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North America » Canada » British Columbia » Blue River July 23rd 2015

This is a rare trip that “The Two of Us” did not go together on. So not to muck up Michele’s excellent blogging track record, I , David am trying my hand at writing some travel adventures rather than writing my usual project and quick start guides. It started with a note from a long-time friend, Mark who wanted to take his kayak out for a paddle. He was prepared to go alone if need be but was looking for some company. It has been quite a long time since I had done tent camping let alone portaging and paddling for long stretches. I decided I needed to add some other company to this adventure, so I called upon my son’s to join us. I got two nibbles but, in the end, only one was able ... read more

Oceania » New Zealand October 13th 2014

October 13 - This morning we said farewell to Tasha and Dan, our wonderful B&B hosts. I do hope we will see these two again. Our destination this day was my Auntie Pat's home. We stopped a couple of times on our drive to Auckland, once at a lovely waterfall and another to have a quick snack. Arriving at Auntie Pat's we were again able to spend some time with Jacquie, Roland, Erin, Kiera and Owen. Erin and Kiera even put on a little puppet show for us. October 14 - The last day! We were fortunate that our plane was not leaving until later in the day, so we were able to unpack and re-pack everything in the morning. Once everything was in its proper place, we took the train to downtown Auckland in search ... read more
Whangerei Falls
Our wonderful B&B hosts
B&B by the sea

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Paihia October 12th 2014

October 12 - Today we headed out to sea! It was a bit breezy, but the clouds took a break, and there was no rain. I came prepared -- coat, pants, sweater, wool socks, long underwear, hat and sun tan lotion! I might have looked a little odd, but I was quite comfortable sitting up on the top of the boat. David wandered the boat looking for photo opportunities. Our captain described our route which would take us through a number of small islands. As we passed each one, he related interesting bits of information and stories. He told us how Captain James Cook came to these islands, and how the area was the base for the South Pacific whaling fleet in the 1830's. Most of the islands have Maori names like Urupukapuka, Kororareka, Motukiekie, Motuarohai ... read more
Our boat in the bay
David on the boat
Lovely day at sea

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Kerikeri October 11th 2014

Today we visited Kerikeri. Brain had asked David to photograph the stain glass windows in the historic St. James Anglican Church. This church began as a mission in 1819 with the church being built in 1878. Along with the church are two of the oldest building in New Zealand -- the Stone Store and Kemp House. Kerikeri is considered to be the most important historical site in New Zealand as this is where the framework for their bi-cultural society was forged. While David was in the church, I spent some time wandering the grave yard. It was here, I met Vennie who had come to pull some weeds and plant new flowers on her first husband’s grave. We had a great conversation. Vennie's first husband died when he was only 48 years old (I hope I ... read more
Friends & Flowers
Stain glass window - St. James Church
Stain glass window - St. James Church2-Edit-Edit

Oceania » New Zealand » North Island » Bay of Islands » Russell October 10th 2014

October 10 - Oh, I could live here! Each morning Dan and Tasha made us great breakfasts that we ate upstairs in their gorgeous great room overlooking the bay. They will also serve it to you on your private deck off your room, but the weather was a little chilly, and I like my breakfast warm. (It's the Princess and the Pea thing again.) It also meant we got to chat with these two interesting people who are both musicians at heart. I hope the next time we come, Dan will have his baby grand set up in the corner, so he can play and Tasha can serenade us during breakfast. (And, perhaps by that time, they will have also bought up a few more places in the area so they can let loose and have ... read more
Interior of Christ Church - Russell
Stain glass window
Captain Hunter & Annie Hunter's grave sites

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka October 9th 2014

October 9 – Travel days are those days that really test the mettle of a relationship. (Or is it medal? Because you surely deserve one, if you survive these!) These days always start early. (Michele hates this!) Something always goes wrong. Today we have to find and fold the clothes that were too wet to pack the night before because the dryer broke down, and we had to hang them up all over the condo. Now all this stuff must be packed into the suitcases that seem to have shrunk since arriving. Back on the road, and up and over the Crown Road again which was very trying for both passenger and pilot. We did stop and take a few photos as it really was beautiful. The bracken-covered hills reminded me of one of those boiled ... read more
Hassel-free flying!
Driving in the clouds
Toasting our 'Silver'

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka October 7th 2014

October 7 & 8 - I spent two and a half weeks in Australia mostly in shorts and a t-shirt and never got so much as a scratch! Australia! Where there are more things that can kill you than anywhere on the planet! I did see a poisonous snake, a crocodile and one spider, but they all seemed totally disinterested in me. But in New Zealand, while covered head to toe in several layers of clothing with only my hands and face peeking out, I got five bites on my hands from these nasty little sand flies. Itchy, painful bites that I slathered with itch cream to no effect and kept me up at night. Several days later, I noticed my hand was quite red and swollen around one of the bites. So I checked with ... read more
'The Great Maze'
Corner #1
Corner #2

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka October 6th 2014

October 6 – This morning David and I said goodbye to Brian and Diane. The morning sky was beautiful today with some interesting cloud formations over the mountains. David said his goodbyes quickly and went off to catch the moment … an hour later he returned, and I was still saying goodbye. In such a short time, we had become good friends. We may be separated by vast oceans, but I know we will see them again someday. We took a little drive in the morning. The weather was not great, so we bought a few groceries for supper, and returned to our condo and caught up on a few things: writing, processing photos, and sleep. In the evening, we slid into a hot tub.... read more
Washed up
Shining Lake
Brilliant Colors!

October 5 – The Rob Roy Glacier sits in the Matukituki Valley in Mt. Aspiring National Park. To get to the trail head, we first had to ford the river 5 or 6 times. Thankfully, we were in Brian and Diane’s sturdy four-wheel drive Rav 4 and not in ‘gee zee jay’ which we left sulking in the parking lot at the resort. It was a cool, wet, windy day. (I was beginning to think there were no other kinds.) We first crossed an open area surrounded by beautiful green and gold, bracken covered hills. Brian set a fast pace trying his best to get us (well, mostly me) to the bridge before more rain fell as fording the stream on the way back might be difficult if the waters rose too much. We crossed a ... read more
The Rob Roy Glacier Track
Glacier in the distance
Trees 'dripping' with moss

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Wanaka October 4th 2014

October 4 – Our first day in Wanaka was spent touring the area with Brian and Diane who seemed to know just about every nook and cranny! I wish I had taken a notebook, because it was impossible to remember everything they told me! They own a crib (cabin) on Lake Hawea which is very close to Lake Wanaka that they rent out. They spent many summers here, and as Brain declared, "This is our back yard!” We met another of Brian and Diane’s friends for coffee. Don recently took a job as a warden at Aspiring Hut in Mt. Aspiring National Park . (I don’t think this is the kind of hut that people like me inhabit, it’s for mountain-goat people like our New Zealand friends.) Don’s done search and rescue in the past, and ... read more
Coffee with the 'Mountain Man'
Fabulous Skies!
Lake Wanaka

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