Steve and BJ Hull


Steve and BJ Hull

Steve and BJ have cruised the waters of the Salish Sea and beyond for twenty years. This is their second trip to Southeast Alaska.

North America » Canada » British Columbia June 18th 2014

6/14-17/2014 Seattle to Nanaimo Our trip to Alaska in 2012 was our “trip of a lifetime” and I thought it would probably be a “once in a lifetime trip of a lifetime” but here we go again! We found the trip enjoyable, doable and both the Little Liza and her crew were fit for the journey. This time were not trying to “do it all” and we’ll stay in the SE of SE Alaska, which gives us plenty of time to see bears, glaciers and whales and enjoy good the good company of the families who will join us. BJ and I drove over a few days early to finish outfitting Little Liza, to celebrate our 34th anniversary and Father’s Day before heading out. We left Sunday afternoon (6/15) after a wonderful Father’s Day brunch at ... read more

North America » United States » Washington » Seattle August 24th 2012

Wednesday August 22, 2012 Mystery Bay to Portage Bay Journey mercies. It’s rather a quaint turn of phrase until you’ve experienced a summer of them. By any name it’s what we all hope for, and it can be like saying “bon voyage” or “have a good trip.” Journey mercies are what we ask for, hope for, and sometimes plan against. We asked for safe passages and fair weather. It does of course rain in Alaska, hence the term “rain forest.” That’s where the glaciers, waterfalls, and spawning streams originate. We had rainy days but we also saw the sun glint off the glaciers and the giant stars of the big dipper reflect off the still, dark water. Storm winds can and do bear down on wide straits and passages but for us there were always bays ... read more
Puget Sound

North America » United States » Washington » Anacortes August 22nd 2012

Sunday August 19, 2012 Port McNeill to Gowland Harbor (near Campbell River) We were sent out early again by threatened afternoon winds in Johnstone Strait. They never materialized but from early on the tide was against us and we found some helpful eddies along the South shoreline. I misread the tide and current charts and we ended up at Seymour Narrows at a full flood of twelve knots just like last year. This year being a year older and having experienced full flood I decided I didn’t want to get knocked around again so we pulled into Plumper Bay out of the current and dropped the anchor for a couple of hours. Besides I’m into a good summer novel and it reads just as well on either side of the tide. Seymour Narrows was ... read more
Mystery Bay

North America » Canada » British Columbia August 19th 2012

Tuesday August 14, 2012 Seattle to Foggy Bay via Ketchikan Little Liza is headed home. We left Seatac at 10:30, left the fuel dock in Ketchikan by 1:30 PM and are anchored in Foggy Bay by 6:00 PM which is a nice long ways from the TV morning news. The day has been bright and clear as if it were always like this in Alaska, and I wonder, what’s the rush? The “rush” is that home is a nice place too. With a good crop to pick, a family to be a part of, and a purpose to life it is time to resume our place where we belong. Little Liza glides through these sunlit waters as she was made to do, confident of herself, still respectful ... read more
Baker Inlet, Grenville Channel
Watts Narrows
Grenville Channel

North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage August 6th 2012

Monday July 30, 2012 Windfall Harbor to Gambier Bay The Garmin with its attendant sonar, radar, and chartplotter has about given up the ghost. I don’t know what’s wrong or how to fix it. I do have the Raymarine depthfinder but it gives me an alarm which I can’t turn off. And the mascerator pump on the holding tank will not work and I spent the best part of a day trying to repair it. We’ll go to Petersburg tomorrow and see what can be done. Our particular anchorage in Gambier Bay is a bit exposed in a SE wind but after doing circles around the bay to find something suitable and resetting the Garmin every five minutes we’re glad to be here. I’ve heard Gambier is pretty but it’s not visible today. ... read more
Meyers Chuck
Back Chuck
Back Chuck

North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage August 2nd 2012

Saturday July 28, 2012 Tracy Arm Cove to Windfall Harbor I picked up a message on the SAT phone followed by a call to Keith brought news that Ruth is in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism. Our on-board doctor and friend encouraged us that now that she is being treated she is “out of the woods” yet we feel very far away. Yesterday these mountains were things of beauty and grandeur. Today they are infinite barriers between us and home. The sea is thicker and harder for Little Liza to push against. I chatted again with a cruise ship, the Sea Princess, coming out of Tracy Arm and I altered course so he could make a smooth turn into Stephens Passage. Another peaceful cruise took us down an ... read more
Pack Creek Viewing
Pack Creek viewing tower
Pack Creek

North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage August 2nd 2012

Wednesday July 25, 2012 Tracy Arm Cove to Ford’s Terror via North and South Sawyer Glaciers and Endicott Arm We mapped out a plan to go all the way up Tracy Arm, view both glaciers, come back and go up Endicott Arm as far as Ford’s Terror, which required a 6:00 AM start in order to arrive at Ford’s Terror narrows by 7:00 high slack tide. So off we went into the morning sun, beautiful but too hazy for really good photography. Tim fixed a breakfast of bacon and eggs with the smoky flavor of truffle salt on a lightly toasted English muffin. Again we’re awed by the majesty of the sheer walls, cascading falls, and glacier carved side valleys. Glacier Bay, by comparison offers immense views of waterways and entire ... read more
Tracy Arm
Tracy Arm
North Sawyer Glacier

North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage August 2nd 2012

Sunday July 22, 2012 Petersburg to Thomas Bay Nespers were delayed a little by fog somewhere in Alaska so Coalie, our taxi driver took us on a tour of the parks and beaches surrounding Petersburg. Some of the high ground was muskeg (boggy) with little ponds that she said would swallow you if you stepped into them. Scrub pine trees were the only trees that grew in these marshy areas and the airport was built on top of it. We got a fishing license for Denise and were off into a three knot opposing current in Wrangell Narrows which released us into Frederick Sound. We angled across and into a wide Thomas Bay at the end of which were views of Baird Glacier and a hint of sunshine. The water is ... read more
Fish Cleaning
Sandborn Canal
Tracy Arm Cove

North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage July 22nd 2012

June 22, 2012 Petersburg We’ve been in town a couple of days and are headed out this afternoon with Tim and Denise aboard. Pictures show both sun and rain over the last couple of days. We’ve resupplied, done laundry, posted blogs and put the grandkids on a plane for home. The boat has been very quiet and suddenly seems larger than necessary now. I miss them coming up the steps early in the morning wondering what’s for breakfast. We’ve met a group of boats travelling together and will see them again in Tracy Arm. Blogs will follow when we get back in internet range in about a week.... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Inside Passage July 19th 2012

Tuesday July 17th, 2012 Red Bluff Bay to Cannery Cove (in Pybus Bay) At 6:00 AM all is quiet and the morning sun flamed red off the bluffs as we exited into Chatham Straits and drew a single line to the entrance to the entrance of Chapin Bay. Since it was only twenty one miles we looked at other interesting possibilities in the cruising book and extended the line up the coast to Cannery Cove. It’s 1 ¾ hours further today and ½ hour shorter tomorrow. Humpbacks spout in the distance singly and in pairs and while some are on the move others lift their tails and dive, feeding on the three hundred foot ledges off Admiralty Island. We brake for bubble feeding but no longer for distant spouts. They seem ... read more
Whale breaching
Pybus Bay
Cannery Cove

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