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Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel December 31st 2010

Kathmandu – Home Sweet Home Its funny how a place that felt completely alien to us 3 weeks prior on arrival, now on our return seemed like our home. We expected cows to be patrolling the streets, we expected rubbish to be all over the place, we expected people to be trying to push tiger balm on us like it was the absolute business! We strolled around the streets of Thamel relaxed and feeling like locals; we knew where to get jacks paper and Cadbury's treats now... we were invincible! No amount of tiger balm or chessboard toting touts could put a damper on our day:-) We were lucky to get to Kathmandu that day at all though as we had missed the tourist bus, which leaves Pokhara daily at the insanely early time of 8am. ... read more
Look I'm a skellington
Feed the birds, tuppence a bag
Thats a whole load of prayer flags right there

Asia » Nepal » Pokhara December 26th 2010

Pokhara – Its festival time you know “Inside the bus is full Nigel” Our guide Sunil said. “Okay sure” I replied “sure we can just wait for the next one”. In a calm confident manner Sunil suggested something else.. “No No we go on roof...its better you know”. In Nepal the buses have big roof racks for luggage, which are regularly used as an overflow when the bus gets full. Its not exactly comfortable...or safe....or legal for the matter, but on mountain the locals don't worry about such trivialities. Up I went and tried to make myself as comfortable as possible, putting my bag behind my back as a shock absorber, and sprawling my legs out across the metal bars. Copying my guide I sat with my back to the side of the bus against the ... read more
Its better  you know
our 12 year old bus driver
gas canister  on bus

Asia » Nepal » Annapurna » Annapurna Circuit December 1st 2010

To the Heart of the Himalayas It was the eve of battle and the Paddy's were ready for anything the mountain could throw at them, armed with an Annapurna guide, our backpacks and this mornings Himalaya newspaper! Not to mention our guide with 11 years experience in the Himalayas... :-) We had an early 5am start, a quick breakfast, an even quicker prayer that our luggage would be ok in the safe keeping of a Nepalese dude with a bad moustache at our guest house, and we were off! We needed to get a local bus to Besi-Sahar, the start of our Annapurna trek, which lies about 140km to the west of Kathmandu. This was one of the most memorable journeys I have ever had. We arrived at the 'new bus station' where heaps of locals ... read more
The sub-alpine terrain
Gangapurna lake
Sunrise at Poon Hill

Asia » Nepal » Kathmandu » Thamel November 17th 2010

Kicking back in Kathmandu “Excuse me Sir, but you have a knife in your carry on bag” .......Not the greatest way to start my big 6 month trip around Asia, with all my experience after nearly a year and 9 months of travelling! At the last minute, before leaving for Cairns airport, I decided to put my medical bag in my carry on, but forgot about my penknife....dope! Needless to say I got chosen for the explosive swab test aswell... at least they didn't have a full cavity search. On the bright side not one of my 4 connecting flights from Cairns to Kathmandu were delayed over the 30 hour journey! It was time to start my long winded voyage back to Ireland. I miss my family and friends so it is nice to know that ... read more
Richie in Singapore
Durbar Square
Me and  Kev in Durbar Sq

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