Dazed and Confused!

Published: February 2nd 2011
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Got the word today from Bill that the trip is a GO! YAHOOO!!

He's putting up the capital and I'm putting the trip together!

I've been bombarded with a zillion sites about Spain. Never having been there, or anywhere 'across the pond', I'm finding it difficult to lay out an itinerary of a place that is so incredibly rich in all aspects of history, architecture, religion, topography, cuisine, and on and on. How does one choose? I want to be sure to not miss the major attractions, while also yearning for the back roads and country inns.

A feast for the eyes, the mind, the spirit, the palate, indeed, all the senses! But where to start? We've collectively decided to start in Madrid. Easy to fly into from LAX. One stop in Philly and we're there. I've never flown for that length of time before and frankly, I'm intimidated.

"Travel Light" all the sites say. Pack all you need in one carry on. "Whoa! Really?" I took a humongous wheeled 48 pound monster for 10 days in New England last October. How do I pack a carry on for 33 days??? Lots of deodorant??

Most of ya know we mostly travel and camp all over the western United States. That means we have our truck and our motorcycle trailer, our cab-over camper and all the room and luxury of bringing our 'home' with us where ever we go. All it takes is gas money!

Venturing off to Spain with my credit card, passport, and a carry on bag... hummm.... hard to fathom at this moment.

Baggage woes aside; the pressing item next is actually booking the flights. I planned to do that last week! I promise to do that tomorrow!! Now that I have Bill's okay, I can book the flights and we'll be set to really get this plan into action.

It was so cold in Tahoe today, that I couldn't even venture outside for my usual walk. After 50+ degree days; 24 just didn't cut it for me! I did sit on the indoor recumbent and pedal for 30 minutes while reading the Lonely Planet's book on Spain ~ accomplishing two tasks at once!


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