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29th November 2022

You got some lovely panoramas of the mountains. I particularly like the one with the hikers and the one with the band of conifers that I take to be spruce. It's good that the City (county? province? - anyway, taxpayers of some sort!) put the money into some interpretive signs. For me, it's the only way I can appreciate the changes in the landscape over time. And think of camels here. Somehow, I never do.
7th December 2022

Camels in Alberta
The pre-historic camels were a surprise to me, too.
21st November 2022

:-) "Icers" are, I presume, strap-on cleats? You're right - they're essential to walking safely in many winter conditions. From first snow to last thaw, our neighbourhood walkways are a treacherous expanse of bare asphalt, obvious ice, and black ice. Your photos do more than justice to the March scenery, and it's good to know about rime frost (new to me).
28th November 2022

Rime Frost
The definition of rime frost was certainly a lesson for me. And icers are indeed strap-on cleats. I have to find mine for this winter!
24th October 2022

Your description of the exit-routine for a cruise sounds familiar in tone, if not in logistical details. Not my favourite part, but an unavoidable one. As for Ruth's cancelled flight, it's good to remember that air travel has always had its bumps: We're not being picked on these days!
22nd October 2022

Delightful to think of you both giggling your way through a round of mini (micro?) golf, high up on a behemoth of the seas. Cruising is an odd thing, in many ways, but it takes us places we wouldn't otherwise see. Fascinating to learn of the moraines. I'm with you - who knew?
23rd October 2022

Now We Know
This is why I travel. On every trip, I learn a lot that cannot be discovered in a book (although I love books) nor on the internet (although I use it extensively).
10th October 2022

Spectacular shots of the ice, which I know is not easy - :-). We saw an iceberg in Iceland on a grey day with low clouds - not ideal viewing conditions but still pretty nice. How great that the Rangers came aboard to point out things. An informed observer sees a lot more than I do, for sure.
11th October 2022

Views of glaciers
Thanks for admiring the shots. The glaciers provide many spectacular views, which beg to be captured. Oh for a digital camera!
3rd October 2022

Another fascinating day of just-enough history and natural science, supported by amazing sights (& sites). I love the border-crossing protocol - maybe we can get it exported to other borders.
5th October 2022

Border crossing
We had a great day on this shared terrain.
29th September 2022

After checking some old back up files we discovered that our trip to Alaska was at exactly the same time as yours. Only we flew to Fairbanks, took the train to Denali, then to Anchorage for the cruise back to Vancouver. We were told it was one of warmest summers in Alaska then. We didn't kayak to the Mendenhall Glacier but did see it. We've seen pictures that have shown how much it has receded since 2004. Yes, Juneau was a tourist trap, but very pretty. By the way, did you notice that Hurricane Ian passed over western Cuba, including Vinales. We haven't seen any pictures showing impacts.. Bravo to the Cubans for approving same sex marriages..
30th September 2022

Cruising Alaska
For a moment, I thought we had been on the same ship! The weather was wonderful - unlike the hurricanes this week.
26th September 2022

Vivid Adventure
Hi Judith, I really enjoyed your kayak adventure and the information about Juneau. Felt like I was there with you and Ruth. I think you have started a new adventure and I’m looking forward to hearing about it. JH
30th September 2022

Adventures continue
Yes, I will be doing another tour. The blogging follows very slowly, because I edit everything!
26th September 2022

I'm glad to see that you had ideal kayaking conditions - calm seas and blue skies - especially considering this was ocean kayaking, albeit in a harbor. A worthwhile excursion. For my money, kayaking is just the right height above the water, and far easier than canoeing. (It seems to me that I remember you doing some paddling on another trip, but the specifics are now foggy.) Your beer-in-every-port tradition was a good one, and a good reminder that our pleasures don't have to be super expensive or complicated.
30th September 2022

I remain delighted with our kayaking adventure. My other paddling was in Costa Rica - white-water rafting in nice warm water.
18th September 2022

Thanks for the timely reminder.
18th September 2022

You guys made good use of your limited time ashore! I love the shot of Ruth with the fuzzy orca. As for bears and noise - I'm with you.
22nd September 2022

Bears and noise
Apparently being careful to avoid bears is another one of those Canadian traits that make up our national character. Hmmmm.
12th September 2022

Your reminiscences illustrate how much better it is to travel with someone we know well and also share interests with. Sharing the experience adds to it, especially when there's no tension. In other matters, is Ruth wearing a "top" that you made, by any chance? The fabric reminds me of the silks you've brought back from your various trips.
13th September 2022

Travel Companion
Rare are travel companions that enjoy the whole experience, and Ruth and I did. Her top was her own, nothing to do with my travels or sewing. It was nice.
5th September 2022

I've often considered taking this cruise, so will look forward to your experience of it. And lovely, too, to think about Ruth. You sound like excellent travel companions.
7th September 2022

Alaska cruise
Don't just think about it. The cruising is more than just floating around on a ship. Be sure to go in high season when the coast line is most likely to be readily visible.

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