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10th May 2009

Hi Guys. Unbelievable feat (and feet!!!) We are VERY impressed. Congrats on a huge achievement. When you talk about Tam and the SAS, does mean South African Sherpa?!?!?! Trevor, how could you have doubted your wife's abilities to perform at altitude as she has to be a natural in the Himalayas... she just loves to Yak!!! Phenomenal achievement guys!!! Craig
7th May 2009

Way to go!!!!
Well, here are a little late, but dazzled never the less :) Wish you could see the size of your nephews eyes as we read your story and find the location on Google Earth. You guys rock! We stand amazed! What an incredible journey. Please please send photos soon. No doubt your birthday will pale in comparison, but that's probably a good thing (tehehe...how old did you say you're turning ? - that's a LOT of candles as our kids would say). Thinking of you all, as always and can't wait to chat when you get back. The Lord bless you and keep you. Tons of love, your Sis et al
7th May 2009

Hi guys, have sent you 3 personal messages which I believe you havent been able to read so going to send a comment and hopefully you will get it. Well done have checked the blog everyday and so proud of you 2 and you are so right Trev, Tami is amazing, but then again I have always had that suspicion that Tami can do anything. Dieter and I are so proud of you 2 what an accomplishment and an awesome experience. Its your bday today Trev and we are trying all types of communication to let you know that we know today is a special day for someone special, hope you have a great one not sure where you are now but all the best from us Schwendys. Lots of love x
6th May 2009

How absolutely brilliantly fantastic - well done both of you!!! Awesome - loved reading about your trekking - phew!! xx
5th May 2009

It looks like Action man married the right girl! Well done, you must both be so proud of yourselves! Skype is going to be busy when you get back! Cheers, Jo
5th May 2009

You guys are my heroes!
I can not actually believe what superheroes you guys are! It sounds absolutely HECTIC. I am sure your own bed, when you eventually reach it, will be ultimate heaven (not to mention your toilet and shower!) Trust you have been taking photo's that you'll share with us on your return? Well we're very glad you're alive and in one piece. Well done my friends. Tam, just think how easy it will be for you to go camping in the future! Keep well. Lots of love Tammy, Bruce and the kids
4th May 2009

Am blown away!
I've just reach Ruth's for a birthday barbecue and been able to read your blog. I am absolutely blown away and wondered how Linda had such an intrepid daughter! What a wonderful, hard-one experience for you both. PHew, phew, phew! All my love, your comfort-loving Auntie. Hey, I've just thought - have you come across any ducks up there?
4th May 2009

Your amazing experience and stamina
At last we found how to get to read your blogs, have tried everyday since you have been away but, now we have caught up. You certainly are having a once in a lifetime experience it is just a pity that there is a gremlin called altitude sickness. I have followed parts of the route that you have been hiking along on Google World and the area and scenery are absolutely amazing and as for the airport at Lukla, I wont comment. Have spoken to Linda and the children the past two Mondays and have had lovely conversations with them and they were full of beans and their usual adorable selves. Sterkte not long to go. Love Brian and Mavis
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4th May 2009

You go girl!
You are painting a wonderful picture for us.... the sights and challenges of Nepal and getting to base camp. I'm thrilled you have made it this far and 'in one piece' as you say :). Take good care and I look forward to more stories, your photo's and hearing about it all on your return. big hug Cath
3rd May 2009

All sounds absolutely awesome! The sites you are seeing, can't begin to imagine what you're going through physically!! Well done - keep well xxx
2nd May 2009

Hi guys, I am so proud of you Tami for pushing through... you sound like you are having an awesome time and coping remarkably well with the lack of decent bathrooms. And you said camping was bad!!! Hang in there, will be praying all goes well. Love trish
23rd April 2009

Hi Guys, I hope your first day goes well tomorrow, thinking of you. Lol
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