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25th November 2021

Anne Hathaway's cottage!
Well, I presume not, but the cottage tea room seems very like. Love the photo of the entry to St. Boniface Church. Did you figure out the purpose of the screens on the beach? Privacy? Windbreak? And what fun to see your photo from 1999. We were young, once. Even when we weren't that young.
1st December 2021

Anne Hathaway's was a big house. Cottage Tea Room was more like what we think of as a cottage. And, the plastic tarps are wind breaks for when it is actually too chilly to swim.
17th November 2021

Hard to imagine
I'm looking around my own office and thinking about having some attendants standing around in here. Apart from space considerations, having people hanging about all the time would drive me crazy, but maybe if that's all you've ever known, it would be odd to be alone. Your photos and descriptions give a good idea of the place, which comes across as extraordinary but not excessive, at least in context. Nice that it was being used as a convalescent home - Wiki tells me that A.A. Milne was one of the patients.
20th November 2021

Hard to imagine
It is hard to imagine being people so different from ourselves - we can only skim the surface.
10th November 2021

Small children
You seem to "pick up" small children (thinking here also of your recent/former neighbour). It's both a gift and a great service, I think: for short periods we enjoy them immensely, and they practice dealing with adults other than their parents. As for your walk, it sounds as if you got out of it what there was to get, and in only 6.5 miles. And the church interior looks lovely. Again, the dates are just staggering.
13th November 2021

Small Children
This was my only tour that included a child - wish this happened more often. Children are good at twisting my perspective, which is always beneficial.
7th November 2021

Small things
I laughed at your report of Betty knowing the names of everything and helping you see the small things. I've just been reading about CS Lewis, who hated to walk with JRR Tolkien (otherwise a good friend) because the latter insisted on stopping and looking at every little thing, whereas Lewis only appreciated the broad vistas. Nice to be able to do both, IMO, because you never know which you're going to get. Loved the shot of the boats seemingly embedded in the fields.
9th November 2021

Small Things
And, I have just finished listening to an audio version of The Hobbit. No doubt that Tolkien noticed small things, especially in nature.
4th November 2021

I like this blog. you described everything well.
24th October 2021

Great walking country
Yes, I can see why someone would like this country for walking. Quite different from navigating slippery slopes with sliding rocks underfoot. Checking out the map, I was surprised to see it in so close to London and Oxford and so on - somehow, I'd had the impression it was one of those remote islands. Not! Your water/beach level shot of the needles nicely shows how they got their name. The view from the cliff isn't quite so imposing/jagged.
25th October 2021

The Needles
I really like the distant photo of the needles because it leaves so much to the imagination. The pairing with the close-up shows that imagination is not enough.
16th October 2021

<> An excellent way of putting it. More and more I feel the benefits of a walking stick when making my way downhill, but it's hard to manage one and a camera. The Crinkle Crags look (to my untutored eye) like the result of glacial action. Your description of the hike is a reminder that the landscape can present serious walking challenges even if it doesn't look like the Rockies.
17th October 2021

Walking Challenges
Stones and tree roots are banes of my walking life.
29th September 2021

We've run into some of the "More hikes please, sir" crowd. I respect their stamina but can't match it. And a figurative change of pace isn't a bad thing, either. I followed the Keswick link and it looks stunning, especially photographed at a distance with the mountains as backdrop. I, too, wondered what the "rain-proof" measure could mean, but Google rushed to the rescue with a page titled: "How Waterproof is my Coat: What Does 5000mm Mean?" What a strange but wonderful world, eh?
3rd October 2021

The Keswick site is lovely to look at, particularly since the photos were taken in the sun rather than fog. I quite enjoyed the day.
22nd September 2021

Gibson's Knot!
Always fun to find eponymous features, even vicariously. Loved the sphagnum moss video - what a great way to make the point. Even without sun the vistas (and your photos) are striking.
22nd September 2021

Sphagnum Moss
I am glad you liked the video. One of the best demonstrations ever! Especially when he tosses it back to the ground to absorb all the moisture again.
22nd September 2021

Sphagnum Moss
I am glad you liked the video. One of the best demonstrations ever! Especially when he tosses it back to the ground to absorb all the moisture again.
14th September 2021

Striking countryside
I'd miss our "real" (extreme?) mountains - not that I see them much these days - but these hills and rocky/rolling landscape are a pretty good substitute. Satisfyingly wild, maybe. FWIW, I like your photo of Patterdale better than Ruskin's choice. Maybe he got tired of walking? Your hike sounds demanding, but makes a great accomplishment.
19th September 2021

Lake District Views
The Lake District is known for its fine views. I am gratified for you vote of support.
30th August 2021

I shared the family-&-other-student bathrooms in Guatemala but was in school with folks just a bit senior to what I was then who had arranged accommodation with private bathrooms as the start point for their search. I am now likely the age they were then and understand entirely. So glad it worked out and hope the heat also came on. As for the rain, one of the hardest things I find about travelling to a place where you can actually expect rain is that I don't have the right gear. Not the right footwear; not the right waterproof, hooded jacket; and so on. Rain is like our cold, I figure - tolerable if you're dressed for it, miserable otherwise. So funny to see Bowness and Windermere in what might be original usages. And amazing ivy.
5th September 2021

Arrangements in travelling
Everything you say is true. Bathroom for me alone. Clothes from Calgary often don't suit.
22nd August 2021

Going out with a sprain?
Goodness - I hope you didn't do worse damage to your wrist than you seem to indicate. Offended tendons can take a while to recover, but that reflex of throwing our hand out is impossible to overcome without special training in how to fall, I fear. Is that why you're hanging up your walking pole for the season? This hike seemed to be more than you had bargained for, in a few ways. Your shot of the loon and chick is excellent and of course the dragonfly is a favourite subject of mine. I'd like them even if they didn't eat mosquitoes.
29th August 2021

Sprain - not!
Well, my wrist was actually broken, which why that's the end of the season for me. My cast was removed yesterday and physio is next. This afternoon I couldn't pick up a mug of tea because of the weakness caused by immobilization. Inconvenient mainly.

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