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16th November 2020
Chowrasta, Darjeeling

At Chowrasta there should be an informtion board giving information of zoo, HMI etc
6th February 2020

Early morning read
Love, love,love your writing and so glad you are sounding well and happy ! How lucky are we with our weather here - maybe we’ll stop complaining !! All our love, Carolyn, Jim & co. XX🤗🐾
12th November 2019

As always
As always, what an amazing time you are having. Talk about intrepid! Love your blogs.
5th June 2019

Amazing Blog - Knowledgeable and Useful
Amazed with such vast info. in the blog. Learnt a lot.Looking forward for your next blog.
1st May 2019

Nice read of your wanderings in Accra. I have some Ghanaian clients in Oz and also some musicians I know that have an aura that attracts us to visit their country. Enjoy your travels Elizabeth.
28th April 2019

Thank you so much for blogging your travels. You write so well that I can picture the places and feel the warmth of the people. It's great that you share this with those who cannot go themselves.
28th April 2019

Great read and always a joy to hear the joy of people both ethnically or non native to call my Ghana home, once that they will always return to. #HomelandGhana no one is ever disappointed ❤️
25th April 2019

How to be blown away !
Dear Elizabeth, Have just spent the last two days engrossed and enthralled with your Blogs. Stunning narrative accompanied by even more stunning photographs. How do you do it - and all on your lonesome too !! Hope and trust that you are having as wonderful a time as you are detailing but we still look forward to you coming down to this part of Earth and visiting a very boring Aberfeldy !! Jim is doing his very best to make the garden even better than ever - not helped at present by one yellow Labrador who is in residence for two whole weeks !!! Do be careful out there and come home safe and sound - if you can be a...d !! Much love, hugs and sloppy XXX Carolyn. XX
24th April 2019

I think you may have seen more of Australia than most Australians! Well done! I love trips like that and would have probably partaken years ago had I not seen the movie Wolf Creek!
24th April 2019
full population count, Cocklebiddy

This has to be one of the funniest signs! And true! Those Aussies tell it like it is.
23rd April 2019

Wish I was there.
Just wanted to let you know there have been reports of rental cars being bugged.
22nd April 2019

Seeing "Australia"
As usual a delight to read ... almost feel I am travelling with you!
1st April 2019

Very moving, Elizabeth
Should be published around the world.
31st March 2019

Touchingly heartfelt and mindfully appropriate. x
12th March 2019

This blog has only just arrived and makes concerning reading ! Why has it only come now and, I trust, that you are still sunning yourself in Oz !! XXXX❄️
11th March 2019
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Nice post thanks for sharing
21st January 2019

Ghana Tours
Thanks for sharing such an informative post!!!
7th January 2019
pottery dancing, Kawara

Pottery Dancing
Extraordinary balance...I can only imagine the awe you must have felt while they traversed the rhythms of the beat.
31st January 2019
pottery dancing, Kawara

Thank you
Thanks so much for your lovely feedback and comments!
7th January 2019

Burkina Faso
My first thoughts of Burkina Faso were the Capitals Game as a kid where i always knew it's capitals name but dared not try the spelling. I have only gazed at the expenses of that country from the clifftops of the Bandiagara Escarpment while staying in the mud villages of Dogon country in Mali. Then there was contact during the refugee crisis after Al Queda infiltrated Mali as Burkina Faso provided safe refuge for our Tuareg friends. I have explored its music but your blog reminds me that getting close is not close enough. Thank you and happy travels.
29th December 2018

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2nd May 2018

Great Blog!
I love the photos of your story! Especially the one of the Whangaumu Bay :) Best wishes!
6th December 2017

No superlatives available !!
While awaiting the arrival of Storm Caroline - yes, it’s true, but the spelling is incorrect - it is a delight to read, and see, that wonderful part of the World you are exploring. Did you go for a paddle or even a swim ? If so why no photos of that event ?! Look forward to hearing when you will be back to boring Britain......not sure that is correct, it’s all about breakfast here !!! Much love XXXX. C & J 🤶🎅🏼
6th December 2017

ahhhhh!!! Lovely!
I'm sitting in the middle of a very soggy NYC looking at your lovely trip. We're both having wet days, but your view is better than my hotel window has.
28th November 2017

Very good
You had been very good write. Thanks.

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