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28th April 2012

If this trip has inspired you to travel the world this way then you must read...
Adventure Capitalist by Jim Rogers (about $10 at Amazon). He drove a modified Mercedes sport car to every continent except Antarctica. An amazing journey!
28th April 2012

Mongol Rally
There is always the London - Ulan Bator non-race for charity. Or the Budapest to Bamako Great African Run. Both sound like grand fun.
26th April 2012
Miao ladies

Beautiful places Produce Beautiful Photo...
Nice Photo... can feel the warmness and beautiful culture resounding it... This is a must destination for me. TQ
26th April 2012

original and beautiful!
27th April 2012

Amazing trip. You might want to join the next one !
22nd April 2012

Dave, you forgot to suggest to Dean to post the video on your new Music Forum...
it was quite beautiful especially with the soft beat of the oars against the side of the boat. Dean, please post the video on the Music Forum.
22nd April 2012

She has a beautiful voice. I will try to post on the music forum when I finish the trip. It is so rare that I get Wifi, I need to use the chances I have to update the blog.
21st April 2012

well,in China,people in big cities such as Shanghai,Beijing,are likely to be cold and detached,and the people in small town or villeges (I mean rural places)are more likely to be warm open and friendly.your trip is fantastic! I wish I could have such a long trip.
21st April 2012
School wall

Gotta love the Dongba...modern hieroglyph...of the it
21st April 2012
School wall

Yes, the Naxi, Mosuo, Yi, and Tibetan people we met so far are so nice. Living in Shanghai gave me a distorted view of Chinese people. So glad I did this trip. Off to Dali now.
20th April 2012

Amazing sights
Lugu Hu is on our list but haven't checked it off yet...seems like you are finally in Yunnan province(the Best in China in my opinion).
21st April 2012

Yunnan is nice
The weather is perfect, and the people are so nice. Living in Shanghai really gave me a distorted view of China. I'm so glad I have done this trip. Off to Dali now....ciao
16th April 2012

Can you give me some details on Jiuzhaigou? We are thinking of going there during the May holiday possibly. What is the entrance fee? Is there a place to stay inside or nearby? If we flew from Hangzhou where should we fly into? Love following your trip and still wish we could have joined you guys.
17th April 2012

Hey guys. We are having a blast. Really feel this trip is turning out to be something special. Jiuzhaigou costs? No idea at all sorry. I'll ask Ying Chu our guide and get back to you. Booked this whole thing through Navo Tours and they basically take care of everything so we don't need to think, queue, or worry about money.
13th April 2012

Following you from Shanghai now and soon from Manchester! Missing you all and hope you enjoy Jiuzhaigou tomorrow I am so jealous! PING PANG PONG!
10th April 2012

This place is beautiful as we visited here in June 2010 but we did the cable car and then hiked. Huangshan in Anhui we did the entire hike thing.
10th April 2012

$25 a night
$25 can actually get you some really nice digs for a night around China in hostels and guesthouses. I recommend Jade Roo or Jade Emu if you are headed to Dali, Yunnan.
9th April 2012
I believe I can fly

driving donkey
when you are driving a broom, it is as handsome as driving donkey...
3rd April 2012

Livin' the life!!
sounds like the adventure continues! I'm so happy to hear that your trip co tiniest to go well. All the best to youmy blogging buddy :) Rae
3rd April 2012

Last night after 9pm strong winds, light rain and a light thunder storm hit Hangzhou, it was quite strange.
3rd April 2012

Freak winter day
It was really strange. Anyway, we all look forward to things going wrong. Real shame you couldn't join. We are having a blast !
3rd April 2012

What a great April Fool's prank!
19th March 2012

Almost Here
So excited to read your blog about your journey around China. We are so bummed we weren't able to join you on this trip as we are working Tuesday and Wednesday only this term..Oh well we will get to follow your journey through your blogs. Have Fun!
19th March 2012

Real shame you couldn't join. We should catch up before you go home.

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