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Asia » Cambodia January 31st 2013

I had a touch of gastro on Monday morning so decided not to go to school. I was feeling a lot better by the evening so Ginny and I invited a new English volunteer, who had only just arrived, to Pub Street for a meal. It will be a short week for us, as Friday and the following Monday are both public holidays, giving us a four day weekend. The reason for this is the King Father's cremation. King Sihanouk passed away on the 15th October last year, and following royal tradition, has been lying in state at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh for the past three months. His coffin will be carried through the streets, from the Royal Palace to a funeral pyre in a nearby park, this Friday 1st February. Over 100,000 mourners ... read more
Lots of Helpers!
Busted Bike!
Who's the Scarecrow?

Asia » Cambodia January 27th 2013

It's the weekend! No work for us so we're off to a slow start again, after all, what's the rush? We bummed a lift to Pub Street with other volunteers who just happened to be leaving Globalteer House at the same time we were. We need to get our visas extended and have to hand our passports in to a travel agent there. Our 3 month extension cost us $80.00 each. Whilst in the travel agent, we purchased bus tickets to Battambang, where we plan to go next weekend. We hadn't yet treated ourselves to a massage, so decided today was the day. We could have entered any number of salons or spas around town and been given VIP treatment at a price far less than home, but we had already decided where we were going ... read more
Fuel Station
This Little Pig..
Cambodian Countryside

Asia » Cambodia January 26th 2013

We started our working week with a volunteer meeting on Monday morning. Ideas were tossed around, grievances aired and things generally sorted. These meetings will be held regularly from now on, as it's good to get feedback, and hear the problems others may be having. Later in the day we had an escorted walk through the neighbouring village, where a lot of our students lived. This was to make us aware of their living conditions and to give us an idea of the adversity they face at home every day. No cameras were allowed. The village was little more than a shanty town, homes built from whatever they could find - bamboo, sheets of corrugated iron and lengths of timber. Most homes were one room with a lean-to on the front or side. Most had no ... read more
Reading Stories
Assembly at 8.00am
Industrious Students

Asia » Cambodia January 21st 2013

It's the weekend in Siem Reap and we have no school. The kids aren't so lucky, I'm afraid, because it's just another school day for them. ABC's & Rice is closed but the State schools are open and the kids are expected to attend. We got off to a slow start this morning, in weekend mode already. Ginny had a few things to sort/purchase so we rode our bikes to Pub Street to get our errands done. The quickest route there takes us down a side street which follows the walls of Wat Preah Prom Rath for part of the way, 'wat' meaning temple in Cambodian. This is the oldest, continuously operating monastery in Siem Reap, with a history dating back 500 years. The day didn't get off to a good start, when we witnessed a ... read more
Curious Puss!
Shutters in an alleyway
Local Ladies

Asia » Cambodia January 19th 2013

We were up early on Tuesday, with mixed feelings about starting our first real day at school. Neither of us has any classroom experience but it wasn't a requirement to teach at ABC's & Rice. It certainly would have been handy to have some idea where to start, so we'll be feeling our way for a little while. We decided to take a tuk tuk for our first morning. We had been given bicycles to ride but had no idea how to get there! So, armed with pen and paper to write down the directions, we hopped into our little taxi and headed off. There seems to be a serious lack of street signs in Siem Reap, so we planned our route by jotting down landmarks. A day at school for the children at ABC's & ... read more
Departing Volunteers
First Aid
A Brave Little Boy

Asia » Cambodia January 15th 2013

We woke bright and early for our first morning in Cambodia. We got ourselves and our luggage sorted and headed downstairs, looking for breakfast. We sat at one of the outside tables, only metres from the dusty street and placed our order. Whilst we waited we chatted with three young American guys at the next table, who had just arrived in Siem Reap from China. Everyone here has an interesting story to tell. Earlier we had met an English lady doing yoga on the verandah. She was a photographer, travelling the world taking photos for her own magazine, and had been in Cambodia for eight months. Not long after we had finished a very hearty breakfast, Ryan from Globalteer arrived with two tuks tuks, one for us and one for the luggage. We all piled in ... read more
Outside Rosy Guesthouse
My bedroom at Globalteer House
My bedroom at Globalteer House

Asia » Cambodia January 14th 2013

We woke to overcast skies again this morning, and didn't leave the hotel until 10.30am. We had to be on our way to the airport by midday so didn't have a lot of time to waste. We headed back to that 'particularly good bakery' for breakfast treats again. The streets were buzzing already and I managed to get in some quick retail therapy and purchased a lovely white howlite crystal Buddha for my collection. We headed back to the hotel, checked out, and caught a taxi to the airport. First task on arrival in Siem Reap airport was to get our visas. We filled out the application form, made sure we had our passports, a passport photo and $25USD on hand, then joined the queue. The process was quick and painless, we then passed through immigration ... read more
Our Bathroom - Rosy Guesthouse
Our Bedroom - Rosy Guesthouse
Verandah Area at Rosy's

Asia » Singapore January 13th 2013

We woke to overcast skies on Saturday morning and decided to spend the day doing some sightseeing via a hop on/off tourist bus service. I bought tickets online with my iPad and we headed out into the streets full of optimism. A quick stop at a particularly good bakery for some breakfast pastries and we were on our way. Well, that's what we thought anyway... We weren't out there long before we realised that we had no idea which bus stop we needed to be at, or at what time, so we retraced our steps back to the hotel where we had Internet access. Further investigation was required. We decided the best idea was to get ourselves to Suntec City Mall, which was the first and last stop on the bus route. Soon we're on our ... read more
Little India street
Veges for sale - little India Market
Food bowls for sale - Little India markets

Asia » Singapore January 13th 2013

Finally, after months of planning, it's time to go! My zippy little hire car got me to the Gold Coast Airport in record time, for my 9.30am flight to Singapore, with Scoot Airlines. The flight was running late, but eventually we were airborne. The plane was packed with a bum on every seat. I settled in, book and iPad on hand, to help pass the seven hour flight. Scoot is a budget airline, a subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, and, like all budget flights these days, everything costs extra. Like a sandwich or croissant? That will be $8 please. How about a container of Tom Yam Noodles, topped up with hot water? Another $5.I had ordered a ham and salad croissant during my online booking process and knew when I received it, I was in for a ... read more

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