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South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso » Pantanal March 24th 2012

Up for breakfast of toast, cereal, fruit and rice with left over meat from the day before (which we both avoided) and sufficient coffee to satisfy. At 8.00 am we enjoyed a trip down a sort of tributary of the main river which was only there during the wetter season. This tributary was 25kms long and would dry up when the rains cease. We shared a Canadian canoe and paddled for about 45 minutes in one direction whilst the guide pointed out different birds, capybaras and caimans until we had to turn back due to the overgrowth of plants and water hyacinths in the water blocking any further progress..... After the canoeing, we returned to the fazenda. The day was extremely hot and we went for a dip in the pool and sat around until we ... read more
Fazenda San Francisco
Fazenda San Francisco

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso » Pantanal March 23rd 2012

We picked a guide up on the way who would be with us at the Fazenda (farm). We arrived around noon. We were originally allocated a four-bed room shared with the other couple but after a chat with Dave and Ivan, we managed to get our own room. Lunch on arrival was a large buffet with two different cuts of beef being sliced up. Salads and rice, a bean stew with rice pudding and fruits for dessert. Following lunch,we were given a talk in an Auditorium/lecture hall by one of the people on the farm about the flora and fauna and importance of the animals in the overall ecosystem. Around 3pm, we had a two-hour safari round the estate (which was a vast number of hectares) on the back of a lorry that had been converted ... read more
Fazenda San Francisco

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Bonito March 22nd 2012

Up for a surprisingly good breakfast (considering it was only a hostel!) of either guava or cashew juice (juice from the fruit of the same tree that gives cashew nuts - somehow doesn't taste quite right as a drink and prefer it in nut form), scrambled eggs, fresh bread, two or three different varieties of home-made cakes, fresh papaya, banana or watermelon and as much coffee and tea as we could drink. The only difference - it would seem - from a hotel room and a hostel room is that you are given your sheets and have to make your bed yourself and if you want a towel, you have to pay about 2GBP to rent it for the length of your stay...... We took our laundry (clothes from the past three or four days) to ... read more

South America » Brazil » Mato Grosso do Sul » Bonito March 21st 2012

If anyone wonders why we try to upgrade from camping in tents to a hotel/hostel double room with shower and toilet, today is a very good reason. Had to be ready to leave at 4.45 am and who wants to stuff a sleeping bag into its stuff bag, a mat into its stuff bag and a pillow into its stuff bag and sort ourselves out for the day in the dark purely with torchlight and finally, take down and pack up a dirty damp (on the outside) tent into its bag and cart it with all the rest of our baggage to the bus before bumbling in the dark to the (not always clean) communal facilities several metres away? Bus finally drove off at 5.30am - 30 minutes later than planned as organising everything and everyone ... read more
The road to Bonito

South America » Brazil » Paraná » Foz do Iguaçu March 20th 2012

We were woken in the night barely half an hour after we had got to sleep by the 'children' (our younger group members) round the pool until 2 am making a racket - no doubt down to the party alcohol. Aah well. However, we did feel sorry for the other people staying at the hostel! Up for brekky just before 7.30 am - fruit and bread and ham and cheese toastie with plenty of coffee and tea. A few of the rest of the group were up at 8.00 am.... and probably back to bed after breakfast to sleep off the effects of the night before! We decided to go to the Itaipu Dam which provides nearly 100% of Paraguay's electrical needs and around 25% of Brazil's so we left the hostel just after 9.00 am ... read more
Along the way

South America » Brazil » Paraná » Foz do Iguaçu March 19th 2012

Yet another leisurely breakfast at the hostel and on the bus by 9.30 am. A short drive for Cooking Group 4 to buy ingredients for lunch for today and tomorrow and tomorrows dinner. (Sorry apostrophes all missing as cant find one on this foreign keyboard!!) Whilst they were doing their shopping Ivan accompanied us to a private Medical Centre as the Falda Medical Centre advised that Jo takes a further sample to check the position 3 days post antibiotics. All very straightforward and cheap..... We stopped off at a supermarket with a good wine selection on the way back to the bus as Ivan wanted two bottles of wine recommended by Kevin from the Estancia which we treated him to as it is his birthday tomorrow and as a thank you for being our translator and ... read more
Iguazu Falls - Brazil

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 18th 2012

Had a very leisurely breakfast with umpteen cups of coffee and even darjeeling tea (home from home). Lunch was organised for us and we had the opportunity to make cheese/tuna/ham rolls for lunch with a piece of fruit. Ed couldn't face yet another cheese/tuna/ham roll and decided not to bother!! The bus dropped us at the entrance to the National Park for the falls and gave us 100 pesos for the entrance fee. Despite the heat, we had a really nice day. There are several trails one can follow - a trail that takes you to the base of the falls, one that takes you on level with the falls, one that gives you a short boat trip across to an island where you can climb up to view the falls from the middle and one ... read more
Iguazu Falls - Argentina
Iguazu Falls - Argentina

South America » Argentina » Misiones » Puerto Iguazú March 17th 2012

Awake bright and early....... well early! Tent packed away in a none-too neat bundle but fitted into the bag and away by 6.30 am. We set up the gas burners and put the kettle on so at least we would get cooks' treat of 3 cups of coffee. Cereals, yoghurt and some melon amd pears and apples cut up. Alll healthy stuff but we would have liked something different as it was more or less the same every day. We would have been happy to cook something different if there had been time but had been advised this was a 'get up and go brekkie'. On the road by 8.00 am and the weather was becoming much hotter. We stopped for the usual comfort breaks then lunch at San Ignacio de Mini where there were also ... read more
San Ignacio de Mini

South America » Argentina » Corrientes » Corrientes March 16th 2012

Again, we have no idea where we were exactly so sorry if the location is incorrect After breakfast at the hotel, we walked across the way to the camp site to put our baggage back on the truck and we drove off on another long driving day. A couple of toilet stops and we stopped for lunch at the edge of a garage forecourt as there was a bit of shade. The weather is really hot!! It was our turn to do lunch so we got it all together - cheese, tuna and ham and the day before's pasta salad. Also some oranges we cut into quarters. After lunch was cleared away, back on to the truck for the rest of the long drive towards Puerto Iguazu and a 'bush camp' for the night. We stopped ... read more

South America » Argentina » Entre Ríos » Federacion March 15th 2012

Sorry - a location is required to Publish the blog. We think the above is probably incorrect but couldn't find anything else more likely and we know we are in Colon in the Entre Rios area............... New cooking groups have been selected and guess what, we are in Cook Group no 2 and had to go shopping after breakfast with a new person named Elisa and Branca (who was on the first leg of the trip and came back for the third!). Packed the coach up by 8.00 am and walked 100 yards up the road to the nearby Carrefour supermarket. Bought for lunch, dinner the following day and breakfast the day after. We are not sure if we have bought enough food but hopefully people will eat too much today!! Left for a five hour ... read more

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