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21st February 2015

Do you recomend this YTT?
Namaste, I'm planning to do my YTT there but I havent find too many reviews about YogaPoint. can you pls tell me what do you think about it? as a yogi, teacher. student? Thank you very much for your help!
From Blog: Ashram Life
13th January 2016

Ashram Life
Carolina, I am so sorry for such a tardy response and this probably doesn't even help you at this point. If you have decided to YogaPoint I hope you had a fabulous time. If not and you are still considering it, I would certainly recommend them. I had a very enjoyable time learning yoga and the actual teachers for the physical yoga aspect were awesome. I will admit that some of the classes that were more sit down and learn classes were tedious. Not that I thought we shouldn't be learning such things, just that some teachers are a bit less charismatic than others. However the location is gorgeous, the place is clean, the food is awesome and the other students were great. I would recommend YogaPoints for sure.
From Blog: Ashram Life
6th November 2014

Information about Vietnam tourist visa for Indians
I want like to share some information which will be useful to Vietnam visa for Indians Passport holders who are planning to visit Vietnam as tourist. Some information as follows: - Indian Passport holders no longer can get on arrival visa at Vietnam airport's. - Indian Passport holders get maximum 15 days stay visa from Vietnamese embassy in India. - Indivisual has to go personally at Vietnamesy embassy in India to get visa. And you can apply for online visa through the ( I hope that will be helping you.
5th May 2014

Indian visa in Hanoi
We just got our Indian visa in Hanoi, in 4 days. We were given a 4 month visa, even though we asked for 3 month visa. It is a single entry visa. We filled out the forms online, and printed them off and brought them with us. We also had 2 hostel world bookings but they didn't even look at those and handed them back to us. They also gave us back our photocopies of our Vietnam visa, our passports and our entry stamps. All he kept was the forms, our passports and passport photos. The visa cost 63 USD each. I think since they announced back in February that from September, you can get visa on arrival, they have made the process alot easier and stress free when applying at embassies. We wern't asked any questions in the embassy, just sat down for 5 minutes and told to come back today to pick them up. So what they wanted was Our Irish passports Passport photos Printed off forms. They didn't even look at and handed back the following to us Photocopies of our passports, Vietnamese visa, entry stamp Hostel world bookings. A very easy process overall.
10th April 2013

We loved, loved, loved the Filipino food.
We've traveled extensively and the Philippines was an unexpected treasure. They do not do a good job marketing themselves. The food, the people, and the beauty of the country are top shelf. Looks like you had a great time.
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10th April 2013

Hello Erin,
I've discovered your blogs today and have enjoyed reading a few. I look forward to reading about your quest to become a yogi master...ok, maybe not, but enough to teach a few things. Great adventures. Keep those blogs coming.
10th April 2013

I am so glad you can get comfortable on an airport floor! Certainly not many people can do what you do and actually make it sound alright. You my dear have the perfect temperament to travel the world on a shoe-string. Your time in Asia sounds pretty incredible and I am so glad you shared it with your informative and witty writing. On to India, and what will surely be another interesting adventure!
10th April 2013

Hello Erin! I somehow, just started getting your travel blogs after not hearing from you in a long time. I love what you are doing but I am not sure what you HAVE been doing. You spent time in the Peace Corp. I think and now you're traveling around by yourself? What are you onto next? and for how long will you be traveling about? Good luck to you and be safe. Lucille
2nd April 2013

Oh My!
I can't help, but comment because I suddenly miss Philippino food. Been to the PH once and I was pleasantly surprised with the cuisine. Sisig, adobo and halo-halo!! If you're still there, go look for those crispy fried tilapias and bangus (milkfish, I think), siniggang soup, karekare and tinola chicken.
From Blog: Filipino Food!
2nd April 2013

I had no idea I would enjoy sisig so much but it was so good! Thanks for the recommendations! I'm on a serious hunt for Kare Kare but haven't found it yet!
From Blog: Filipino Food!
31st March 2013

Happy Easter Greetings
Hi Erin, All of your blogs are awesome. The photos are amazing too. Where is your next destination? Keep blogging and good luck with your next adventure. Love ya, Aunt Linda
1st April 2013

Next adventure!
Chilling here in the Philippines and than India and who knows what adventure comes next
31st March 2013

Hi Erin, It sounds so amazing where you are. Sitting here on this gray, cold, rainy day makes the beaches there sound beautiful. We are all waiting patiently for any sun and warm by this time of spring. Am glad to hear that you are keeping up with your running so you will be ready for the spring lake 5! I am still training for the half on april 20th. Have had a sore leg so am getting worried cause it doesnt seem to be responding to rest. I will probably be crippled by the time I finish! stay safe and have fun! tty soon!
29th March 2013

India visa in hanoi
You need two passport sized photos, when I got there they only took one. Make sure your not wearing your glasses in the photo, apparently they aren't a fan of that.
26th March 2013

Nice way to travel
This sounds much better then the bus ride from Vietnam to Laos! The kwekkwek looks good, I was so afraid it was something funky.
23rd March 2013

Smidge of off roading??? I could only imagine!
26th March 2013

You don't want to it was a bit horrifying
19th March 2013

Crazy Bus Ride!
Only you could somehow make this bus ride funny! So was it worth saving $150.? I think so!
22nd March 2013

30 hours piece of cake
Wish I did have some cake, but otherwise it was totally worth it. Plus I love a good story and a one hour plane ride would never give me a story like that!
6th March 2013

Erin , you are awsome and brave for experiencing the world this way! Stay safe....
From Blog: It's Official
12th March 2013

Thanks Nancy!!
From Blog: It's Official

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