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14th February 2020

Give my regards
Sally and I spent our honeymoon in St Lucia - Soufriere was, er, interesting!! Enjoy.
2nd February 2020

It looks wonderful. Do you have to get your own breakfast? What’s the temperature like - it looks like a great place to rest awhile.
28th October 2019

Oz again?!
How many apostles are left?
29th October 2019

Yes...this trip was driven by the CILT study tour...too good to miss!
And it’s been 10 months since we were her last. I remember the 12 Apostles from 1997 ...there are only I now that I could count, but new ones get created as well as destroyed by time and tribes..
6th September 2019

Ha ha
Ha ha - Gary got breathalyser just like that in Oz. Fortunately no alcohol for 3 days.
3rd September 2019

hola xx
8th March 2019

Seems like little has changed since I went to the Seychelles about 20 years ago apart from the prices - it was a little expensive then but not on the scale you’ve been talking. Glad you enjoyed the Octopus curry. Pity they don’t have good mountain bikes in La Digue - we stayed on the island which was fantastic. Shame the shops were shut as I remember some great galleries and jewellery workshops - I have a painting of the coco de mer forest on our bedroom wall. Enjoy the rest of your trip and happy birthday to Cathy.
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22nd December 2018

Merry Christmas from Shoebury!
Sounds like you're all having a wonderful time. For similarly obvious reasons we haven't sent you a Christmas card either, so here's wishing you all a joyful and not too hot Christmas!! See you next year xx
21st December 2018

And the photos are back!
From Blog: Indian Pacific 3
21st December 2018

Hi Tracey Don't know what the issue with photos was but recent blogs seem to be Ok. Please look again. Glad you are enjoying the blogs. We're now gearing up for Christmas, and I will post an appropriate blog today. Steve
From Blog: Indian Pacific 3
15th December 2018

Wow again!
All pounds fabulous. Looking forward to seeing you again in about 3 days x
From Blog: ALBANY
15th December 2018

Loving your blog but over the last few days I haven't been able to see the pictures ... is it just me?
From Blog: TREES
14th December 2018

WOW indeed!
These look fantastic - how big were they? (tens of feet long, or just a few inches?).
From Blog: CAVES
20th November 2018

We’ve seen quite a few of New Zealand’s little ports and marinas so far, and they’re all crowded with smallish boats. Apparently there are more boats per capita in NZ than anywhere else in the world!
14th November 2018

Hi I have now managed to read your posts from arrival in NZ and 2 after but the pictures from this blog (safe arrival in NZ haven’t come through. Enjoy and keep the blogs coming!
7th November 2018

I expect the clothes are non iron. I must be good to just chill out and sleep in. Antigua looks great along with the weather
7th November 2018

Pen, Our clothes would undoubtedly look better for ironing, but what the heck! They get crushed in suitcases anyway.
6th November 2018

Another Exodus
Glad you’ve enjoyed yet another Exodus trip - sounds like it could be one for the list. Shame about the painful couple - you never know what you’re going to get but you’re lucky to escape without a couple of pains.
6th November 2018

Final night of the Exodus tour
Thankfully the Final Group Dinner went off well - helped greatly by the failure to turn up of the objectionable couple mentioned by Steve. And the food was pretty good too.
4th November 2018

Not much comments about the food so far. How are you getting on with all the different local food? Day of the dead looks amazing and makes Halloween look like a walk in the park. On that day I had Megan's name added to a list of recently departed at a service in St Lawrence's church. We have our bonfire night celebration tonight and weather good thank goodness. Keep up the blog - I look every morning.
3rd November 2018

Day of the dead
This looks like a really fascinating day, I remember you saying it was going to be be part of your itinerary. There was an article in the Guardian yesterday saying we don't discuss death or even recognise it as a possibility for ourselves! I think the Mexicans do it better. Enjoy the rest of your travels x
2nd November 2018

Keep them coming
I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the travelblogs- I will compile & print for Jean for when I go in next week too. The trip sounds amazing.
26th October 2018

So there we were, strolling round the island, and we came upon a local braiding a girl’s hair. I looked interested, and she asked if I’d like mine done. ‘Not sure it would suit me’, I replied doubtfully. ‘Sure it would’, she said. ‘I’ve done four old ladies already today!’. !!!! Needless to say, my hair remains unbraided. Pah!
26th October 2018

Fab day out!
So glorious to just hang in the water watching fish of every size, shape and colour darting about! And such wonderfully warm water, too.
17th October 2018

It’s not all about music!
The music was, of course, great. But they have loads of used bookstores over there too! The iconic Moe’s Bookstore was just a few doors away from Amoeba Records in Berkeley, and I had a whale of a time. Loads of students in Berkeley, of course, so lots of textbooks in there - but I’d travelled with a list books I wanted, and what I didn’t find in Moe’s I found elsewhere on the trip. Thank goodness I’d travelled out light!
From Blog: California Music

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