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North America » United States » New York » Binghamton October 9th 2011

What a day, we arrive at JFK airport at 6.00am and we've had no sleep.We catch the sky train to the car rental section and are told we can't pick up the rental untill 09:00 am, we ask if we can leace our luggage in thier waiting area so we can sky train it back to the main terminal without lugging our gear around, we're told "no".Well, we've lugged our gear back to main terminal, had some average coffee and food and returned back, picked up the rental and off we go, well,not just yet, Steve relizes he hasn't downloaded the East coast routes into the GPS, wer'e in the carpark with the laptop on front seat downloading the maps to the GPS, guys and thier gadgets, looks like he's out of mission impossible on some ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » LAX October 8th 2011

We leave the West Coast with saddness, as this has been such an eclectic trip, Desert, Forest, Canyons and Coast Line, we have seen it all and more! We now travel to LAX to hand back our car and catch a flight to NY, we drop the car at 6.00pm and wait for our Plane to depart at 9.25pm, not looking forward to the flight, we are tired, we hope to get some sleep on the plane. Weather, Cool on the coast warm in LA!... read more

Another sleep in this morning as we make our way to San Simeon, we travel along the coast road, it looks a lot like the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia and as we travel along there is pampas grass growing all along the coast line, when the sun shines on them it looks wonderful. As we get closer to San Simeon, you can see Sea Otters playing in the ocean, only just, but you know its them as thier heads bob up and down out of the water, we stop along the way just before San Simeon where you can see about a hundred Elephant Seals sunning themselves on the beach, they look amazing, you look at their sweet little faces and wonder how anyone could harm such an amazing creature, thank goodness for the ... read more
Moon and Faith
The Rays
Who's that

North America » United States » California » Monterey October 6th 2011

No early start today, as it's not too long a drive for us today and we head down the coast to Monterey. Once we hit the coast line the scenery is amazing! We arrive at Monterey and it reminds me of a little seaside village were one would go to retire, is just beautiful, we visit the Aquarium, very nice & interesting, the heavens decide to open up and we have around a 30 minute downpour, we don't care because this is a lovely town. We head to our Motel and again Steve you have done well with our accommodation and it's lovely. We have a relax and head to the beach for some sunset photos and its beautiful here on the coast. We head back to town for some dinner at this lovely restaurant over ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Alcatraz October 5th 2011

Up early to visit Alcatraz, I love San Francisco it's such a lovely city! We catch the bus one block away and make our way to the ferry terminal, Steve did not have the correct money and the driver does not give change and before we know it, we've missed our stop. We have a bit of walk to the ferry, but it's an interesting walk through the city. We travel by ferry across the bay and arrive at Alcatraz, lots of walking to be done, it was well worth a look, although we were a little disappointed as a lot of the areas where blocked off so we were unable to see everything, after about 1 ½ we head back to the fairy and back to San Francisco, we walk again through the Marina and ... read more
Visiting Mandy
On the Tour

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Mission October 4th 2011

Up early, our next stop is San Francisco, as we travel through the winding mountains and the sun glistening through the trees, we see more waterfalls and are sad to leave this beautiful Park! As we travel into San Francisco I cannot believe all the buildings and there stunning architecture, they have a quaint appeal about them. The weather is like an autumn day back home in Melbourne, Victoria as we arrive at our Motel, the room is lovely and after checking in we decide to do some sightseeing. We go for a leisurely stroll down to the Marina and after 30 minutes we arrive at the Marina promenade, the atmosphere is great and there are people everywhere..... street performers, cable cars running up and down, double decker tourist buses, its fantastic. We decide to get ... read more
Lots of trams

We wake to a lovely crisp morning, have some breakfast, make a picnic lunch and make our way to Glacier Point and the views are breathtaking with waterfalls cascading down the mountain sides and massive canyons for miles, we take lots of photos, it's spectacular and makes you feel so small! We make our way down to the main Yosemite Village to visit Mirror Lake, we park the car in the village and Steve says 'we could probably walk, it's not that far', I tell him of a free shuttle bus and we agree to take it and it's just as well because it was a 10 minute ride on the bus and then another 20 minute walk to the lake, it reminds me a little of Badgers Weir in the Dandenong's, Victoria with its brambling ... read more
Thats a rock

Well, that was the best sleep we've had for a while, we have a lovely home cooked breakfast and this this motel is great value for the money, for 1 nights stay with dinner and breakfast $160.00, you can't do better than that! We head out now to Yosemite National Park and stop off at Bodie to see the famous Bodie Ghost Town it's another dusty ride ahead as we head down the dusty winding road, it reminds me a little of Ballarat Gold fields and to imagine that this was once a town, with a school, bank, library, saloon and now nothing, just empty shacks of where people inhabited. When you look into the school rooms you can see where books still lay and a world globe is faded with age, but you can still ... read more
The Ghost town of Bodie
The Road

North America » United States » California » Bridgeport October 1st 2011

On the road by 8.00am and we head towards Death Valley, it's a long drive to Virginia Creek and I am so not looking forward to this .Not long on the road and one of the towns we want to pass through is blocked off for a town parade and there is another detour after a bad accident on the freeway ahead, our GPS is giving us grief and she keeps telling us to re-route, its hot and I'm feeling anxious. We finally get back on the freeway to drive through Death Valley and we have a long hot drive ahead of us and I'm wondering why was so anxious as the road is well made and it's a smooth ride all the way. The temperature is hot, but not too bad as we stop at ... read more

North America » United States » Nevada » Las Vegas September 30th 2011

Friday We wake up to our 2nd day in Vegas, stroll down stairs and have some breakfast, go back up to our room and relax before our Limo arrives to take us to the airport for our Helicopter ride over Hoover Dam and fly over the West Side of the Grand Canyon! Another amazing site as we fly over the Hoover Dam and the West Side of the Grand Canyon, again the beauty of this Canyon is truly amazing! After our ride we head off to do some retail shopping and there's not much to brag about. We head back to our room and see a storm brewing in the distance and once back in our room we can see lighting from our window and Steve gets his camera set up and is snapping madly, he ... read more
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