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Nigel O Mahony

Nigel O Mahony

Hey my name is Nigel, I'm Irish and I love travelling. I just started a new job on the JET program here in Japan and hope to stay for a few years and share my stories!

Asia » Japan » Fukui May 21st 2013

Spring Break and Beyond! Since I last wrote, I was lucky enough to have 3 of my friends from back home come to visit. We decided that the spring vacation (Spring break Woooo!) was the best time to visit, as the winter snow would be mostly melted, and summer’s vicious heat is far off. The first day we all met up, was St. Patrick’s Day in Tokyo. My good friend Kevin had literally just arrived with a supply drop from my mom (goofy green hats, Irish inflatable hammers etc) before we had to pull a legger (run as fast as possible) to get to the parade. There was plenty of Irish snacks, tea, t-shirts and letters from other friends back home too…Thanks everybody! The parade was massively bigger than what I expected, and is actually the ... read more
How Irish can you get!

Asia » Japan » Fukui January 19th 2013

I have finished my first full semester of teaching in Japan. It has been mostly awesome, with a little dash of frustration thrown in there to keep me on my toes. Teaching English on the JET program is not a normal job, so some days are absolutely great, like caroling, playing silly games and bringing Christmas cheer to a number of local schools, while others can be full of no responsibility around exam time, when there are no classes to teach or prepare. Here’s a general round up of what I’ve been up to. Christmas Caroling My nearest city is one of the few places that get the local JETs to join up together to do some Christmas caroling. One of the highlights of my year so far for sure! Myself and 4 other junior high ... read more
Paper, Rock Scissors
Christmas Card
Eat snow fool!

Asia » Japan » Fukui October 15th 2012

Hello, my name is Nigeria, and I come from Iceland. This is the inevitable impression I have to battle against in my introduction classes. My name is tricky to pronounce for my students here, so I get that they find Nigel hard to say, but I am still baffled as to why they have no idea what or where Ireland is. Well I’m not really surprised that they don't know about Ireland, but more that they do know about Iceland. I don’t think kids in Europe would know exactly where Iceland is; yet 90% of these kids know exactly where it is. They always point out Iceland on the map when I bribe them with coins to guess where Ireland is (even after I’ve showed them the map of what Ireland looks like!). They sometimes even ... read more
Bad-man Training

Asia » Japan » Shizuoka » Mt Fuji September 13th 2012

Initiation The infamous Fuji trip was upon us, organised by our cruel overlords on the FJET council (social event organisers). Each year our prefecture’s new ALTs (Assistant Language Teachers) get together to tackle the countries highest peak, and probably the most photographed mountain/volcano in the world, Mount Fuji. Even with a modest amount of trekking under my belt, it was a tough slog, and an unforgettable experience. At 3,776m it is well over 3 times the height of Irelands highest mountain, Carrauntoohill, and for the average person it is a significant undertaking! About 20 wide-eyed, eager first year Fukui ALTs (plus 3 Irish buddies from Hyogo) felt up to the task and signed up. Not all made it to the summit, and pretty much everyone was absolutely ‘flahed’ by the end of it…. but we had ... read more
Bring it on!
Fighting Irish
Tired lads!

Asia » Japan » Fukui August 21st 2012

Jet Program Nearly 10 months after handing in my application for the JET (Japanese Exchange and Training) program, here I am, finally in Japan. I knew I wanted to teach English abroad somewhere, and by far and away the JET program was the best of all the options I saw. It is the largest exchange and training program in the world! It differs from other TEFL jobs mainly because the Japanese government directly hires you through their embassy in your home country. The JET community is very large and useful, and I have contacts in every prefecture in Japan, so it is amazing for travelling in not just Fukui, but all of Japan! The other big difference is that half our job on JET is teaching English, the other half is teaching and learning culture or ... read more
Kencho building
Irish Ambassadors Residence

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » New Delhi January 24th 2011

“I will worry about you two every day until you come back” Namaskar Guest House Owner We returned to our guest house, Namaskar, which is a very reasonable option with a wide range of rooms, and run by two very helpful brothers who helped us getting bikes and planning the trip in general. They kept our luggage nice and safe for the two weeks and gave us a big smile when they saw we had safely returned. It was nice to be back on solid ground after our 2 week bike trip. It also felt nice to be familiar with a city, kind of like meeting an old friend. We’re back baby…back in the noisy tourist hotspot of Paharganj! Paharganj The area near the New Delhi Railway Station is a major tourist hub, and as such ... read more
Your slightly overloaded mate!
Our Cycle Rickshaw Driver
Archway Silhouette

Asia » India » Rajasthan January 15th 2011

Vital statistics: -Total Distance: 2700km -Longest Day: Day 9, Udaipur to Jodhpur at 12 hours -Falls: 1 on gravel(day 9), 1 on sand(day 14) -Punctures: 1 on Day 9 (overtaking a big truck) -Close Calls: every second day -Closest Call: Day 14, Rich getting run off the road by a tractor at about 50kmph (still don’t know how he kept it together, on what was essentially rubble, and didn’t crash) -Engines damaged: mine on day 12, Richies’ on day 15 lol (Piston knocking) -Cows seen on road: circa 5000 -Most common hazards: Merging traffic, camels, roundabouts(they’re a hoot), cows, local busses, dogs, local busses, bricks, local busses, gravel, local busses, potholes, LOCAL BUSSES -Traffic Police: none seen in 15 days outside Delhi -Worst roads: Day 15 -Most dangerous traffic: Day 15 -Did I mention day 15 ... read more
Push-ups Prayer Style
Taj-like Temple

Asia » India » West Bengal » Kolkata January 10th 2011

Kolkata was the capital of India during the time of the British Raj. It has a population of nearly 15 million and has a fearsome reputation, along with Mumbai, of being extremely hectic and overwhelming. Our experience wasn’t too bad; in fact I quite liked most parts of it! We viewed some impressive British architecture, went to a cool club, and mingled with locals in some of the very modern main streets. Of course it was busy on the streets, all Indian cities are, but it’s exciting watching the hustle and bustle of rickshaws, trams and taxis, which make it like a game of ‘Frogger’ when crossing the road. Walking down the street you’ll see people building furniture, taking apart computers, sleeping on the road, bamboo scaffolding, shoe shiners and package wrappers, most of which we’d ... read more
Richie at Queen Vic
St. Pauls
Taking a Rest

Asia » India » West Bengal » Darjeeling January 8th 2011

Darjeeling used to be the main British hill top retreat when the Raj was ruled from Calcutta. From here they could manage the empire during the stifling heat of the Indian summer. And my what a spot they picked! Situated in the north-east of the country, up high in the hills with magnificent views of the Himalayas, and rolling tea plantations covering the hillsides, it is one of my favourite spots in Asia. It is like a different country compared to the rest of India, more like Tibet or Nepal. Many Tibetan refugees fled here when China annexed Tibet, and Nepali workers used to tend to the plantations, so an interesting cultural diversity exists here. Darj is clean and spacious (no dust and it even had bins!), has some beautiful guest houses, and the people were ... read more
Best Buds
Red Panda
Here's to Tenzing!

Asia » India » Uttar Pradesh » Varanasi January 1st 2011

“Yep... that’s our throttle cable”, said Richard very matter of factly. “Bollocks anyway”, I thought... We were still one hour from the Indian/Nepali border at Sonauli, and we had only 2 hours to make it to our connecting bus on the Indian side of the border. And we still had to visit the visa lads on either side of the border to get checked out of Nepal, and then get checked into India... but now we could see our bus driver holding the removed throttle cable in his hand. A slight problem... We had stopped at a roadside truck stop, with the usual local eateries, tire wallahs, and amazing mechanics on hand. I watched the mechanic, who was covered head to toe in oil and grease, jump underneath the bus with nothing more than a spanner. ... read more
Random Rubbish on the street
Helping the needy
Big water buffalo

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