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18th December 2008

I'm jealous ..
But happy for you! I also HIGHLY recommend carrying on your luggage whenever possible, it makes traveling so much easier. Can't wait to read up on what's next!
From Blog: Akumal, Mexico
18th December 2008

I am so jealous!!! I'm glad your having a good time. That bar is pretty sweet with the sand on the floor. But hey, we all ready got about 5 inches of snow with 8 more due tomorrow! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!!! XOXO Love ya!!
From Blog: Akumal, Mexico
18th December 2008

Sounds FANTASTIC! Except that you're missing out on the 5-8 inches of snow and ice coming Thursday night!! Stay healthy, and safe and see you soon! Love, Mommsie xxxooo
From Blog: Akumal, Mexico
18th December 2008

One of these days, I'm going to go to Mexico and the first thing I'm going to do is send you a text message telling you where we are and asking what the first thing we should do is.... because I have a feeling you'd be the one that knows. :)
From Blog: Akumal, Mexico
1st July 2008

YAY! My home town!! We used to take field trips in school to Faneuil Hall! I lived about 45 minutes outside of Boston. I think it's a crap hole, but if you don't have to drive there or live there, Boston can be awesome!
12th February 2008

Amazing! You are the luckiest girl I know. You have an awesome man to keep you company and have the most amazing adventures. All is well here. Oh, and the flaps are supposed to down (but not fully extended like in landing) before takeoff. In 1987 a Northwest Airlines flight crashed in Romulus, Michigan because the flaps were not set. 154 people died. There was one survivor.. a 4-yr-old girl. Gah... sorry to go all morbid on you there.
From Blog: Curacao
2nd February 2008

These are amazing! And just for the record, the worst fights I've ever had with a woman in my life were when we were both drinking tequila.
30th January 2008

word up hommie
ohhh lucky you. I think it looks like you're having a blast. Where are you going to next? :)
29th January 2008

I knew Mexico would be a sham. It would scare me.
29th January 2008

Photo 35
They forgot the 'y'....
21st January 2008

Happy drinking!
How did you get the upsidedown question mark and exclamation mark? On my mac, I get the division sign when I press option and question÷. Never knew that. Cheers!`–ºª•¶§¢£™¡
20th January 2008

RIGHT! Don't forget to e-mail me about things you know and I don't know about me if you think of anything. THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU!!!! p.s. I'm sort of upset I left that ice cream.....
From Blog: Mexico Prep
20th January 2008

From Blog: Mexico Prep
30th December 2007

Thank you for sharing your adventure! Sign me up for the next one.
26th December 2007

Looks like a lot of fun. I'm glad you guys had such a wonderful time. Welcome home!
From Blog: Fox Glacier
16th December 2007

Thank Heavens..
you're both alive and smiling. The thought just scares me, but I'm so glad you both did it. You CAN do anything!! Sending breath and hugs.
16th December 2007

Your journey continues to be full of exciting adventures. I look forward to your wonderful journal and photos. It's great entertainment!!! Be prepared to re-enter the world of Michigan. Sending hugs.
From Blog: Lazy day
14th December 2007

I have been following your adventures of the last few weeks and this has to top it all. You two looked like you were being executed, especially Alex with his hands behind his back. It had to be a spectacular ride and probably over too fast, but if I were your mom, I would still be shaking!
13th December 2007

I think thse guys LOVE their job- Push people to what looks like their death, give people the expierence of a lifetime, and all the while posing for the camera! hahah
13th December 2007

I bow to you Suzanne, you are the master of doing the most SCAREY crap in the world. The video was hilarious and the guys were awefully nice, I enjoy the lil push the one gave you when you finally went. LOL!! OMG! My heart beat a little fast when you finally went, wow...ok, now to watch alex's! (p.s. thanks for not dying of a heart attack or cable break, that would suck) LOVE YOU!
13th December 2007

Congrats on the jump! I did skydiving and the guy in front of me was on the edge of the plane and said, "Can't we just ride back down with the pilot?" while tears came down his face. The guy attached to him screamed, "No!" and jumped. I am so proud that you actually just went with it and jumped!!!!
13th December 2007

tackleing obstacles
OMFG suzzie q. crazy. i can;t believe my eyes. i almost had to watch twice. :) on a whole different level, i just finished my first smeseter in denver, awesome. i love you. and miss you! kat
13th December 2007

Congratulations for jumping!!!!! HOLY WOW!!!!! Looks like a ton of fun!
13th December 2007

You've had quite enough excitement for my life time!!!!!!! No, really... ENOUGH! Okay, it's your life and I'm glad your'e having fun testing the emotions of your shit!! I LOVE YOU AND HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN - VERTICAL!!! Mom
12th December 2007

Minus 5
Sounds amazing, but do you take your coat and gloves or do they provide them?
From Blog: Lazy day

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