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January 6th 2011
Published: June 6th 2011
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After spending two nights in the most boring hostel I've ever been to, I realised that this wasn't the place for me. The city itself is dead during the night, and all hostels, hotels and pousadas are located outside the city. I can understand why, because the beaches of Porto Seguro itself are horrible. But stil, a 45 minute and R$ 3,50 bus ride to get to the hostel seemed a bit too much. There are a few little villages, and the hostel I was in, HI Maracaia, was located in Coroa Vermelha. Nothing bad about the beaches, you can't complain about something like this. There was a supermarket closeby, the beach just 5 minutes away, but for me it lacked something important. Life. Especially during the night there was nothing happening. And I'm talking about when it get's dark, round 18:30. You can't feel safe on the beach because nobody is there. And for me hanging out on the beach during night, enjoying the starry sky and the views by moonlight are just a few of my favorite things to do. In general the place lacked things to do during the night. Even in Porto Seguro there wasn't that much to do. You have what the call the Alcoholic Avenue where some bars are open 24H, and a small fair where you can buy sweets and souvenirs, but like I mentioned before, everything lacks life. Especially for young people like me.

So it was time for me to move on. Not wanting to spend another night in the hostel, I decided to buy the ticket to my next destination really early in the morning, 6AM. Which did ment spending the whole night on the street. Normally you would say, you're in Brazil in the middle of summer, you can just go to the beach during the night. Somewhere else maybe yes, but I really didn't feel safe going there with my bag with laptop and camera. Having stored my big bag at the bus station during the afternoon when I bought the ticket to Itacaré (costed me round R$ 45 by the way, the bus company is called Rota), I was able to explore the town center a bit more. I didn't really like what I saw. Sure, the main touristic street is nice and all, but the rest of the streets are just full of half finished houses, and everywhere I felt an almost depressing atmosphere. I ended up sitting on a bench on a square on the Alcoholic Avenue. There was some live-music, two guitars and a guy singing, but they didn't seem to get the people motivated. A little girl was dancing with her doll, but she was the only one enjoying herself. Everybody just seemed dull sipping their drink without motivation. I surely expected something else of the Brazilian spirit. In the end at 12PM I decided to just go to the Rodoviaria and wait the rest of the hours there. It was an interesting experience the whole not-sleeping-and-waiting-till-the-next-day thing, but I'm not sure if I'll do it again..


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