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May 14th 2010
Published: June 7th 2011
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After months of pondering and reading about various destinations, I finally started planning my so-called 'escape'. Greece would be the first destination I decided. But of course I couldn´t go without saying goodbye to everybody in Holland, especially to all the wonderful people I met during the nine months I was back in Amsterdam after Madrid. They really made me see that no matter where you are, if you have great people around you, you can still have a great time, even if you don´t like the place you live. I´ll thank them forever for what they did for me, even without knowing, and I´ll never forget the time we spend together...

The last night in the Netherlands I spend with my friends... We met up all together to drink something, and went to a club afterwards. I remember it was so hard to say goodbye! I really hate having saying farewell to everybody... I think that with some I literally said goodbye about 10 times. But in the morning it was really time to go, still had to pack all my things, and I had to be at the airport round noon. So after some hard final moments, I took the train back to my home town to get my stuff. Still a bit drunk and hangover from all the goodbyes, I managed to stuff all my things in my brand new suitcase. In general summer clothing, since I wasn´t really planning on seeing winter any time soon. After I had to hurry to catch the bus to the airport, because I was running late already. Luckily I wasn´t living too far away from Schiphol Airport, so I managed to get there on time. Check in, it was officially time to start my trip. Still, I didn´t realize it until I stepped on
board of my plane. Athens, here I come!! Ready for take off...


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