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September 6th 2014
Published: September 6th 2014
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Start point for the South American Adventure

From here I start and hopefully come back.

Additional maps: Welf's South American Adventure

Well, here we go again. After years of traveling in South East Asia and the last 5 years in Europe and North America, I have decided that is it time to go back to South America. I am leaving on the 10th of September and the return date is wide open.

So all my stuff is in different storage places (thanks Dave, Michael, Geoff, Paul, Steve and Andy - I know what a pain in the ass that is and it means a lot to me), ticket is purchased, the travel stuff is spread out in the bedroom (how do I fit all this stuff in one backpack?) and the plans are made. Hang on, what plans? This time it is open travel and I have a rough idea what I want to do. But you know how it is with these trips. The only plan I have is to get from the most southern part in the world to the most northern part in Alaska - so doing the Trans American Highway. Trip of a life time and I know it will be a blast.

Just so you get an idea on what is was in 1982, the

Machu Piccu Train station 1982
last time I was in South America, here are two photos from that time. One from me and one from the train station in Machu Piccu. As you can see I look a lot older and I am sure the station doesn't look the same.....

Hope you enjoy following me on my trip and drop me a line or two.


7th September 2014

I've been on the same south to north trip that you're now doing, but it's been four years now, and I've only made it to Arequipa, Peru. I fell off my travels and have been living here, on and off, for about a year, enjoying a good life and trying to catch up on old blogs from a couple of years ago in northern Argentina, That photo of the MP train station is classic--you're going to be shocked at the glitz it now is. Hey, maybe we'll have a meet up here in South America--I'll probably be on the continent for another couple of years. Buen viaje!
12th September 2014

is it beer o'clock over there yet...
Hi Welf. hope you had a good flight, look forward to tracking you as you do this trip.
12th September 2014

Breakfast time righ now. 7.30 in the morning.....

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