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8th May 2011

hi guys
Love the updates, sitting here in my little sittingroom in Leigh picturing you two on the funicular (I love them too, almost as much as the word itself). All well here, Bell and I have been out and about exploring the countryside - Windsor, Stonehenge, Chartwell - weather still great, well, for this Canadian it is. I do note that my fellow dog walkers are jacketed and even gloved as I stride by in my shorts. You may have lost the grinder and iron C - Caroline visited last week (from Barleylands) and offered me 300 for the lot which is very attractive. Do you mind??? Have a blast, tie your pants to the mast vb
7th May 2011

all sorts of stuff
mosaics all over the place! v inspiring. Note to self - must plan to cover entire house in mosaics asap. Hope the Art Trail goes well - sorry to be missing it. More guinea fowl, please! Love, Cathy
7th May 2011

yearning for yoga!
lord, I feel so stiff! all this trolling around, up hill and down dale. Tell Alison to think up some good remedial stuff for when I get back! Love, Cathy
From Blog: Safe in Santiago
5th May 2011

South America
This is where I start to get envious! Sounds like you're having a great time - we're enjoying reading the blogs so keep 'em coming. They're asking after you at Shambhala, Cathy! Enjoy South America - looking forward to reading more Sue
From Blog: Safe in Santiago
4th May 2011

Hi Cathy and Steve, You both look so relaxed in the photos, and good to see some fine weather and summery clothes. In the time I've cooked, cleaned, gardenned for an invasion of visitors over the long weekend you've "done Australia"! I had 10 visitors, my family and best mate Anni over as we had friends from Botswana visiting. All went very well,and I've nearly finished the washing up. So life here not quite as fascinating as yours... I loved the pecefulness of your treetop walk, in contrast to lots of high-rise bacgrounds, although I'm a city gal myself. The fishing boats and fish must be giving you mosaic ideas, Cathy, although your fish are pretty unbeatable! When I saw the temple rooftop I thought that was asking to be mosaiced and a few slides on there it was. I hope Santiago is great, I think that was one of the places you were really looking forward to. I won't make any crude jokes about fish balls as they are a Russian jewish dish too! I'm getting a few things together for the art trail, finished another little guinea fowl (what the world needs is more guinea fowl mosaics). Also got the library display next week. Debbie and Wisdom are both coming the first morning to set up and be around. I watched the main bit of the Royal Wedding with Debbie, smoked salmon and bubbly breakfast. Thought it was lovely, despite being a republican! Keep on having good times, Mara xx
28th April 2011

do you know, Kate asked me to make her stuff, but I had this holiday booked ...
From Blog: Rainy Perth
27th April 2011

Hong Kong
great blog about Hong Kong, laughed about the carving episodes !!
27th April 2011

spot on
your hong kong update, timed at 2.40, was timed spot on to follow lunch on sunday - for ma and the aunts to coo over, don't know ma will see any more before next sunday but we'll look in at around 3.00 so she can catch-up from h-k. R&P
From Blog: Rainy Perth
27th April 2011

Thanks to Steve for introducing me to AC/DC, in Corfu, I think. Been a fan ever since, in fact I have a "Black Ice" poster on my study wall which I'm looking at now! (A bit of nerdy info which you may already know - I guess the bagpipes were because the Young brothers and Bon Scott were all born in Scotland! Glad you're having a great time! Dave & Stevie
From Blog: Rainy Perth
27th April 2011

Can't believe you'd be missing the wedding C - surely you were chosen to make the jewellery and lovely stole things that you make! Looking forward to the pics
From Blog: Rainy Perth
26th April 2011

Hello Perth............ least I think that's where you are going. Long time since I was there but make sure Freemantle is on the list and Rottnest Island just for the Quokkas which are really cute. Have fun! C&Gx
25th April 2011

So far yet so near
Hi guys, wonderful to be able to read your adventure as it is happening. Cathy, be sure to take pix of the backpack as it grows enroute. All well here, watching more royal wedding historics and runups, weather incredible AGAIN. Toms hearty and very healthy. Your favourite dog sends a lick. vb
22nd April 2011

officially a bit envious
Hope you have a great time - can drop you some dining options for BA if you like - be interested on your take on that city - one of my all time faves as you probably already know. Not sure if you will be there when there is a Boca or River home game or even better them playing each other. Football might not be the best but the occasion is fantastic.
21st April 2011

Testing, testing
Hi Cathy and Steve, Never responded to a blog before, how exciting. Hope the flight was good, and Hong Kong has old and new treats. Finished the mosaics this morning, looking good. Mmoloki and family coming round for a long weekend which is lovely. Hong Kong makes me think of noodles? Have fun, Mara xx
19th April 2011

Wow!!!! Jealous
This sounds amazing. Have a wonderful time. Can't wait to hear all about it and I want pictures of all the "souveniers" you buy. Take care x
19th April 2011

bon voyage mes amis
to Cathy and Steve, We wish you a fantasticly memorable momentous trip. Shall open up your blog each day so dont forget to update whilst whoofing down the beef and climbing the bridge. Will be most interested in photos so take lots and post plenty. VB and BB (Bella la Barque)
18th April 2011

About time Steve actually retired!
Congratulations on the "big decision", I'm sure you won't regret it. After all what's to regret about travelling around the world having adventures instead of sitting in boring meetings with a load of suits! Have a great time. I'm impressed you will have time for a blog. Christine and Gary
18th April 2011

Sounds like a great trip you've got planned. Enjoy the food and shopping and have fun!

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