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Asia » China » Beijing April 14th 2008

Hi everybody, Leslie and I have been very, very busy since last we posted. The game really started yesterday afternoon when we were given our booklet of scavenges yesterday afternoon—85 tasks in all!! We hit the ground running and not two blocks from the hotel met up with a group of Chinese students who could speak English!!! We asked them a few questions, translations, etc. then we all went to a tea house together. There, we sampled cups (thimbles, really) of different teas for a least an hour. Then, we all ate this amazing meal of noodles, peiking duck, tofu, bok chou, and more. Afterwards, we went with our new friends down the Street of Snacks where they sold just about everything edible (and quite a few things I didn’t know were) that you could stick ... read more
Really good noodle dish
Some teas we tasted
Starfish on a stick anyone?

Asia » China » Beijing April 13th 2008

Well, we are on hour eleven of fourteen on the tiniest 747 I have ever been on, but I am sure this is the worst flight that we are to have, and the destination is worth the short term discomfort. Having said that, I have never had less leg room or lap room on any other plane, but at least it isn’t United and we weren’t grounded. I have been waiting for something to happen that wasn’t spectacular because up until now, things have been going absolutely amazing and if a cramped plane ride is all that it is, I am pretty happy about that. Mom and I arrived in San Francisco on Thursday night. We just got to our hotel and went for a walk and had dinner. Dinner wasn’t amazing, but it filled the ... read more
Fisherman's Wharf
Our relaxing boat ride
The Golden Gate Bridge

Its a Global Scavenger Hunt Well, the adventure is about to begin. My mother (Sandy) and I (Leslie) have decided to be wild and crazy and go around the 23 days. Shortly after Christmas, while reading the Times Colonist travel section, we saw an interesting article about a travel adventure; it was called the Great Escape. It is a trip that sends us around the world - 10 countries and 4 continents, in 23 days. The entire time, we are working in a team of two, deciphering riddles, performing tasks, and collecting points. The team with the most points at the end of the trip, is crowned the World's Greatest Traveller, and wins the trip for free next year. Together, we decided that this may be just the adventure we were looking for and decided ... read more

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