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15th October 2015

The fun continues. What good stories and advice. How are you documenting this so I can read it to the Little One? Tee hee!
20th September 2015

Those are.......
......some amazing photos! What a great way to record your adventures! Such a pretty place you visited. I like seeing you in the photos.
15th September 2015

It's fun.....
.....to be travelling along with you virtually. Much less risky and less stressful than not being able to get money and being on the alert for bad guys. Glad to know you're making it over all the humps and seeing and learning about such cool things. Great to have it recorded! Love to you both.
13th September 2015

So that's how the story goes. Great write-up and great photos. That was beautiful. You are working that camera, Ashley. Nicely done.
13th September 2015

Back on line
Hi DNA! Great to hear ( and see) the rest of the Story! The pictures are wonderful; they really round out your thoughts and impressions on the people and the places in El Salvador. You have really presented the Country in a much different light than I have always heard it described in my travels though nearby Countries many years ago. I was a little concerned when I saw the picture of Daniel crawly into what looked like the Giant Oven in little Pompeii, as I have always been a little leery of ovens since having heard about what happened to Hansel and Gretel! The fact that you are writing again (probably?) means that you survived! Looking forward to your next installment! Safe Travels. JL
12th September 2015

Big Bug!
Good story. Sounds like a holiday.
8th September 2015

Glad to hear from you guys again!
8th July 2015

That sounds a little karazy! Does your mother know that you're doing crazy things? YOLO, it's true, but try to make is as long as possible. Thanks for keeping us informed and working on your 'live it list' - bucket list is too negative. Have fun! Love Youz!
3rd July 2015

That all sounds so delicious. What a great little write-up. It's a good thing that I just had my avocado on an English muffin or I would have drooled on the keyboard. Now I just need some chocolate......
28th June 2015

Ahhh !!!! Shark !!!!
Beautiful Underwater photos ! And above water photos as well. Surprised to see long pants in that warm area - we are currently in a 39 C heatwave here in the Okanagan and no long pants in sight! See you soon in cooler parts of the World!
26th June 2015

And so.....
.....the adventure continues! Sounds really good. You're leaving a really good trail with explanations for next time, or for other folks. Fun, fun, fun!
20th June 2015

Wow! Beautiful Area!
Okay - that does it! I'm packin' my bags and comin' your direction. That looks absolutely way too nice and cool and relaxing! You may never leave!
12th June 2015

So, you've been wandering around Nicaragua long enough to bump into familiar people. Really! Sounds pretty homey.
From Blog: Granada
10th June 2015

So brown are you two! Truly tropical.
Great little stories! Yuck for mud and yeah for riding a motorbike.
30th May 2015

How very cool! You are doing really neat stuff. Zipping and surfing! Reading while lounging in a hammock. What a life! How did you arrange that, while we work and slave away?! Actually, lots of fun here, too. Take care. Keep these stories coming. So sorry about your food bag. It's the kind of thing a Mom would worry about, but it looks like you'll make it. Love youZ!
23rd May 2015

Nice Story
The title basically says it. It's nice to hear about your adventures! Love Ma
18th May 2015

Wise Move
It's like you got a holiday on sale by doing a house sit! Great move. Thank you for the very special Mom's Day card.
1st May 2015

It was just the break we needed from our oh so stressful lives.
1st May 2015

All those knowledge reviews and a test. I tell you, my word...
21st April 2015

Very nice article, i did not detect any gramatical errors???
17th April 2015

So...world travel means less hair for Ashley and more for Dan? Short hair really suits you, Ashley. :)
20th April 2015

More or less, hair
Ha. Something like that. Isn't really a standard, just when we get lazy. Ashley doesn't want to have to do her hair, and Dan doesn't want to get out all that pesky shaving gear.
3rd April 2015

Hey Dan and Ashley
Great work on the regularity of your blogs and content! Love the humor and comments that you are throwing in! Really really making me want to hit the road again but for the moment it seems that life and work are still getting in the way of that! I hope to go to the Nakusp Hot Springs tonight and will be thinking of you down there at the hot springs in Gwatay! Smooth travels!
20th April 2015

Well, still got a lot of catching up to do. Hope you still find time to read them as we over load you for the next little bit.

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