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12th March 2019

This blog has only just arrived and makes concerning reading ! Why has it only come now and, I trust, that you are still sunning yourself in Oz !! XXXX❄️
11th March 2019
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Nice post thanks for sharing
21st January 2019

Ghana Tours
Thanks for sharing such an informative post!!!
7th January 2019
pottery dancing, Kawara

Pottery Dancing
Extraordinary balance...I can only imagine the awe you must have felt while they traversed the rhythms of the beat.
31st January 2019
pottery dancing, Kawara

Thank you
Thanks so much for your lovely feedback and comments!
7th January 2019

Burkina Faso
My first thoughts of Burkina Faso were the Capitals Game as a kid where i always knew it's capitals name but dared not try the spelling. I have only gazed at the expenses of that country from the clifftops of the Bandiagara Escarpment while staying in the mud villages of Dogon country in Mali. Then there was contact during the refugee crisis after Al Queda infiltrated Mali as Burkina Faso provided safe refuge for our Tuareg friends. I have explored its music but your blog reminds me that getting close is not close enough. Thank you and happy travels.
29th December 2018

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2nd May 2018

Great Blog!
I love the photos of your story! Especially the one of the Whangaumu Bay :) Best wishes!
6th December 2017

No superlatives available !!
While awaiting the arrival of Storm Caroline - yes, it’s true, but the spelling is incorrect - it is a delight to read, and see, that wonderful part of the World you are exploring. Did you go for a paddle or even a swim ? If so why no photos of that event ?! Look forward to hearing when you will be back to boring Britain......not sure that is correct, it’s all about breakfast here !!! Much love XXXX. C & J 🤶🎅🏼
6th December 2017

ahhhhh!!! Lovely!
I'm sitting in the middle of a very soggy NYC looking at your lovely trip. We're both having wet days, but your view is better than my hotel window has.
28th November 2017

Very good
You had been very good write. Thanks.
28th November 2017

Thanks so much
for your interestingly written accounts of your journey. I love your style and can picture what's happening in each place. Having just returned from Myanmar I particularly enjoy the places I did not get to, Sittwe is one. Wishing you further fascinating travels.
21st November 2017

Good to read, typically British humour - though as I will be doing the same travel, I would have appreciated precise details ...
5th November 2017

where to go
Since you seem to be in Myanmar, I have to let you know, that going to Mrauk-U at the coast is one of my favorites in Myanmar, and to me a-must-visit for the adventurous traveller. And from there organize a trip up the river to the Chin People - Their villages are rarely visited but definitely worth all the hours of transport to get there - hopefully it is still possible despite the recent political situation in the country) Just a piece of advice from a former travel companion (Namibia - Northern loop with Wild Dogs)
10th September 2017

Chufffffed !
That railway journey fair puts the Coatbridge Sunnyside to Glasgow Queen Street new 'blue trains' - circa 1965 - in the shade .... although........!!? Look after yourself and look forward to seeing you back in sunny (?) Perthshire 'ere long. XXOO 👵🏻🐾
28th August 2017

Just finished the Pamirs
We didn't go to Afghanistan but loved Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. As you say the words are tough to come by. An amazing trip. I enjoyed reading your impressions. MJ
From Blog: Lost for words
29th June 2017

If wishes were horses ....
Absolutely riveting every time I read it. I want to go ! P
13th April 2016

Woooo !!!
Travel Blog and political statement all in one Blog ! Will try and 'russell up' a 'warm welcome' or heated loo seat to you, for your visit ! Safe home and see you soon. XX
From Blog: Only in Japan...
12th April 2016
strings of paper cranes at the Children's Peace Monument

Peace, peace, peace
Your excellent account of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum moved me to tears. As the museum focused on the unfolding horror of that day and on individuals, so did you, which allowed me to feel it and them too. How forgiving of the people of Hiroshima to declare their city one of eternal world peace rather than blaming the perpetrators of the destruction, for grudges lead only to bitterness and not to healing. Brilliant that the G7 conference will be held there, so that, as you said, the leaders can be faced with the reality of nuclear war. Very moving blog!
From Blog: Hiroshima
26th March 2015
rainbow lorikeet, Austinmeer

A slice of paradise!
How fortunate to be in a normally dry outback station at such a lush time! Birds, fish, roos, friends and grand adventure--I should think this will tide you over during London city escapades. Fab photos!
8th January 2015

Inspiring reading!
From Blog: Lost for words
23rd August 2014
don't think we'll be crossing here...

Bridge problems
I crossed this same bridge by foot during a day of hiking back in late May 2013. However, it looks a lot worse in your photo! This is an absolutely outstanding blog - worthy of more than one entry. Glad you loved the Wakhan Corridor as much as I did. It is the hardest and most difficult place I've travelled, but despite this, it is one of my favourite places on earth.
From Blog: Lost for words
21st August 2014
pleased with his play

Good reason to be pleased
The Afghan Pamirs...truly a dream destination. Great to know there are groups that can get you there and to trek/drive through there safely. Fantastic blog and must be a record for the number of panorama pics. May your memories of this trip be clear forever.
From Blog: Lost for words
18th August 2014

Amazing blog...
so how many sheep were you worth, being that you were beyond the shelf life of 24?
From Blog: Lost for words
18th August 2014
Wakhi ladies in Khunded

Unique adventure!
I'd first read of the Pamirs in "Three Cups of Tea" and have been curious about it ever since. Good to see that there's some tourism to help these isolated nomads, and that it's properly rugged to keep out the masses. How great to have gone where so few others have dared! Great photos, and I love the gorgeous outfits on these women!
From Blog: Lost for words

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