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A Canadian girl & boy on pursuit of adventure in Australia!

Well, we're on our way.... in Canberra right now at this awesome hotel I got for a sweet deal on Hotwire. We are definitely out of place here... everyone is in suits and all fancy. And we, as you may have guessed are not travelling in suits Non the less, its been very nice for one night!! We would love to stay longer in Canberra (we only arrived at 5pm yesterday) and actually see a bit of it as it seems like a very nice city... but, we have a bus to Jindabyne in about 2 hours. Oh well, maybe on our next adventure after the ski hill closes. The city reminds us of a Canadian city in fall. Lots of leaves on the ground and office type buildings. Not too sure where we are staying ... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Willoughby June 19th 2010

So today is our last day in Sydney. Been so awesome being here!! We both love this city a lot. We are heading down to Canberra tomorrow on a bus and are staying there for one night then up to the hill for the season Yay!!! Will be nice to be in one place for longer than 3 or 4 days. We've been mostly just chillin since our last blog entry. I hurt my foot (my own fault really - walking mega distances in my bloody flip flops) so just been trying to take it easy....feeling mostly better now though. Yesterday we stumbled on this square about a 10 min walk from our hotel with free wireless and it's so so so much faster than the McD's connections we've been using! And while Ben was doing ... read more
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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » North Ryde June 16th 2010

So, we've moved locations. Now in North Sydney area. By an amusement park... will check that out tomorrow! We have 15 minutes of free internet, so I thought I'd write a quick entry. Went for a nice stroll and stumbled into a home store with the most expensive stuff I've ever seen... a key chain for $75!!! WTF!?? Our taxi driver said we sounded half Australian and half Canadian... not sure if he was just messing with us, but it was funny non the less Had a drink and some appies at a cool little pub down the street. Overall a great day!! Thinking of Amy and Shawn lots today.... S & B... read more

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Darling Harbour June 14th 2010

So we've discovered McDonald's free internet!! Decided to take a few hours this morning and update the blog and book some buses and hotels. DAY 1-ish - flying, waiting, flying, waiting some more.... basically describes our trip to get over here. The wait in LA was pretty brutal. Spent 9 long hours there. Think the Australia flights are in the most desolate part of that airport. Van airport was way nicer!! We mostly took turns sleeping on the floor while the other person tried to stay awake and watch our bags. The plane over here was pretty big and awesome!! Had the full 3 seats to ourselves so that helped.... but a long long flight!! We got here and weren't able to check into the hotel until noon.... so we wandered around Hyde Park for 3+ ... read more
Anzac Bldg
Sydney Tower
So tired

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Manly June 12th 2010

So just a quick note.... will write more details soon. No wireless at the hotel ..... We went to Sydney Tower, Sydney Harbour and are now currently sitting outside at a pub at Manly beach. Spent the afternoon walking around and watching some seriously awesome surfing.... so sweet!! Have a ton of pics to put up.... we've got some amazing ones on the camera. Tomorrow we're going to bite the bullet and pay for some internet time.... Hope all is well with everyone.... S & B ... read more

North America » United States » California » Los Angeles » LAX June 9th 2010

So we made it to LA. Such a long wait still.... been here for 4 hours - 5 to go . No free wireless here... bastards!! I just got a starbucks... 3 coffees and counting today. Not bad considering we slept for less than 3 hours last night (well this morning really) and have been in airports since 5 am. Actually pretty conservative compared to my usual caffeine consumption in a 12 hour day shift! Van is a way nicer airport... or at least compared to the part of LAX we've been confined to. One awesome thing... we landed here at 1:15 and were banking on having to lug our weighty bags around until 3 hours before departure... we took a chance and were first in line at the VAustralia counter at 2:30 when they opened ... read more

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vancouver » YVR June 8th 2010

We're in Vancouver airport... almost there!! Ha ha! Is it too early to start drinking? So far so good....US customs are very joking allowed...."come on people" ... read more
Waiting in Vancouver...

North America » Canada » British Columbia » Vernon June 7th 2010

The 1 day mark is finally here!!! This is crazy... It honestly doesn't feel real yet. Don't think it will until we're sitting on the plane getting ready to take off. For now it just feels like a couple week vacation So I'm going to give this blogging a go... thanks Amy for setting it up for me. Not sure if I'll be able to figure out all the ins and outs of this thing.... but we'll see! I'm off to pack... which is turning into a much harder task than I thought!! S ... read more

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