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14th June 2019

They'd been warned you were coming, I suppose . . .
Which is why they knew to warn you not to take photos. (I wonder if a sketch would have been allowed. Too bad we weren't taught to draw. Rather like singing, they just decided we couldn't.) Your views of Dublin make me wish we'd had more than one day there. A lot to see.
15th June 2019

You are right about drawing. A century or more ago, the ability to sketch was taken for granted.
7th June 2019

I think you liked Dublin
And I think you have the background to appreciate it. I wonder if our cities will ever be so rich in history. I guess we started later so can't catch up, exactly, but we can at least preserve and appreciate what we do have. I need to find a local tour guide for Ottawa. As for Joyce, what a guy to expect that readers would devote themselves to his novel. And how amazing/wonderful that many do.
10th June 2019

Love Dublin
A great place, with its own history. Our history is as old as their's if we start correctly from the First Nations' use of what is now Canadian land.
4th June 2019
Palace Bar 1823

We love Dublin
The music, the people and the food.
28th May 2019

Central location
I think I'll choose my next tour based solely on where their hotels are. For Dublin, we stayed on the outskirts: a crime of "lost early-morning photography opportunities." It did facilitate the out-of-town field trips, I guess. Great shots of the Long Room and the downtown in general.
31st May 2019

Central Location
Certainly my preference is for relatively inexpensive hotels close to the things I want to see. But, I don't drive on holidays, so a central location is important.
17th May 2019

Alberta Bound
I'll see your song-title reference. :-) Moving out of touring mode back into travel mode to go home is not my favourite part of any trip, but a necessary one. It seems that you used your day well.
12th May 2019

Untold stories
Thanks for broadening my knowledge of the Halifax disaster and its aftermath (especially the Mi'kmaq response), as well as William Hall. It's interesting and somewhat discouraging how narrow my view of history is, including Canadian history. It's a shame we didn't hear these stories in school. On a related note, when we were in Ireland,we heard about the gift of a shipload of food from the Choctaw Nation during the Irish famine. There's a lovely sculpture commemorating this gift from a downtrodden group who might have been excused for focusing solely on their own troubles,
17th May 2019

Untold stories
To travel is to learn, a life-time pursuit - I hope
4th May 2019

Personalized frigates and extemporaneous readings
It seems funny but also sort of charming, that these frigates named for Canadian cities would have murals depicting said city. It must break up the otherwise monotonous decor (I'm assuming, based on the only Navy ship I've toured). And your day - with the tour bookended by lectures and a satirical performance in the AM, and poetry reading in the PM -- seems like a fascinatingly diverse day. And your food, as well. I notice you didn't send your absent friends any shortbread with caramel . . .
11th May 2019

Painted ships
I particularly liked the city murals on this and other unseen ships. Makes life more human on a vessel run via electrons.
3rd May 2019

Glad I got the right link
Another interesting and varied day. Thinking of rats - having to think of and allow for them, I mean - makes me glad I had a different career than farming. I'll check at our liquor store to see if they carry Luckett's wines.
29th April 2019

Thanks for taking us along
Dave has traveled to this part of the world and I look forward to when I can get there and explore. This is a beautiful part of the world.
4th May 2019

Beautiful Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia certainly provides a good holiday.
31st March 2019

Protocol and practical suppers
Isn't that a lovely insight into what would be -- for me at least -- the opacity of proper protocol. Of course the approach with the speech makes sense, after one sees it, but I'd never have thunk of it. And a snack in place of another full-on meal also seems right, although I don't always think of that either. :-)
29th March 2019
Provincial Legislative Library

Doesn't it just make you want to sit and read?!
25th March 2019

What, no rain?
It's June, after all - but maybe they get their rain in a different month(s) than in Alberta. Interesting to see the Deutsch/Dutch mistake there as well as here in Arizona, where the Lost Dutchman's Mine is named for a guy known as the Deutsch-man. You can sure see how it happened. I love the diverse streetscape as well as the Victorians.
28th March 2019

Rain came on the first day, when we went to Peggy's Cove, of course. Mostly, we had beautiful, clear days. Interesting that in Arizona the same pronunciation error is embedded in history. Probably other place, too.
18th March 2019

Halifax Airport
That's all I've seen of Halifax, but it sounds worth a few more days, at least. :-) I'd never heard of Jane Austen's brothers, much less their Halifax connection. And the story of the cathedral is amazing. As an aside, sadly, the photos didn't load - maybe our slightly weak/wonky internet connection.
20th March 2019

... is a wonderful city. Walkable, historic, good food.
11th March 2019

Rocks and rock carvings
Great shots of the variety of coastal rock formations - and the rocks that seem to be the foundation of the whole place, along with the rain. Loved the Fishermen's Monument. And the Narrows Bridge warrants another visit on a clear day at sunrise or sunset, don't you think?
14th March 2019

Narrows Bridge
Undoubtedly the Narrows Bridge merits photographing in many light conditions. Unfortunately, without a car, this was my one opportunity.

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