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5th March 2013

Brilliant blog Nige...
Hi Nige, absolutely fascinating reading your interesting, fun and so articulate...fab! I loved Japan and your love for it is obvious! The folks are going to be blown away! Wishing you many more great months in Japan, love Chris
21st April 2013

Hey Christine! Didn't spot you comment until now! Yes, having an absolute belter of a time at the moment :-) I decided to stay for a second year aswell! Really looking forward to the folks coming over for the summer! Going to be such a different holiday for them! Hope Ciaran, Dan, Tyler and yourself are doing great :-)!
17th October 2012

Good stuff
Always enjoy your writing style, it's very readable. Never knew the red diagonal on the union jack was supposed to be Ireland, always thought it was Wales. Well you learn something new in every blog :)
20th October 2012

Cheers Des! Ya I know right, its pretty crazy, there has been some talk about them putting a dragon on the Union Jack to rerpresent Wales too!
16th October 2012

Story horse
Good read man, ill be keeping an eye on this page :) Sounds like your having a lot of fun.
20th October 2012

Thanks Vaughan my man! It's really good fun at the moment! Hope the new course is going well!!
20th October 2012

Thanks Vaughan my man! It's really good fun at the moment! Hope the new course is going well!!
20th October 2012

Thanks Vaughan my man! It's really good fun at the moment! Hope the new course is going well!!
14th September 2012

Fair play langer!!
Hey Nige, just came across your Mt Fugi blog, fair play to ya!! It's on my to do list too!! Blog is really well written too... You're becoming something of a poet!! Mind itself, bernie
From Blog: Mount Fuji
15th September 2012

Nice one gurrll
Cheers Bernie! Poet is a fair bit of a stretch lol! Real good to hear from ya! How is the old primary teaching treating ya? Well I should be here for at least two years I'm thinking, so if your thinking of doing it or coming to japan let me know!!
From Blog: Mount Fuji
22nd April 2011

I can't really remember the tune, but when the films comes out in the summer I'll post a link :-)
12th April 2011

How was the song you shot for?
1st March 2011

Thanks everyone, it really was amazing and I'm glad to share the journey with everyone :-)
1st March 2011

Hi thanks for clearing that up:-) Heard about some troubles there at the moment, hope ye are all okay. I'm thinking of you Darj!
1st March 2011

Hi mate, immensely enjoy yopur blogs as you travel around India. Am in awe of the 2700 km journey you did on the back of your motor bike. Anyways, no offence, but Darjeeling do not want to breakaway from India. What they want is a split from the state of West Bengal & become a new state. Just thought I should make this clear. Again, no offence. There is another bike ride you can do, Delhi to Ladakh, via Manali. It is awesome. Not sure if the weather at this time will allow it, but perhaps something to ponder for future. Kind Regards.
28th February 2011

Amazing Trip Nige!!! BTW all ur blogs concerning ur travels are really interesting, drole and well written! Rose
28th February 2011

WOW !!!!
you guys had one hell of an amazing trip!! And i thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog..thanks for such an entertaining blog!!! I am so jealous of u guys right now ;)
28th February 2011

great pics dude....just amazing,i also had an hell of a time during my road trip to rajasthan ;
17th February 2011

Wish I was there! :)
17th February 2011

Thanks very much guys. I'm a big fan of your blogs so that means a lot:-)
16th February 2011

Brilliant Blog!
Well written, easily readable with some terrific pics. I'm sticking you on my Recommended List!!
11th February 2011

no they just wanna have separate province gurkhaland as 30th state of India and of course separate from both west Bengal and sikkim
10th February 2011

Thanks for d info:-) so is that to seperate from west bengal? And will they join with sikkim or any others?
9th February 2011

amazing blog
just one correction they want to have a separate state in india called gurkhaland not to separate from india

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