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13th July 2008

Nice butterfly shots. Not so sure about the rooster hahah. Your doing something different to your photos, like the market place ones, what is it?
10th July 2008

Fantastic blog!
Congratulations on such a wonderful, informative blog - truly inspiring ! (came across it whilst researching what to do during a 2-week holiday in Chilé).
3rd July 2008

Awesome blog, thank you for sharing it, I've to Chile twice and never took any pictures just admired it, if you ever go back to Chile, northern chile inlands has some great parts specially Iquique.
29th June 2008

I wish I had gone with you, Steve. These pictures are amazing. But your schedule sounds hectic, and the heat would have done me in. I will be sorry I did not visit Ben and Christa...thanks for the great pictures and tour.
26th June 2008

Another Amok Fan
Hi! :) What a great collection of photos! I love the branches of Ta really captured the "aliveness" hands reaching out and caressing (crushing??) the temple...fascinating! I also LOVE the close-up of the elephant...they are so sweet. We would like you to come back :). It's more fun with you here!
26th June 2008

do you know how long they make Amok??
I heard from cambodian if person want to have Amok in the evening they have to wake up early in the morning 4am to prepair all what they need and cook for full day to get it for Dinner. That what it must good ! Thanks for Cambodian !
25th June 2008

They were actually delicious, which is surprising considering I was used to sweets with 10x more calories like donuts coated in icing, cookies and ice cream. Its nice to see the Amok lovers come out of the woodwork!! :)
25th June 2008

Great photos as always!
And my favourite Cambodian dish is also the Fish Amok :)
25th June 2008

i love amok too! how's the sweets?
18th June 2008

Your photos are incredible! Thanks for sharing. We live in Chico and I was wondering if the summer time would be a good time to expore the lava tubes? I'm assuming that the Burney Falls are probably not flowing as well right now... Thanks for your input!
7th June 2008

neat pixs! i love my island!
5th June 2008

I happen to run across your photos in doing research for a hike in my neighborhood..... I live in Sonora CA. You take beautiful photos. I have the same camera as you but would like to find a high quality developer. Any suggestions? Thanks!
29th May 2008

Well done!!
Totally agree with what Mercurycatcher has to say. U saw it from all perspectives, not just the 'pagoda' side of it!! Loved it!
28th May 2008

What a Great Brother! :)
Thanks for sharing all your personal photos and thoughts about the "non-tourist" part of Cambodia with the world! I'm so glad you enjoyed it so much. We loved having you here and would love to have you come back ;). Great photos! Love the monkey with the lotus flower :) Cute!
27th May 2008

Really interesting blog,it's good to see that you are getting the complete picture of life in Cambodia from all angles.Well done mate,look forward to reading more about your travels.
20th May 2008

carretera austral
The C. Austral is the best of all! Simply stunning! Take your time. Don't speed by all that beauty! take care al
19th May 2008

tickled pink
i dont think the river lingas is so sacred now youve bathed in it!!! more pics of kids please?? the swing one is perfect.
19th May 2008

love the elephants
im finally catching up on blogs, only 55 days after you published it!!
16th May 2008

One more great blog and the pics...well, truly amazing!
14th May 2008

felicidades tienes un lente que cacta fotos maravillosas te felicito por un exelente trabago...
14th May 2008

you have an amazing eye. crater lake is a very spirtial place. i have enjoyed seeing it fresh from your perspective
14th May 2008

thank you
your photos make me fell two ways.... 1 pride for the area that i live and grow up in! 2... motivation; you have captured moments that i don't recall ever witnessing myself.
10th May 2008

Please make contact
Hellooooooooooooo As I spend many months of the year in Cambodia, I'm rather partial to those who have visited and share at least some of the same fascination with this country as I do. Would be very interested to know when you are next due to visit, if your sister lives there, if so where, oh so many questions actually................. Briefy, I am based in Ratanakiri and have some land there for future philanthropic purposes. Originally intending to fill a need in rural healthcare education/training, I've found the focus to be shifting towards providing opportunities for ex-orphans and tribal teens who need to learn job skills etc. If you would be interested in more background information my blogger name on this same site is Miss-dmeanour ( Actually was out there in January and returned last week from my latest jaunt. Now back at my Per Diem position at St. Mary's Medical Center in Long Beach (large Khmer population) befor heading out again later this year. Hope to hear from you.

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