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24th July 2013

Hello Sinclair
Hi Sinclair , are you Sini who lived in Portugal , Vilamoura with your racing car driver father Arthur and mum Eileen, if so please contact me, been trying to find you and mum for a long long time. love always aunty Dina .
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25th July 2013

Hello !
This is Dean, his brother in China. I have sent Sinclair your e-mail address ! He is living in Lisbon right now. Thanks for visiting our blog !
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14th August 2012

How are you?
Sorry, I haven't logged in for a long time. that is also my dream, to record the ethnic groups' culture and stories. if it is possible, let's think about it together. ^^
9th June 2012

6 maybe 7 provences in this blog...Hebei (Beijing)...Shanxi (Datong & Pingyao)...Shaanxi (Xian)...Sichuan...Yunnan (Lijiang)...Shandong (Qufu)...and maybe Guanxi (Yao)...what an adventure. I'm blogging China next...I invite you for the ride.
9th June 2012
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

Unreal photo...takes me back to Yunnan...travelling heaven
2nd June 2012

Food should be an event
Yes, we agree with you. Enjoyed your food photos. Continue the search for quality foods.
21st May 2012

Sitting here in Dubai it was fantastic travelling with you, Sin and Co ! While most of your trip was great you didnt hesitate to pull your punches where you found something sub-standard - truly appreciate ! Awaiting the vet's perspective ( I have a pet and hence have a love-hate relationship with some of Dubai vets !). When is your next - looking forward !
21st May 2012

Thank you for the kind comments
The next trip will be in April 2013, same dates as this trip. I'll be planning the route this summer, but it will either be Shanghai to Singapore, Mongolia, or Tibet. I will be recruiting a couple of people to join the trip in early 2013, so let me know if you are interested. I'll also have a more appropriate set of cars, but more on that soon.
20th May 2012

Your brother really did take some fantastic pics! :)
21st May 2012

Thanks. But then again, China is very photogenic, unlike me !
11th May 2012

The typical mis-conception is that Aman Junkies are mega rich well healed travellers who would not think twice about shelling out $1,000+ a night to stay at these uber luxurious resorts. The truth is that many Aman Junkies, including myself, are not particularly wealthy....
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11th May 2012

Brilliant Photographic Skills !
I wonder did you come up this list after you have done most of them or before you did any of them? For that makes a lot of difference... I got a feeling you must have filled up the list with things you have already done instead really coming up with a list with all things you haven't done but always wanted to do, just a feeling though..
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11th May 2012

I've actually had this list for 5 years now, since seeing the movie. Still have 4 or even 5 to do since this trip does not really count as the Silk Road. I already have a second list. Would love to hear yours....
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7th May 2012

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5th May 2012

hi Dean, I am not an expert at all. I am just interested in that religion. bust since I am chinese, I could read many books about that area. are you still in China? please feel free to ask me any Qs as needed.
5th May 2012

Yes, I live and work in Shanghai. If I ever get fired, I'm going to head to the Dong and Miao Villages and stay there for a year. I would love to write a book about the Chinese ethnic minorities. Would need the help of an expert like you though.
1st May 2012
Hongcun Village, Anhui

great photo!fantastic
1st May 2012

Congrats and thanks for sharing, that was great travelling into China thru your blogs and wonderful Pictures. Look forward to your China Trip book -It's still in your bucket list, isn't it? Cheers, GUillaume
1st May 2012

Thanks G,
It has been a blast. Will do another trip, either to Tibet or Mongolia, next April. Then will have enough material for a book. You might want to join the next trip?
1st May 2012

Amazing Journey
I loved following your trip around China and I can't believe it has ended. One month on the road in China is quite an accomplish! Cheers to planning next year's trip.
1st May 2012

Hey sorry
In the end we couldn't afford to stop off in Hangzhou as people had planes to catch. When do you guys leave China? Once I get the driving bug again, I'll pop down for a weekend with my dog. (The Oakwood Residences accept pets).
30th April 2012

Welcom back Shanghai, dean~!
Dean, Nice journey,nice pics,words, and everything you see,you get is worth lifetime to treasure. It is not end of your dream; it's the start of you nEwLife. We're always on your side and watching you. ^_^. God bless you.
28th April 2012

haha, the problem in Qiandongnan religion is accommodation. it is hard to find a good and clean one. but I think it is also great to enjoy the real family house.
1st May 2012

I loved the place
You seem an expert of the region. Let's stay in touch and hopefully you can give me advice for next time I head to the Dong Villages

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