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24th February 2021

A full day
I'm super impressed with your tour company: They pack a lot into a day, and all of it worthwhile. What a delight to buy a painting from the artist - a much better choice than heavy pottery. although I loved that video. I was impressed with how deftly and quickly they each did their part, especially the addition of varnish/glaze with the bell on a spinning top. This is exactly the sort of thing I don't think to do - maybe I've not had enough repetitive hand work in my life . . .
24th February 2021

A full day
The potters were very efficient, and never looked hurried. Over six generations, the processes must have been honed to precision.
14th February 2021

So when we were in the church, didn't our guide meet someone who she knew years back and they had an emotional reunion? I have a shot of the street in front of the hotel with trolley tracks. I have no recollection that Daniel told us anything about that. Can't wait for the next installment. LP
17th February 2021

Now that you remind me, I do remember the emotional reunion. No recollection of trolley tracks. Group tours are so good because people see and remember different things.
30th January 2021

One of the many benefits of travel is that we (can) learn that other countries do some things better than we do. The maternity leave you describe would indeed astound Americans. I remember being astounded the other way when I found out that Ivan's daughter-in-law (then living in Oklahoma) was entitled to only about 4 weeks of paid leave. I find the school and town shots reminiscent of Guatemala but more prosperous looking. And how delightful that they have enough kinds of grassquits that they need to distinguish them by their markings.
2nd February 2021

I had never heard of grassquits before and am glad I could really get a good shot and a good look.
23rd January 2021

The interesting thing about the guy in the picture is that he is wearing the Ecuador national soccer team jersey. I asked him if was from Ecuador and he told me he just liked the shirt. I still can't believe all the stuff we did. I get tired reading your blog. Love it.. Larry .
27th January 2021

All the activities
Ahh, adrenalin and a good guide make full days possible.
14th January 2021

Hemingway and Russians and Harbour Defence and Cathedrals and a Chicken Dinner
Wow. Havana is obviously an amazingly diverse city and it looks like you had a beautifully diverse day. I see your "problem" with photo selection, but these give a good overview, for sure. I wonder whether the Stations of the Cross are a part of Anglican tradition, and thought that Eardley might have been able to translate the imagery for the group. Your cathedral shots are great (exterior and interior), as is the lobby of Ambos Mundos. I'm not sure I'd want to live with that colour of green but it's striking, and pretty cheery. You don't say - Was it the best chicken in the world?
20th January 2021

Chicken dinner in Havana
Discretion is always a good tool for the wise tourist.
8th January 2021

A delightful reminder
I fondly remember the Malecon and some of the renovated centre of town. We spent only part of 1 day in Havana, bussing a few hours each way from our resort. I'd love to see it again and look forward to reading about your tour. As you say, a good decision that looks even better in hindsight.
13th January 2021

Reminder of Havana
I didn't know you had visited Cuba. At the risk of predicting the future, you may have a chance to travel there again.
8th January 2021

Happy to have visited Havana!
Your blog brings back great memories of our own 2 trips to Havana (which I've blogged about on this site too) which are brought to life in your excellent photos. We enjoyed exploring the Hotel Nacional and its grounds, had a mojito at the Hall of Fame Bar and lunch at La Barraca. It's interesting to see what their rooms look like. Loved the music and arts in Havana, so it's interesting to see that Cuban artists have recently been standing up against censorship and repression and demanding civil liberties and artistic freedom. Looking forward to reading more on your Cuban trip.
13th January 2021

Visiting Havana
Glad to have brought back good memories. Certainly the arts in Cuba are healthy and active.
30th December 2020

Flowers in seed
That's my favourite photo in this post. Not sure why. I also like the expanse of grasses and the openness of the landscape. Your experience with encountering walkers is similar to mine in Phoenix and Ottawa - I seem to see more folks on trails adjacent to neighbourhoods than in designated parks. Not sure that's a fact, but it's my impression.
4th January 2021

Flowers in Seed
Thanks, that is my favourite photo, also. Something cheery about it.
15th December 2020

Ospreys and eagles, oh my
I guess there's supposed to be a third thing in there, but two like that seems sufficient to me. Very nice to see those birds within the City's boundaries. Great shot of the Nose Creek Bridge.
20th December 2020

I was completely satisfied with seeing and photographing the eagle, who posed so helpfully.
8th December 2020

Thanks for the tip
I'll add the Millennium Park to my list of must-do's in Calgary - as a photographer, not a participant. Watching teenage grandchildren, I find it interesting how differently they're "wired": Some are happy readers while others get on their mountain bikes and go out of their way to find slopes to hurtle down.
13th December 2020

So many parks
You have a lot of parks to visit whenever you can come next. All good!
3rd December 2020

I think your Autumn Tunnel is in my top-10 favourites of your photos. Lovely. This is a great idea - both the City parks set aside from development and your hiking club's exploration of the trails.
4th December 2020

Autumn Tunnel
Thanks! That photo is in my top ten, too.
21st November 2020

Yellow on yellow
Twinning that bridge already? It's hard to keep up. Of course, my sense of how long it's been there might be a tad off. Your fall photos are spectacular. Another park for me to explore at some point.
28th November 2020

Twinning the bridge
I was also surprised. Time rushes by.

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