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29th March 2019
Provincial Legislative Library

Doesn't it just make you want to sit and read?!
25th March 2019

What, no rain?
It's June, after all - but maybe they get their rain in a different month(s) than in Alberta. Interesting to see the Deutsch/Dutch mistake there as well as here in Arizona, where the Lost Dutchman's Mine is named for a guy known as the Deutsch-man. You can sure see how it happened. I love the diverse streetscape as well as the Victorians.
28th March 2019

Rain came on the first day, when we went to Peggy's Cove, of course. Mostly, we had beautiful, clear days. Interesting that in Arizona the same pronunciation error is embedded in history. Probably other place, too.
18th March 2019

Halifax Airport
That's all I've seen of Halifax, but it sounds worth a few more days, at least. :-) I'd never heard of Jane Austen's brothers, much less their Halifax connection. And the story of the cathedral is amazing. As an aside, sadly, the photos didn't load - maybe our slightly weak/wonky internet connection.
20th March 2019

... is a wonderful city. Walkable, historic, good food.
11th March 2019

Rocks and rock carvings
Great shots of the variety of coastal rock formations - and the rocks that seem to be the foundation of the whole place, along with the rain. Loved the Fishermen's Monument. And the Narrows Bridge warrants another visit on a clear day at sunrise or sunset, don't you think?
14th March 2019

Narrows Bridge
Undoubtedly the Narrows Bridge merits photographing in many light conditions. Unfortunately, without a car, this was my one opportunity.
10th March 2019

It sounds like the foggy weather added to the experience. A Jane Austen Society conference.... I'll bet that will be interesting. Eager to hear more.
7th March 2019

Snow blobs
:-) A technical term, I presume. (And why not? Perfectly descriptive.) I like the snow cone.
9th March 2019

Snow blobs
That's my term, and to date no one has challenged the name. My fellow photographers have adopted it, and a friend did a painting of them, called "Snow Blobs".
2nd March 2019

Gorgeous. I imagine the air would have that special muffled quality.... Thanks for sharing Hellen
2nd March 2019
Mountain trees

Serenity now
Stunning beauty
27th February 2019

Public art - planned and serendipitous
What fun! The luggage and pedestrian sculptures are fabulous - as is your graphic (ha) shot of the series of back stairs.
1st March 2019

Public art
The luggage sculpture could give a traveller nightmares!
14th February 2019

Fabulous reflections
What great conditions for capturing reflections - and what a great job of doing so. Super composition in the clouds/waves one.
22nd February 2019

Crawford Lake Reflections
Indeed Crawford Lake is an ideal setting!
8th February 2019

Sounds like a marvelous museum.
7th February 2019

Touring Toronto
I felt like I had left Canada way behind and arrived in Asia somewhere! Not the Toronto I know as there are many truly Canadian things to see in T.O.
6th February 2019

W building - your geometric photos are wonderful. And the displays - seen through your eyes both literally in your photographs and figuratively in your text - are also wonderful. As you say, a great addition to Toronto. And now I have to go look up Georgia O'Keefe's paintings on NYC - all I know of her is the floral style. Thanks!
13th February 2019

Geometry of the Aga Khan Museum
I liked the geometry of this building, not blockish - rather transcendent.
26th January 2019

Nature tourism
Well, and the cultural aspects of the petroglyphs. An interesting and unusual day in Toronto and environs. I wonder whether anyone is offering nature tours of our big cities - in and around. A Scottish guide from one of our Road Scholar trips was thinking about doing that in London, since that's where her guy was. IMHO, Ontario is best in Spring and Fall, although the rain is a factor, for sure.
5th February 2019

Nature Tourism
I like the idea of nature tours in and around big cities.
26th January 2019

Toronto & Peterborough
Enjoyed your blog. My daughter lives in T.O. and my friend lives in Peterborough, so will pass this on to them,. Thanks for your vivid descriptions! Enjoy your travels! Vivian

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