This blog all started with a life changing decision. Not happy with my life in the Netherlands, and above all not really feeling at home there, I´ve been thinking of actually belonging in another country for years. In 2009 I had the opportunity to see what it was like living in Spain. I was lucky to spend seven months enjoying the life in the capital, Madrid. Being on an exchange, I had the chance to meet a lot of interesting people from all over the world, which only fed the urge to go explore the world. And the fact that I was really feeling at home in this vibrant city AND that I was home-sick when I had to go back to my own country, and not the other way around, made me decide that I had to do something before it was too late. Back in Amsterdam, various options were spinning around in my mind, and the fact that I kept meeting a lot of international students didn't help either. Each and every country they told me about sounded interesting, so where to start?

In the end I decided for myself that my first destination would be in Southern Europe. Having already explored Spain and Portugal in 2009, my choice was between Greece and Italy. Spending hours on the internet and in the library to find out more about both countries, it were my friends that made me decide in the end: Greece. Time to pack and finally start a new life... The great escape from reality, the end of a journey without end. And if you want you can join me on this trip right here on this blog...

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires June 25th 2011

Waking up early today wasn´t really the best thing in the world... Winter is coming in Argentina, and it was unpleasantly cold in the room. But duty calls, people waiting to have breakfast and check out, so no choice here. The morning is pleasantly quiet, a releave after a few busy days. It´s strange to see winter again after so many months of summerly weather, and I´m not sure I like it. The urge to travel again becomes stronger and stronger, so I´m not sure how much longer I can bear living and working in Buenos Aires... Luckily I have a little escape planned to Colonia, Uruguay within the next few weeks to get my mind off things. But not today, today I feel a movie night happening... It would be a great way to relax ... read more

Goodbye Puerto Iguazú, hello Buenos Aires!! After a few months in Puerto Iguazú, it was time for a change... Plus, winter is coming, and Iguazú isn´t really the best place to be in winter. Sure, it´s not as cold as in southern Argentina, but still not exactly the place to be outside. And being a little town, there is not that much to do indoors. So time to move on, although I´ll really miss my life in Iguazú... And all the great people I´ve met there!! I took an overnight bus to Buenos Aires with the Crucero del Norte bus company. I bought the semi-cama bus, but still very comfortable. After 19 hours, I arrived at the Retiro bus station... The trip wasn´t that bad , just a screaming baby during the last part of the ... read more

South America » Brazil » Bahia » Porto Seguro January 6th 2011

After spending two nights in the most boring hostel I've ever been to, I realised that this wasn't the place for me. The city itself is dead during the night, and all hostels, hotels and pousadas are located outside the city. I can understand why, because the beaches of Porto Seguro itself are horrible. But stil, a 45 minute and R$ 3,50 bus ride to get to the hostel seemed a bit too much. There are a few little villages, and the hostel I was in, HI Maracaia, was located in Coroa Vermelha. Nothing bad about the beaches, you can't complain about something like this. There was a supermarket closeby, the beach just 5 minutes away, but for me it lacked something important. Life. Especially during the night there was nothing happening. And I'm talking about ... read more

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens May 14th 2010

After months of pondering and reading about various destinations, I finally started planning my so-called 'escape'. Greece would be the first destination I decided. But of course I couldn´t go without saying goodbye to everybody in Holland, especially to all the wonderful people I met during the nine months I was back in Amsterdam after Madrid. They really made me see that no matter where you are, if you have great people around you, you can still have a great time, even if you don´t like the place you live. I´ll thank them forever for what they did for me, even without knowing, and I´ll never forget the time we spend together... The last night in the Netherlands I spend with my friends... We met up all together to drink something, and went to a club ... read more

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