Yevgeny F


Yevgeny F

Europe » Croatia July 27th 2009

Slovenia has some of the most beautiful scenery i have seen in Europe. the train rides pass through valleys and mountains. and lake Bled and lake Bohinj are only half an hour from each other but complete opposites. In color and temperature, and surroundings. from lake Bled i went on the Croatia, first to Zagreb which was a nice city, then onto Plitvice lakes national park, which is a Unesco world heritage site, which consists of 16 lakes at different levels with waterfalls between them. The views and hikes are incredible. Then moved on to Split, which is very much a port city. with ferries going out to a lot of the islands. and ships coming in from italy and other countries. from split went on to Hvar which is a very touristy island, but also ... read more

Europe » France July 4th 2009

The bike trip continued on, after going along the coast till Dunkirk we turned inland, and headed toward Lille. The roads along the coast were definitely easier to ride along because they were separate bike paths without cars and it was all flat country road along the water. once we turned inland we started following actual roads, and even though some of them had bike paths on the "shoulder" you were still riding right along side cars and at first it was more stressful, but eventually you adjust. there were also more hills along the way, and more fields. A lot of the little towns that we passed through were really interesting to see, it was a very local experience, a lot of them were just a church with a few streets surrounding it. i sadly ... read more

Europe » Netherlands June 19th 2009

I went on to Bonn and Koln for a day and then went to amsterdam. there i met up with Beth and her 2 friends. I got a bike, and we set off on our bicycle trip. We have been biking for 4 days now and are averaging about 50-70kms per day. We have gone through Den Hagg, and along the coast down the LR 1 route it is very nice and goes along the coast of netherlands and Belgium. it has been very nice so far. we are camping along the way. more updates to come. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Baden-Baden June 12th 2009

i spent the last 2 days staying in Baden-Baden. a resort type town by the black forest region. i went to a thermal bath, which was very relaxing, though expensive. then i walked around the city and went to a "natural" type zoo on the outskirts, though did not see too many animals. then i went to see the baden-baden philharmonic orchestra, which was nice. Then i took a train to Stutgart, and went to the Mercedes Benz museum there. It had 8 floors of cars on display taking you through the centuries of MB. In the evening i went on to Floersheim, a little town between frankfurt and mainz, with a very local hostel. the owner just bought the place from the old owners (one of the german men drinking next to me) and is ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Freiburg June 8th 2009

I have spent the last two days in Freiburg, it is a little town in the Balck Forest Region. I spent most of yesterday hiking around in the mountains, It was nice, even though it rained on and off at times. there were a few very nice vistas as we hiked. I hiked around with a brother and sister i met from the mid-west of the states who were staying in my hostel. It was a nice change from all of the Big cities. On the way back from the forest we got a little lost, and due to that were able to walk around some of the more local areas of the town. The outskirts of the town were not all that different from a suburban town in New Jersey, but it was still interesting ... read more

Europe » Germany June 5th 2009

Today I went to the Bergkirchweih beer festival, held in Erlangen, a little University town about 20 minutes from Nuremburg. Bergkirchweih is supposed to be the second or third biggest beer festival in Germany after Octoberfest, and it definately felt that way. The festival is held on the side of a mountain with beer cellars built into the side and they all sell liters mugs of beer. Then there are live bands that play and everyone drinks beer and dances on the long benches and tables that are set up everywhere. It was a great time, and i got to hear some real german music, as well as some 90‘s american songs sung in german accents. Over all a very intersting experiance. ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Nuremberg June 4th 2009

Staying in a nice hostel in Nuremberg, went to Documentation center where Nazi Rallies were held, and is now a museum. Very informative, and learned some interesting things. Second part of day walked around Nuremberg, and then in the evening went to a Karaoke bar with some people from my hostel. Surprisingly most of the songs sung by everyone there were in english.... read more

Europe » Germany June 4th 2009

So I've decided to start a travel blog... we'll see how it goes. I started in Frankfurt, financial city, walked around for the day, kind of similar to quieter version of wall street (sort of) on a much smaller scale. Then went on to Rothemburg, it is an old historic town, very well preserved, runs entirely on Tourism. When I was there they seemed to be having some festival that they have once a year with local towns people dressing up in old style clothing dancing around the streets. That was pretty interesting. At night i took the "night watch tour" with a guy that is recommended by rick steves. It was pretty comical, and explained some of the history of the town. Then I went on the Munich. First night went out with 6 irish ... read more

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