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South America » Chile » Araucanía September 25th 2014

It has been a while since I made a blog entry and the reason for this is that not much has happened during that time except some travelling and being in a new city – Temuco. After my last entry in Antuco and the awesome trip with Stella and Walter up to the volcano and the lake in bad weather I headed the next day back to Los Angele. When I woke up that day it was absolutely stunning weather and I tried in vain to get another lift to the volcano. It was Monday so there were no tourists or other backpackers around to hitch a lift or organise transport. A real shame as I really wanted to see the area in sunshine. Ah well, you can’t have it all. So I took a local ... read more
Another bus station, this time Los Angeles
Plaza de armas in Temuco
Local markets

South America » Chile September 21st 2014

Wow, what a day I have had. While it was raining constantly I also had the amazing experience to see part of the Andes in its full glory. OK, she was a bit misty and full of rain clouds, but that gives her a charm that is hard to describe. But let’s start where I finished last night. After I finished my blog entry I decided to sit in this cold room is not for me so I grabbed my day-pack and went for a wander. When I exited the hostel I was greeted by an amazing sunset. The colors were just incredible and with the clouds moving rather fast it was a live light show that lasted for a while. I just set down and watched it, reminding myself that nature can create some amazing ... read more
Local dance
That's where I have been

South America » Chile » Biobío September 20th 2014

So here I sit in Antuco in a hostel that has 15 rooms, a bar and a restaurant. And guess what? I have it all to myself. There is nobody, not even the owner, here. The guy just signed me in, I paid my $32 for two night, showed me my room and left. The town is dead as well. But let’s start where I left of in Conception….. After my last entry I spend one more day in Conception and Sebastian took me out of the town to the coast to show me around. It wasn't a long bus trip and it only took about an hour. The town (the name I can’t remember) was built by the Spanish around 1680 and was an important harbor. Even the pirate Sir Francis Drake showed up one ... read more
What's left of the fort
No respect of history
Old Spanish graffiti, bit more style than the modern ones

South America » Chile » Maule » Constitución September 17th 2014

In the past years when I was in Asia I used to go to a Internet cafe and write my travel blogs, normally with a beer on my side and sweating like a pig. Asia was and still is a hot and humid climate. Now I sit here in a bar in Chile and beside that it is bloody cold it is still the same vibe and experience. I really don’t have anything exciting to tell you about the last days. Since I left Santiago it was pretty ordinary. The guys and gals picked me up from the hostel in Santiago and gave me a lift to the bus station. And man can I remember bus stations in South America; busy, full of people and a center of activity. And of course a gringo like me ... read more
Bus station Santiago
Inside the bus
Place to sleep but not much more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago September 14th 2014

What a couple of days I have had. The weather turned on Saturday and is rained all bloody day. I can tell you that Santiago is not a nice place when it rains, especially after a long time without it. The street are full of water and the cars seem to seek people out just so they can spray them. But since I am not in Santiago for a long time, sitting in the hotel room and watch TV without understanding a word was not an option. So my new friends picked me up and we took the train to the military museum. Well sort of as there was quiet a walk from the train station to the museum. When we arrived we were soaked. The museum was very interesting and well presented, except that not ... read more
I know....
Guess who
The sad sights of Santiago

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Santiago September 12th 2014

OK, let me first let you know that after 2 ½ days in Santiago, when you blow your nose the stuff that comes out is blacker than black; such is the smog level here. Since Santiago is surrounded by the Andes there is hardly any wind to blow the air pollution away so it just sits there until when it rains. That is also the reason why it is difficult to see the mountain peaks in its glory. So that is my complaint and so far it is the only one I have. But let’s start from the beginning…. I left Sydney on Wednesday morning. I had a call from Qantas on Tuesday informing me that my original flight from Sydney to Santiago via Auckland was cancelled and that they would put me on a direct ... read more
Plaza de Armas
These things are everywhere....
Street politics Chile style

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney September 6th 2014

Well, here we go again. After years of traveling in South East Asia and the last 5 years in Europe and North America, I have decided that is it time to go back to South America. I am leaving on the 10th of September and the return date is wide open. So all my stuff is in different storage places (thanks Dave, Michael, Geoff, Paul, Steve and Andy - I know what a pain in the ass that is and it means a lot to me), ticket is purchased, the travel stuff is spread out in the bedroom (how do I fit all this stuff in one backpack?) and the plans are made. Hang on, what plans? This time it is open travel and I have a rough idea what I want to do. But you ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Tonlé Sap June 3rd 2008

Well, here I am in Siem Reap and had a day of tempeling behind me. This is now my fourth time here and it is still al amazing as the first time I wondered the ruins of Angkor Wat. But more to this later. First I have to tell you about my last few days in Phnom Penh and the amazing Hash House Harrier run I did there. Yes, I know, another HHH run. It turns out that this holiday is filled with H3 runs. It wasn’t planed like that, but in a way it is great. As you know I arrived from a pretty disappointing stay in Sihanoukville back to Phnom Penh. And it is always great to come back to PP as it has its certain charm. And knowing about the history and what ... read more
Phnom Penh H3 run
Phnom Penh H3 run
Phnom Penh H3 run

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville June 1st 2008

Well, I am back in Phnom Penh after a short sting in Sihanouk Ville, the only port city in Cambodia and a place I never had visited before. Yes, I finally finished playing tour guide and can do something new for a change. Allen left us on Tuesday to go to Siam Reap and see the famous Angkor Wat temples. The same day peter and Peter and I left for Sihanouk Ville as I wanted to check the place out for a long time. The bus ride was pretty much as usual and the best thing I had was two seats for myself. Do you know how much luxury this is for a tall guy like me not to have the knees wrapped around my ears for 5 hours? Let me tell you, it is luxury. ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh May 27th 2008

Greetings from Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia. We arrived here yesterday after a 6 hour bus trip from Saigon. But more about the trip and what happened today after I recall what happened in Mui Ne on the last days and in Saigon. As you can recall my last report was about Mui Ne and to when Michael left. As you can see from the pictures the fare well party was a pretty wet event. From the inside with the beer that flowed and from the outside when we had a toast with Saigon Whiskey in the South China Sea at 11pm at night. The next day was spending swimming, walking the beach and just lying around. Michael left at 2pm and we all said our good by on the bus pick up. It was a ... read more
Mui Ne
Mui Ne
Mui Ne

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