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South America » Peru » Ica » Nazca » Nazca February 3rd 2012

Moved on from Huacachina after yet another wander around the lake. Hung around for those that sand buggied to return and have breakfast and showers and left around 9.30 am. Drove to a local market in Ica. The route was a little circuitous due to the recent earthquake which had broken a few sewers. Wasn´t us that blocked the toilets this time!! Shopped in groups of 4/5 to buy food for two to three meals over the next couple of days. Ed and I were in separate groups. It is really hard to calculate the precise quantities when cooking for 20 with a certain amount to spend (which came from the communal kitty). My knowledge of Spanish vocabulary is improving daily but Ed can still only say his name...... which is not particularly useful at the ... read more
A local market

South America » Peru » Ica » Huacachina February 2nd 2012

We met our group last night and some of us went out for dinner in Central Lima and had Ceviche which is one of the popular dishes - raw fish marinated in lemon juice to cure it with coriander, raw red onions and chili . It was really good.... The group is as expected, mainly youngsters -college or pre university ages. Still getting to know their names. They seem a nice bunch. Only one lad from the UK, a slighly older girl from Scotland and the others Australian, Dutch, American and Danish and an Egyptian gentleman of 60 so we are not the oldest. Tour leaders are two men, Dave an ex electrician born in the UK but has lived in Australia since very young and Ivan from Besançon in France. They are both as brown ... read more
Ballestos Island

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima February 1st 2012

A non-event day! Collected nice clean laundry. Fortunately, it all remains the same size so no need to look for any Peruvian dwarves...... Went to Starbucks (always a good start to the day and suspect it may be the last for at least a few days....). Packed our belongings and took a taxi to the group hotel in Central Lima. More wandering around the streets and the Naval of Museum - there was actually some written info in English although the translation leave a little to be desired. Group meeting in 15 minutes. Looks as if there is going to be a full quota on the bus although not sure how far the others are travelling. We are going to be camping for the next three days so you may have to wait for the next ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima January 31st 2012

Someone blocked the toilet again!! No names mentioned but it wasn't the same person as yesterday.... it must be the room/could not be us. Both of us woke up early so down for breakfast at just after 7 and nothing to do until everywhere opens. Walked down the road about 20 minutes away from the hotel to see one of the local inca monuments .... a pyramid-type structure slap bang in the middle of a built up area. Workmen - or possibly archaeologists - were scraping bits away in a roped off area at the top and seemed to be sorting through rubble and pottery shards. Others seemed to be repairing the stone work. Steep ramp to the top could double as a ski run in the winter!! Small visitors' centre which no doubt explained all ... read more
Incan pyramid

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Lima January 30th 2012

Someone blocked the toilet - no naming names! Also the toilet seemed to leak during the night. Fortunately, the two incidents were unconnected........ May update the situation tomorrow. Took a taxi in the rush hour to the Cathedral. Every 7th car apparently is a taxi and each one wants to charge a different price. One refused to take us, just shook his head in disgust as he said it was the rush hour and would take him too long.. Had a wander round the Cathedral - a mishmash of styles and ages and restored so many times down through the years due to earthquakes. We have discovered that unlike Spain, very few people speak English. Fortunately, Ed's Spanish lessons have stood him in good stead and he relies on Jo to translate for him despite Jo ... read more
Central Lima

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » Miraflores January 29th 2012

Didn't do much in the morning. Just faffed about and found the local Starbucks 500 yards from the hotel, sat with a Frappucino and planned our days here! Walked from San Isidro district where we are staying to Miraflores - the posh part of Lima with views across the sea, nice bars and restaurants and exclusive shops. Had a salad lunch in a smart outdoor shopping mall by the beach and people watched for a while as it was Sunday and there weren't many alternative venues other than museums which we werent in the mood for..... It was a really long walk there and we battled with a map with a few wrong turns along the way. Probably a good 5 miles. We had no intention of walking back. However, we just sort of started out ... read more

South America » Peru » Lima » Lima » San Isidro January 29th 2012

First day in Lima after a long day of travelling. Sitting outside in the hotel forecourt having breakfast, fresh fruit, orange juice, rolls, fried eggs. A good start to the day needed as tired, a bit jet lagged after a long journey. Aah well, it is a means to an end and have a few days for the brain to get round to the fact that breakfast at 8.00 am is not the middle of the afternoon and waking up at 2.00 am in Let us get to work mode and then not getting back to sleep for 2 hours is not sensible. Amsterdam airport was a 4 hour stopover with not enough time for a city tour or to do anything sensible so had to be a wander round the shops to look at things ... read more

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