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23rd November 2016
Herbs and potions for sale

Question for whom it may concern.
So my first question is since i'm only 18 can i still take this stuff? Second question is where can i buy this stuff in Canada, can i buy it online because i've been looking for a while and cant find anything? If someone can give me a quick response that would be great.
15th June 2015

North Korea is the most miserable place on earth. it is the absolute worst dictatorship and totalitarian state the world has ever seen. no freedom, no food, no electricity, cell phones, computers, cars ect and tons of concentration camps to keep the people fear-filled and in total obedience. I have seen quite a few interviews with defectors and the horrors that these people have to endure are unimaginable. even though they have been brainwashed from birth and are shut off from the rest of the world, many of them still know that their lives in NK are far worse than other countries and when the "Dear Leader" died, one woman said that some people would put saliva in their eyes to make it seem like they were crying because the government, as always, was watching them to see who was really distraught and showed the proper emotion/ grief/ despair. another defector said that the people are in constant fear of being sent away from Pyongyang, where the "privileged" get to live. they put on a good show for the very few foreigners who are actually brave enough to make the trip to Pyongyang, but all those big, high-rise motels are just for show and there is NEVER anyone staying in them except for the foreigners themselves. and the electricity is always going out, even there. Every trip is monitored and controlled by the government, but thanks to all the defectors who are now speaking out, as well as hidden camera footage taken by some very brave people, we know just how deplorable the conditions are in this country. people starving to death and eating tree barks and grass to survive, people having to bow to statues of the "Dear Leader" and wear pins with his face on them and get special cloths to wipe down framed pictures of him and Kim Jong Un in their homes, no outside (western/ American) influences that just about every country in the world has, like Coca-Cola, Hollywood films, mcdonald's, Disney, popular music (they have no idea of artists that are known worldwide like the Beatles, Michael Jackson ect) and absolutely NO FREEDOM whatsoever. it is a country ruled by fear, oppression and tyranny and my heart goes out to the poor people living in this nightmare. I can only hope that one day, these people will be allowed the freedoms and rights that EVERY human being should have.
5th January 2015
The Sugarloaf

The Sugarloaf
Great Sugar Loaf Mountain dominates the skyline as you drive south from Dublin into Wicklow. This unique mountains stands apart from the rest of the upland and is instantly recognisable by its conical shape. The route starts in a car park on Red Lane under a concrete arch. The obvious track leads you up onto a shoulder where the track turns right with loose rock underfoot. A steep climb brings you to the summit
20th February 2014
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21st October 2013
But an 70's sloppy hanging mustage is not appreciated.

Hahhaha that men is king! :D
17th October 2013
Are we still on the road???

My kinda road
I've posted this on the "Follow that Road" thread
7th June 2012
Dourou Mosque

I did a blog on the Mud Mosques of Mali...I love this one from you
10th October 2011

Lahore is Great city that rich in civilization.
11th April 2011
The Dear Leader

bad bad bad
4th March 2011
The Dutch team according the Colombians...

Brilliant :-) I love that Chuck Norris is in there :-D
15th January 2011
Agi and her Paki buddy!!!

shabir gharshin
asallamu alikum
28th December 2010

Great Presents
You two will make good presents to your parents after being away for some time. Happy new year, and thanks for sharing this blog .
27th December 2010

well hey, thanks for sharing your experiences! i enjoyed your trip very much (although pretty sure not as much as you did), and many stories and pictures were shared. travel is indeed one of the biggest eyeopeners one can get on this planet, so thanks so much again. i hope your Christmas was extra Merry, and your New Year will be extra Happy =) KZ
21st December 2010
Beverly Camp Ground

finally a pic
great place....
From Blog: FIJI
19th December 2010

Great pics
Wow, a whale shark so close, impressive. But the other pics are good as well. Profi camera divemaster I guess?
14th December 2010

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11th December 2010

Hey Ed, great, enjoy! One advice when you go to Mali: take proper Malaria prophylaxis during your visit. We took Lariam, but Chris still got it and he was just released from the hospital yesterday. Thanks God by the time he got the sympthoms we were in Morocco and he got treated in a good hospital. Best wishes, Agnes and Chris Ps: it's also possible that he got the malaria somewhere else earlier, but the doctors suspected Mali...
11th December 2010

Have just discovered your blogs and am loving them. We seem to have been to many of the same places - Argentina, Peru, Rio Javari, Vanuatu, Mongolia, Siberia, Yunnan, Guanxi! I haven't been to Mali though and it's pretty much at the top of my wish list so this blog is very interesting - thanks!
30th November 2010

Congratulations, on your first Featured Blog! :)
24th November 2010

''..but the opportunistic haggling..... '' I think, that might be all over Africa. I was mercilessly pestered with it in Uganda, Kenya and Egypt. I haven't been to the other African countries yet. In fact, I haven't been to Africa at all for over 10 years, so about time I started making plans to get there again... :)
20th November 2010
The crapping pants

lol sadly we saw exactly the same thing.
20th November 2010
Royal dignitaries...

lol we have got exactly the same picture from Beijing!
From Blog: Beijing
18th November 2010

hi from Luxembourg
Hi, just to say to you and Agi hello from your ex-EDS colleagues from Luxembourg. We see that you enjoyed your trip and we are happy for you. we are visiting the world with you and it is also very nice. Cheers Delphine
18th October 2010

Hey C&A, isn't now time to settle down? Get married (if not already happened in Vegas!), get kids. C, do not want to spook you :) great news from here. Lise is getting a brother. Have fun, as long as you can. greetz S&I&L&?
6th September 2010
Welcom to Iquitos

You can't be a real country unless you have a beer and an airline. It helps if you have some kind of a football team, or some nuclear weapons, but at the very least you need a beer.

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