Deanne Del Vecchio


Deanne Del Vecchio

Planning my first adventure to Spain with hubby Doug and dad-in-law Bill.

Europe » Spain » District of Madrid » Madrid April 12th 2011

MADRID!! I have never been a city girl. Raised from 10 years old in Lake Tahoe, California, USA, and I've always loved the mountains; fresh air; plenty of 'elbow room'. Other than San Francisco and Seattle, which are 'tame' cities to me... New York City is really the only big-city introduction I've had and it was with Kathy P and her gal pals and we had the time of our lives! But getting drug around (shown around, I mean) and having to navigate a new city by yourself (not to mention the language barrier) are two different things all together! Yeehaw!! Don't even know how to begin the story of Madrd; or even how much ya'll wanna know. I will probably add to this before I post it and try to get some pictures in; but ... read more
Maritime School, Seville

Since October, 2010, when Doug's father, Bill, asked is if we wanted to go to Spain, April seemed a long ways off. Today is the first day of Spring, March 20, 2011. The picture on the right tells the sad story....Hopefully, Spain in April will be nuttin' but sunshine!! For this entire winter, I have been researching Spain and all of the places we wanted to visit. Total information overload! I started by contacting a Tour Operator, Pierre, at Circa Tours. He is from France, has traveled extensively in Europe and knows Spain very well. He and his wife run Circa Tours out of Los Angels, California, USA. I thought this was a very good find; being able to talk to a 'local' in the U.S. about Spain would be perfect! However, in the long run, ... read more

Geez... it only took me like 6 hours today to finally book our airfare to Spain! Yikes! Got really good prices, tho. .. $839 each! Yahooooo!!! No on to the long process of hotels, bus tours, castles, museums, etc. We leave in only 2 months!... read more

Got the word today from Bill that the trip is a GO! YAHOOO!! He's putting up the capital and I'm putting the trip together! I've been bombarded with a zillion sites about Spain. Never having been there, or anywhere 'across the pond', I'm finding it difficult to lay out an itinerary of a place that is so incredibly rich in all aspects of history, architecture, religion, topography, cuisine, and on and on. How does one choose? I want to be sure to not miss the major attractions, while also yearning for the back roads and country inns. A feast for the eyes, the mind, the spirit, the palate, indeed, all the senses! But where to start? We've collectively decided to start in Madrid. Easy to fly into from LAX. One stop in Philly and we're there. ... read more

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