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16th June 2018

Dankeschön Welf
Kamerad Welf, you have inspired me to add a day to my work trip to Chile and book a tour to see Torres del Paine tomorrow. I can’t wait.... VG. Daniel
16th June 2018

Have a fantastic time ....
.... and enjoy one of the most amazing places on this planet.
28th April 2018

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19th October 2016

La Paz Dentist details
Hi, Really interested to know who the dentist was that sorted your tooth out in La Paz? I'm currently in the area and have a root canal issue... Thanks in advance
20th October 2016

I had to dig deep ....
But here you go. Avenida Saavedra 1760, La Paz, Bolivia. It's near the main stadium. +591 (2) 224-0778 Hope this helps.....
11th January 2016

Friendship and honor
MJ here....my heart sank as I read your story and you are right Karma is a bitch. He'd be wise to be looking over his shoulder. We've loved following your S.A. travels and the relationship with Carla develop. Looks like the two of you are on solid ground and we are happy for you. [quote]So take people on face value and how they really are and not preconceived and narrow minded views.[/quote] Wisdom comes at times in life when we really need it and I don't want to fill this with cliche' but...I do believe things happen for a reason. As sad as it was to lose someone you thought was a trusted friend you did all the right things, you found the high rode. He is the one lacking integrity and he may be ahead a few dollars and cents for getting you to work for free but he has to live with himself in those dark, quiet moments of the night. I'm glad Carla was able to experience Australia. That makes the trip a plus and not a loss. Keep those blogs and adventures coming.
10th January 2016

It was the best of times, the worst of times...
Incredible blog on the best and the worst of times and people! So glad Carla was with you to inspire you with the joys of Sydney. So sorry your so-called friends at work took advantage of you. But you and Carla will always remember celebrating her 40th birthday together on your adventure to Sydney. You two are such positive people that I know good luck will find you and unite you in love forever in just the perfect spot to use your talents and creativity. Viel Glück und boa sorte!
10th January 2016

I enjoyed Sydney, in Australia, the same way a enjoy a city as São Paulo, in Brazil or Berlin in Germany: full of options for all tastes (in Sydney each neighborhood is like a different city) and good places to go. The thing is I'm not a fan of beaches and summer - what attracts many Brazilians who live there, mostly in Manly and Bondi. It was very bad what happened to Welf and I saw he put effort and dedication so that everything work fine the most as he could. But I never had a good intuition about this "friend/boss" - and not a positive intuition regarding other issues too. As going there seemed inevitable, then I tried to prepare a lemonade from the lemons, trying to achieve the best as possible for me. The people in my professional area I kept in contact there reflected in great results for my resume. Regarding one or two bad experiences I had: A) envy exists in everywhere - and I'm prepared to deal with it. Envy is the most dissimulated of human feelings because, if admitted, it would be immediately nulled, then becoming frank competition or resigned desistance; B) The essential envy, primordial, has as target spiritual goods, because they are more abstract and impalpable. Material wealth and mundane power are never so distant, so incomprehensible, but vulgar, purely material envy exists. And I have great enjoyment in reacting to it in the most cynical way as possible, vulgar as it is. I can be very cynical when I wish. I react to arrogance with arrogance in double. Cretinism with amplified cretinism; C) I met perfectly normal people. But the problem is the vision which few may have about lifestyle, quality of life of average people not only in Brazil - but in the whole Latin America, from Mexico to Uruguay. The other fact refers to the difficult some bad intentioned have concerning the acceptance of the region as part of the New World as much as Australia or USA (settler populations that substituted - or mixed with - authoctonous populations - it is interesting to notice how they accept this for them, but not for us). And then you can face one day a situation when someone asks for you if you can show pictures about the residential area where you live, if you have these pics, enquiring about your lifestyle. As, for disgrace of this person, I do adore challenge and provocation, I showed, in details, how I live, with my most cynical and materialist smile - it was great to see the expression of envy/shock of the person who asked me this, thinking "she lives much better than me. I presume I know about her country, but I know nothing". I showed I am independent, I have good savings, I live in my own apartment (and also owning some for renting). I live comfortably, though I can't be considered rich, according to Brazilian and international standards. I know many people would react impatiently and would say at least: "nobody needs to know how and where I live". But I enjoy playing the game, if what values are external factors: beauty, youth, money, being thin, being white, being successful. The sad though is imagine that if it was a Brazilian living on poverty, without conditions to pay for an international travel, to sustain him/herself from personal savings abroad, if was the resident of a shanty town, then this individual would feel embarrassed for this kind of question. It was not the first time I saw people with such modus operandi. Who asked this was not someone full of enthusiasm for Capitalism, but one who believes in "Honor", such manipulable word, which meaning changes as it is pronounced by default due to the expenses of dissimulation. Even because the dignity of that kind of person is for selling - and it is very cheap. Everything I have came from the work, study, effort, competence, merit of my parents, myself and part of my immigrant ancestors which arrived two centuries ago in South America, looking for a better life to my grandparents and great-grandparents. This can be called called honor. The rest can serve as fantasy or opportunism.
10th January 2016

Enjoy life and don’t let the bastards get you down!
Here here to that Welf. I usually only hear these stories when people contact me professionally. I'm not just a dancer you know. My practice and relationship with clients is based on trust so I can feel your pain and shake my head in sympathy. What a ****! Then I think of the crucifixion scene in Life of Brian and can hear them singing their final words "Look on the bright side...of life," Enjoy your days from here on in. Carla looks like a gem to spend them with.
10th January 2016

I've enjoyed Following you over the last eighteeen months...
and seeing your relationship develop with Carla. I'm looking forward to reading the blog about your wedding. And thanks for finishing this blog on a high note. In the States it is illegal for a company not to pay you for your work. As you say, karma is a bitch, and they have it coming.
5th January 2016

See you in Sydney
Hi Welf Sounds like life with Carla is going well - fantastic congratulations. Hope we can catch up with you in Sydney. Paulie & I have just returned from Malaysia, Laos & Vietnam. We will be off again in July for 2 months in Greenland, Svalbard & Norway. The Antarctic whetted Paulie's appetite for the Arctic area. There is a big gap before we go so I hope we can catch up. Our phone No is 9594 4579 & we live in Oatley. Regards Geoff & Pauline
5th January 2016

You are always wellcome back! I hope we don´t loose the contact. Swen
3rd January 2016

Thanks for the link!
Hey Welf, Thanks for giving me the link. Figured i would read from the start and catch up on all your adventures. That bike ride sounds amazing - Will add to the bucket list. Stay safe mate.
28th November 2015

Like you most bloggers have enjoyed their time in Banos even through touristy. We've added it to our to do list. Dave grew up Catholic and always questions the church and how they use their money...the opulence is wasteful. Love to hear one of your speaking engagements in the future. Glad Carla will head to Australia with you. Excellent. Enjoy your last few weeks.
From Blog: Wonderful Quito
28th November 2015

"We had to organise our trip back to Australia..."
with the emphasis on OUR...looking forward to your next blog! Did you use your GPS to confirm that the line truly was the Equator?
From Blog: Wonderful Quito
28th November 2015

Thank you for your cooent....
... and yes I used the GPS. Or to be truthful my IPhone. Will be writing my next update very soon. Thank you for following me and all the best.
From Blog: Wonderful Quito
27th November 2015

International speaker
How exciting to have lectured in Quito...on politics no less. Great stuff Welf.
From Blog: Wonderful Quito
28th November 2015

Thank you for your comment...
... and yes it was fun to lecture about politics. It's a passion of mine and I think it is important to spread new ideas. Where are you right now? Still Peru?
From Blog: Wonderful Quito
27th November 2015

It was awesome to have you here. Next time come with Carla and you can stay in our new aparment. Kisses!
From Blog: Wonderful Quito
28th November 2015

Thank you Silvia....
.... and it was a pleasure to meet you guys.Next time I hope I can stay longer. Keep upthe good work.
From Blog: Wonderful Quito
18th November 2015

Following along
We've been reading your blogs for some time now. I really need to go back and figure out how long you've been on the road....a long time and great adventures. Cuenca sounds like a lovely location- we will add it to the list, very long list. We love thermal pools and baths. Banos sounds good too. I doubt you were bored with no robberies or no life threatening health issue. Be safe and enjoy Carla!
16th November 2015

I'm looking forward to reading...
your next update from Brazil!
15th November 2015
On the way to Cuenca

I can hardly wait!
Wow, you've made Cuenca and Banos sound like heaven. I've a couple of friends who are ex-pats living in Cuenca, but I had no idea there were restaurants full of them. Must admit Banos sounds a bit more attractive with a daily thermal dip and hikes on a volcano. How lovely to sit on a roof terrace enjoying the peace! Enjoy Quito!

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