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30th March 2020

Now I I really appreciate your little notebook, and am looking forward every day to see your comments on what I remember , what I've forgotten and what I never knew! Do you remember that lovely swimming pool at the Astarea Hotel?tea Hotel?
hotel? Of course you do! I'm trying to remember anything you may have missed out, but your notebook is a more reliable and complete record than my brain. I remember most clearly the stairs ( and that I managed them quite comfortably) then more stairs and more stairs, the narrow alleys , views down onto varying orange -coloured roofs, and how strange it seemed to see people below us in yards and gardens having what , to them, is a normal day, while we pause overcome with the beauty and charm of the views below.
31st March 2020

Stairs in Old Dubrovnik
Thanks! The stairs are in my photos, but they have mellowed a lot in my memory.
29th March 2020

Lovely views of a lovely city. And eating out? Markets open? How February! It's interesting that the buildings and roofs are so similar yet the effect, to my eye at least, is appealing - quite different from the suburban developments with blocks and blocks of so-similar housing that I find ugly in many cases. Maybe it's the mix of angles and heights that make it work together. And with all those stairs, I wonder whether they have a low incidence of heart disease . . . Wellingtonians in New Zealand claim that benefit for their city, where every direction from the harbour is "up."
31st March 2020

Roofs of Dubrovnik
The variation of roofs within a single variegated colour scheme are beautiful. By an unexpected juxtaposition, I discovered the colours and lines find their way into the local weaving.
26th March 2020

Beautiful locale for this town. I was wondering whether I was looking at houses roughly comparable to Santorini, but "washed" in more colours than blinding white. Sounds like a lovely jet-lag-adjustment day.
27th March 2020

Stunning Mlini
I wasn't reminded of Santorini, but the two places aren't particularly far apart. Interesting thought.
26th March 2020

Lovely action shots - and good definition of all that white fur. If that's as tricky with the bears as it is with egrets in low light conditions, you did amazingly well. I love those shots of the tiny bush and the large bear.
27th March 2020

Bear photos
Ah well, the bears are white in a shade resembling old ivory. I love the big bear and the tiny bush, too! Lovely absurdity!
26th March 2020

Ralph used to say that polar bears are the only animal known to go out of its way to track, kill, and eat humans. Maybe that's why they don't let anyone off the buggy. Great shots of the three, especially, and excellent video.
27th March 2020

Bears' appetite
I don't know about bears tracking humans. But, the stay-in-the-buggy rule protects the bears by not "feeding" them when they are really hungry.
9th March 2020
Really stretching!

I have posted this beauty in TB's "Animals with character" thread in the Photography Forum. Check 'em out.
13th March 2020
Really stretching!

Forum post
Thanks, Dave!
9th March 2020

Polar Bears
Love these pictures - & love Polar Bears that roam about. Thanks for sharing this experience.
25th February 2020

B&W versus colour
These were all shot in colour, yes? Amazing. When I look carefully I can see more colour than I originally thought, but the stronger splashes of colour (tree moss, ice falls) really stand out. Also love "natural design."
28th February 2020

B&W in Colour
Yes, all my photos are in colour. Emerald Lake in winter is the only place I have ever been where the lighting is persistently and naturally black and white. Glad you liked "Natural Design" - it was one of those photos that you snap at the last moment, thank goodness.
18th February 2020

Bow River
*Love* Bow River shots #2 and #9. Great definition of a difficult subject and more colour than I would have expected. Or, maybe, noticed. :-)
22nd February 2020

Bow River
Glad my abstract view of natural scenes were successful. The winter light is very definite in its blueness.
16th February 2020

Alberta Blue.
Mountians are extra spectacular , in winter, showing off the big blue Alberta sky, thanks
18th February 2020

Alberta Blue
So happy to live an hour away from some of the world's most spectacular views!
9th February 2020

Heading Home
Navigable, eh? That's about the best I hope for from huge airports, which I find intimidating and not a little confusing. Your last day in London sounds wonderful - some leisure, a new museum, and some good food (at least in the moment, if not in the night). It sounds like you benefited from your own careful logistics planning. As they say in the Army, "Time spent in recce is seldom wasted." As you describe the medical/dental horrors (to us) of previous ages, it makes me wonder which of our standard treatments will be seen as horrific in, say, 100 years. I'm with you - glad not to have been born any earlier, for many reasons.
9th February 2020

Trip Planning
Sometimes I wonder if I plan too much, but so far I have been grateful not to make certain decisions at the last minute.
3rd February 2020

History and cameras and guards
I had a railway manager of some sort yell at me for taking innocuous photos (no, like, control centre shots) in Glasgow train station at a quiet time. This the day after being told it was OK, by a manager I checked with. I think sometimes this is mostly a power reflex, but I find it distressing when it happens anyway. In a happier memory, I had to expand the floor plaque photo to see what it was about Queen E II - and it reminded me of the ones we saw in a church in NYC - "Queen E II stood here". But it also amazed me because of the event she was standing there commemorating - the 700th anniversary of a parliament in 1265. What a whack of history.
7th February 2020

My thought is that the tour guide could have been a little more engaged with our group. You were more in the clear, and some people like to exercise their bit of power. Odd how we commemorate people and events.
27th January 2020

An eclectic day
Jane Austen and geography. Individual identity in Woolf, Joyce and Proust. Artistic expressions from Africa and Asia. What a busy, eclectic day. And what an interesting life that has left you able to pursue so many themes and appreciate such human diversity. For much of the art, I have no frame of reference. I googled the Benin bronzes and am glad I did. Amazing stuff.
31st January 2020

An eclectic day
Thanks! As I travel more and more, I am thrilled to link various trips and cultures into my own mental network map.

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