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Asia » Nepal » Gorak Shep May 5th 2009

I need to cast my mind back a few days to update you so here goes! Dingboche - Lobuche 4900M 2 May We are really in the Himalaya's now! Shortly after setting off it began to snow and so it continued for the rest of todays trek. We had a bit of a climb out of Dingboche, then quite a long flat section. A very welcome lunch stop at Thukla where we met some friendly folk from SA on their way down. It is hard to describe trekking in the wind and the snow but i shall leave that to your imaginations. After luncy we had a horrible climb up, its so so hard at this altutude to climb up hills and it is a matter of putting one foot in front of the other and ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Dingboche May 1st 2009

Pangboche - Dingboche 30 April After writing our last blog in Pangboche i was struck by altitude sickness, what began as a mild headache and nausea developed into me feeling pretty unwell. Unfortunately, food and hydration are key in combating altitude sickness and, due to my stomach being so unsettled, i had been eating very little. I spent the afternoon in bed and then went through to dinner, had one spoon of garlic soup and begged off back to bed. We decided that i should begin diamox which i did. The side effects are pins and needles in your face, hands and feet, and that its a diuretic, a small price to pay. A terrible night brought us to morning with me utterly convinced this was the end of my trip. I got up for breakfast ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Tengboche April 29th 2009

28 April Namche - Tashinga Nothing like a one hour straight uphill climb to wake you up in the morning! What a great day we had today.. we climbed right up above Namche to the Everest View Hotel which is a very civilised Japanese Hotel with the most spectacular views of Everest, Lotse and Ama Dablam. We had some Hot Lemon took some pics then set off downhill for about half an hour to Khumjung. Here we went to a Monastary where they were saying their annual prayers (Phuza - No Cath thats not booze!) and making offerings for world peace. There are so many prayers and they are so long that i suspect it takes an entire year tp get through them so its actually just a cycle and we weren't witnessing anything special really! ... read more

Asia » Nepal » Namche April 27th 2009

Namaste! Thats "greetings" in Nepalese. After a long flight i finally arrived in Kathmandu which is a wild, wild city. So busy and it was just like a really large Khayalitsha. I didn't dare look up during our (thankfully) short car trip to the hotel. We pulled up outside a red brick wall with an armed guard who opened the door into an oasis which is the Dwarika Hotel. Hard to believe its in the middle of Kathmandu - every brick is handmade, all the windows intricate wooden carvings and each room unique and the size of a small house. I was thrilled to be there and took a shower, had our trek briefing and waited for Trev. He arrived and after a lovely dinner it was off to bed as we had an early start ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Sunshine Coast » Buderim March 20th 2009

Well, here we are with a month to go and my anxiety levels are at an all time high! The training is not as frequent as it should be as we have had 2 moves and some sick children, not to mention Trev being away so we are hoping for a quiet period to get completely geared to go. Somehow going for a hike at oxygen rich sea level seems like a cop out and we discuss the effects of high altitude and to what extent we are going to be affected constantly. We head to Brisbane next week for the last of our shopping then Trev is off on the 1 April with only 1 or 2 days at home before we go. He is flying to Kathmandu before me for business so i shall ... read more

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