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Sunday July 16, 2012 Red Bluff Bay Gwen and I put out shrimp pots closer to the Bay’s entrance and checked them once and moved them. I think we should have put them deeper. Kira and I kayaked over to find a mother bear and some cubs. Mom was very watchful and could see us from far off. The big boars don’t seem to care as much. We met Christy, on her paddle board and all we all went as far as we could. I got a few pix from a distance. Tonight Kristy and Jason came over for hor dourves bringing homemade bread. They are IT people on an extended vacation living aboard their sail boat. They will leave their boat in Wrangell over the winter and ... read more
Gwen and Jason
Kira on the paddleboard
Views in Red Bluff Bay

North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage July 18th 2012

Saturday July 15, 2012 Sitka to Appleton Cove Twice a month a produce truck arrives by barge from Seattle and today is the day in Sitka. It was a small farmer’s market but the people were crowded around snapping up watermelon and sweet corn etc. while supplies lasted. Winds have kicked up outside the harbor, which made pulling up the Bullfrog out in the harbor more interesting. Ruth and Kira helped with lines and loading while BJ took the controls. We also made a positive landing at the gas dock by just pulling abeam of it and letting the wind shove us in. Our track today is a reverse of the one we took two days ago except we went past Baby Bear Bay and on to Appleton Cove. Predicted wind seemed to dissipate ... read more
Red Bluff Bay
Brown Bear in Red Bluff Bay

North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage July 18th 2012

Wednesday July 12, 2012 Hoonah to Baby Bear Cove (Peril Strait) Ruth had an 8:00 AM interview for a teaching job at WVHS and hearing one side of the conversation I conclude that she interviews very well. They called her back within an hour to tell her she had the job so there is joy on the Little Liza this morning. At the intersection of Icy Straits and Chatham Channel we spotted a large pod of at least eighteen humpbacks and we were fortunate to watch them dive in unison, slap their fins and tails and bubble feed as well as hear them make great fog horn-like sounds perhaps warning us away. We turned the engines off and just sat and watched from a distance, taking pictures and marveling. ... read more
Bubble Feeding Whales
Fog in Sergius Narrows
Mt Edgecombe

North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage July 14th 2012

Tuesday July 11, 2012 Neka Bay to Hoonah Rain pounded down all night but lessened by morning. A party of small explorers took Bullfrog and pushed up the Inlet, found the river and went a long ways up into tide flats of rockweed and mussels, and around corners skirting grass flats until it got too shallow for an outboard. Salmon surely spawn up here in the fall along with attendant bears. I dropped into the kayak and drifted back alone, able to see small black-tailed deer. A cabin nestled in the woods looked inviting and I found out later it is a Forest Service cabin available to kayakers and backpackers. Back in Neka Bay I pushed against the rising wind and back onto the Little Liza. We found ... read more
Carver in Hoonah
Sunset over Frederick Sound

North America » United States » Alaska » Glacier Bay July 14th 2012

Sunday July 9th 2012 Reid Harbor to Fingers Bay BJ and I took off early to see Reid and Laumplagh Glaciers in a high state of organization. We found a place to land on a falling tide and took a walk across the rocky shore to the face of the glacier. In a few minutes we realized the tide was falling rapidly and hurried back to the tender to find it beached. Picture a mature, overdressed couple frantically trying to push, pull, and rock a 900 lb boat over rocks and mud back into the safety of the chuck watching the water recede faster than they could slide the boat. We grunted and panted and by sheer desire and by filling our boots with very cold water floated it. When we ... read more
Glacier Bay
Veselkas in Reid Hbr
Reid Glacier

North America » United States » Alaska » Glacier Bay July 12th 2012

Thursday July 6th, 2012 Hoonah to Flynn Cove and Kira’s birthday We spent the morning lounging. Keith and I picked up the shrimp traps and returned with one very large prawn and as with yesterday the bait box was full of shrimp larvae. BJ and Ruth took the dinghy over to the store and we met them out by the wharves and hoisted Bullfrog onto the Little Liza. We worked our way towards our destination up the coast by mooching for halibut; looking for the right underwater structure to drift over. Flynn Cove is a little nook along the coastline of Icy Strait. We worked our way up to the head and anchored there. It still looks exposed and I can see right up Icy Strait. We are well ... read more
low tide in Hoonah
Glacier Bay

North America » United States » Alaska » Glacier Bay July 12th 2012

Tuesday July 3rd, 2012 Juneau Last night I helped a big old wooden sailboat into the slip behind us. The captain said he had brought it around from Auke Bay and it was going on the grid tonight (at midnight). This morning he was high and dry and had a crew scraping and painting the hull and greasing his feathered prop. Our way out of the marina was very shallow, kicking up a little mud but we were over at the fuel dock by 7:00 AM when it opened. The attendant, an incoming high school senior was anxious to leave Alaska after graduation for Florida where the weather was warm and the women were “fine”. I said he couldn’t find any nicer people than in Alaska and he wasn’t as sure ... read more
The lookouts
Frederick Sound near Hoonah
Neka Bay Anchorage

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau July 2nd 2012

Wednesday June 27th, 2012 Taku Harbor to Juneau Juneau was only 20 miles from Taku Harbor and I could seen the cruise ships before we even entered Gasteneau Channel. We found moorage fairly near downtown and we had just finished tying up when Kira said, “OK, can we find the bookstore now?” We did walk to the downtown area mingling with the thousands of cruise ship folks. Kira found her bookstore, which should keep her occupied until her birthday anyway. The Juneau Volunteer Band played under a gazebo and when they struck up “Stars and Stripes Forever” the crowd gathered, marching, tapping and cheering. We docked in front of “Drumbeat,” the boat I met in Foggy Bay and Dave gave me the lowdown on Juneau. ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Juneau June 29th 2012

Tuesday June 26th, 2012 Ford’s Terror to Taku Harbor We took another white-knuckled trip through the Ford’s Terror Narrows at high slack this morning. All the low-water rocks and shoals that were visible yesterday were underwater and the only thing I had to follow was yesterday’s track which was more accurate than the outlines of the chart. This time I made GPS marks in case the track gets erased. The anxiety was worth the chance to see this remote place of beauty and we were the only boat there. Setphens Passage was calmer than predicted although the chop was building by the time we turned into Taku Harbor and tied to the public dock. On shore are the ruins of a salmon cannery and I read that before that there was ... read more
Taku Harbor
Taku Hbr cannery

North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage June 28th 2012

Saturday June 23, 2012 Sandborn Canal to Tracy Arm Cove There is not a cloud in the sky this morning as BJ and I sit reading and drinking coffee. I was up early enough to watch the bright sunlight spread across the peaks and seep down onto the water to rest on the bright white head of a bald eagle eating raw fish for breakfast. We stick with scones. The current gives us slow, revolving views of mountains beyond mountains. Back in Stephens Passage we encountered a stiff wind with plenty of chop which we quartered without too much discomfort for the five-hour trip to Tracy Arm. We saw the first icebergs (called bergie-bits around here) while still in the main passage but many ground themselves on the moraines (bars) at ... read more
Tracy Arm Cove
Glacial Valley inside Tracy Arm
South Sawyer Glacier

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