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South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 14th 2012

Another lazy breakfast. We then walked to the Teatro Colon (again with Gill who had also planned to visit the theatre). This theatre is the main concert hall and opera house. We took a guided tour of the theatre and it is really beautiful with marble and stained glass and gold leaf and mosaic floors and fabulous chandeliers, high ceilings, very grand auditorium with hundreds of boxes and huge stage. Well worth the visit. We left Jill to post her postcards and went off to put the blog up to date as we have been quite behind and are moving on tomorrow and probably won't have internet access for another couple of days...... We went to Starbucks as we needed to use skype for a UK hotel booking for Emma's graduation and we collected a specially ... read more
Buenos Aires

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 13th 2012

A leisurely breakfast after which Jo decided that we really should see whatever there is to see in Buenos Aires so we booked a City Bus Tour and boy, was it long - 3 and a half hours (2 hours too long!!!) We were joined by one of our group, Gill, who accompanied us for the day. We got off at the Boca area as this is a known tourist attraction with brightly coloured buildings. It was very enjoyable - some nice cafes and the usual touristy tat in the shops but it was a cheerful, colourful and interesting area to walk around for a couple of hours..... Back on the tourist bus and we arrived back where we started about 5.00 pm. Fell into a coffee shop for a coffee and loo stop and then ... read more
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 12th 2012

Got up and took a huge bag of joint washing to the local launderette for collection later. (Jo had run out of socks!) 3GBP well spent..... We walked to the main square and tried to take dollars out of our dollar card in order to pay the next leg of the trip's kitty. BIG PROBLEM. News on national TV implied that the Government has now banned the issuing of dollars from cash machines (which had been a common feature of nearly all the machines throughout the countries we have visited so far). Even the machines that say 'dollars only' would only dispense Argentinian pesos. This is a bit of a nuisance really as the plan had been to take dollars out when we needed them. Aaah well.... we'll sort something out. After no success with the ... read more
Buenos Aires
Buenos Aires

South America » Argentina » Buenos Aires » Buenos Aires March 11th 2012

We left Cordoba at 5.00 am as it was a long drive to Buenos Aires and we wished to avoid the Sunday afternoon traffic entering the city. We stopped at around 9.00 am on the road at a Petrol Station for a toilet stop and breakfast. The shop sold really good coffee and two cups of coffee and two croissants later, we were again back on the bus and on our way. Steve, one of the group members with family here in Argentina, was dropped off in a small town named Casilda where he was meeting family and we then went on a little further to find a shady area of the main motorway for lunch. The weather was extremely hot - mid 30´s!! so there was a short lunch stop in a grassy area. However, ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Córdoba March 10th 2012

Left the Estancia around 9.30 am for a short drive to Cordoba, a reasonably large city. Arrived around lunch time and checked into a hostel where we were able to upgrade to a double room with private bathroom. We checked in and went around the corner to buy some lunch from an empanada bakery where the selection would have been excellent had they had all varieties available although cooking was continuous. After a chicken and a vegetarian with ricotta cheese empanada each and a drink, we wandered into town to the Main Square. We had a look at the Cathedral and walked down the pedestrian area and looked at the shops. We then returned to the hostel and had showers and sat around a while and walked back into the centre to find a restaurant for ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba March 9th 2012

After breakfast, Ed decided he didn't want to ride for a second day (but he did give his erstwhile horse a little pat when it was handed out to someone else to ride that day). We sat around most of the day as Jo was feeling unwell and we had decided to pack up and take a taxi an hour and a half to Cordoba to find a decent doctor to sort her out. The plan was to find a hotel for the night and rejoin the group the following day in Cordoba. However, Kevin was taking a trip to the dentist at 5.30 pm to Faldo (a town 40 minutes away in the other direction) and offered to take us to his Clinic there. We were extremely grateful as it would save a lot of ... read more

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Rio Ceballos March 8th 2012

It was our group´s cooking turn so we prepared a packed lunch just after breakfast had been cleared for people to take away for later of rolls with cheese/salami, tomato and cucumber with either an apple or banana and a chocolate bar. Ed went horse-riding at about 11.00am with the majority of the group to a nearby waterfall about 1 hour and a half away. He ate lunch at the waterfall then rode back to the ranch around 3.30 pm. The horses were very docile and clearly could have been left on automatic transmission and steering! All was nearly at walking pace as the pace was restricted by terrain and the other horses in the group. This was an extremely relaxing pace with nice green scenery over rolling hills with lots of gates to go through, ... read more
'The Old Dairy'
The bar at the Old Dairy

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Rio Ceballos March 7th 2012

We packed up our tents bright (or not so bright) and early and had breakfast. The cook group made scrambled eggs by the bucketful!! The bus then drove off towards a horseriding ranch we would be staying at for three nights. We stopped off on the way for cooking ingredients as whilst there would be a barbecue for one night organised by the Estancia (ranch), the remaining meals were to be self-catered. We stopped at a Supermarket this time as there was no local market in the vicinity. The scenery - as we went up into the hills approaching the Estancia - was reallt lovely. Rolling green hills and pretty villages. We arrived at the Estancia around 3.00 pm. We were delighted not to have to camp and we had the only double room as both ... read more
Wine tasting at the Estancia

South America » Argentina » Córdoba » Rio Ceballos March 6th 2012

We left the campsite very early so we had to pack up the tent before it got light which is never fun and we set off on the road. After an hour's drive, we visited some ruins (Quilmes). We had a guide who explained that this was a large community whose elders and shaman lived on a hillside along with guards who could see who was coming and that community survived three wars with the Spanish and was the last stronghold of Incan people to successfully resist the Spanish for any length of time. When the elders were captured, they were hung drawn and quartered and the people were forced to walk several hundred miles in captivity, many of whom died and many of whom decided to jump off the hillside and kill themselves rather than ... read more
Quilmes ruins

South America » Argentina » Salta » Cafayate March 5th 2012

Left salta rafting and drove on towards Cafayate in the wine region. We stopped off on the way to buy some meat for a BBQ which was going to be cooked later around the camp fire. We decided to join forces with Ivan, Dave and a few others in buying meat on the basis that they understood the decent cuts. We found a cafe and sat in the open with a coffee for about 20 minutes while the groups cooking over the next couple of days did their shopping. On arrival, we looked at an upgrade option to hotel/hostel but it would have been a longish walk from the campsite with our baggage. The campsite was all dry sand and a bit dishevelled and messy with a few dogs roaming around but the toilets and showers ... read more
another winery....
Barbecue at the camp site

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