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24th March 2011
Forgotten Highway vista

Sunset over New Plymouth
What a wonderful picture though I say so myself!
23rd March 2011

Sorry I did not respond to your kind message in february. We are still away now in New Zealand and having a great time. Hope you are well too. More posts are on the blog. Are you coming to England again? We want to travel to Germany maybe in 2012. xx Tony and Marina Edenhurst Curry Rivel
23rd March 2011

Breacon or Brecon?
Hi Col. Glad you had a good time and the weather is fair. Bloody windy and rain here at the Bay of Islands -no sailing or swimming with dolphins today I fear xxx T and M
23rd March 2011

Yes there is a smell but if you've been brung upnear Bridgwater you be used to it. Maori Thermal Village was great - recommended over the other expensive night time cabarets. You OK? xxx PS just uploaded some photos
23rd March 2011

No mention of the smell of eggs at Rotorua (due to the sulphur I understand, no other local diet problems).
23rd March 2011

Hi M&T, Just to say thankyou for remembering my birthday, very impressed with the orginisation before you left! Sounds like you are having a super time, weather her this week wonderful with clear blue skies. Off to the Breacon Beacons next week. Keep the very imformative blogs coming. Safe travels, Love Col.x
23rd March 2011

Having a great time thanks. No to snooker this summer, another grandchild and travelling See you when we get back on 3/4 April TG
23rd March 2011

Having a great time thanks. No to snooker this summer, another grandchild and travelling See you when we get back on 3/4 April TG
22nd March 2011

havin a good time!!!!!!!!!!
I hope your both having a good time when are you comming back to somerset uk are you missing home? and would u like play in my snooker team in the summer i hope have good hoilday mathew
27th February 2011

Keep on taking the pills !!!
Love the comments, be careful of all those creepy crawlies them foreign bugs are bastards xx
26th February 2011

foot problem
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plantar_fasciitis A symptom commonly recognized among sufferers of plantar fasciitis is increased probability of knee pains, especially among runners. Poor you - good luck with resting. x x
26th February 2011

Ye olde foot
So glad it's not too serious Tony! On your feet too much & heat - that's a hard one when you're on holiday. Take care. A x
26th February 2011

Turns out after x ray that the two initial diagnosis were more correct. The hospital at Cairns concluded it was not an infection but Planar Faciitus which basically means spending too much time on your feet made worse by heat. So I need to post an apology to the 'rogue GPs' although I still think that there should have been a more thorough examination instead of a 10 minute look which cost AU$110!! Long live the UK NHS
25th February 2011

Ye olde foot
I can't believe they didn't realise it was an infection! That's the first thing I said when Giles told me - probably an infected bite I thought - you didn't go to a rogue GP????!!!! Hope it's getting better now - we need a pic of Jake the peg for Seán! Enjoying the Skype chats. x x x
16th February 2011

The 3 sisters
Got some great pictures of them when you come home
From Blog: Day 6 and 7
16th February 2011

Greenaway's = CUlture???
Sounds like you're having a brilliant time, and Opera no less??? Hope the weather improves for you. What's the bridge climb about? Just a walk on the bridge, or actually going up the structure?
From Blog: 15, 16 Feb 11
15th February 2011

a Sydney...???
From Blog: 13 14 15Feb 2011
14th February 2011

Trip Advisor
You're going to be busy putting a few places out of business on Trip Advisor when you get home! It's total pot luck isn't it with these B&Bs. Same with the weather by the looks of it! Catching up with the time zones still seems an issue, but the weather will improve along with your energy levels! We enjoyed Singapore too, but the heat made it too uncomfortable to stay outside for too long, hence the great choice of air-conditioned shopping malls. A stopover in these places just makes you want to go back for longer "next time". We have been keeping an eye on the weather in NZ, mixture of fine/cloudy and a few showers, temp high teens to high 20s. Hope it brightens up for you and you can make the most of Oz. We'll keep on reading blog til we leave so keep it flowing, (but try to do it in the evening, not 4am). Pete & Carol
From Blog: Day 6 and 7
10th February 2011

Looks amazing! V jealous! Good blagging to get up to the top... Can we chat at the weekend? Some house news.. Another offer.. Lots lower but still considering it... X
9th February 2011
8 Feb 11

That looks great
Hi Marina and Tony, take care on jour journey and have a lot of fun!! Marianne and John from Erding, germany

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