo,Japan) backpacking with my good friend Trevor I have now embarked on the cycling aspect of my trip! Had an amazing time hiking, boating along a subterreanean river, snorkelling reefs,and YES snorkeling up very close and personal with the mighty butanding(whale sharks)!! The Phillipines is definitely a special place which I enjoyed immensely and have even had thoughts about spending part of my retirement there each year. I know, I know-it's a little early for that-lol! Although I'm bunking in the same dorm with Larry from Arizona who retired 20 yrs ago at the age of 36! An interesting character with long hair and beard who lives very simply and travels around with only a very small daypack and has been ... read more
El Nido, Palawan
Legaspi,Bicol Phillipines
Legaspi,Bicol Phillipines 2

Asia » China » Yunnan March 16th 2008

Hi folks! We are in Tengchong and heading for Ruili...after that it's Kunming for a day or two and a week to ten days in Beijing. No time for updates at the moment but we're fine! May not update until Beijing.......... read more

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