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18th April 2010

hi I've been here in Melbourne since end of January and you'll see from my other posts on Melbourne that there is 'much' to the city. Cultural side of the city - a post is to come.
17th April 2010

I thought your post was quite funny, so there is not much to Melbourne then? how long have you been there?
10th April 2010

Homesick for Melbourne now :·. It's a great place. Loving cat in pot :D, Di
27th March 2010

considering burma
Hey I just found your blog because I'm bored in Phuket and thinking about heading to Burma. Love the first post 'the beginning of All Things' and hope to read through the whole blog section on Burma. I'm a traveler and blogger too so I just wanted to post to let you know I'm reading - I always say blogging feels like posting into a black hole since few people ever comment. Hope you get to see the end of When Harry Met Sally. Funny movie.
12th February 2010

I soo agree on the Falls part, have seen so many by now it almost gets boring. Feel spoiled and in no position to complain, then again, I get comments from the homefront: could I please post other pics instead of all the water falling of yet another rock. (Snug as a bug? Embarrasing, but I actually laughed out loud in this public internet place. I will remember!) xx
9th February 2010

Haha - I think there's a similar one that I read about -which is a bit rude too. Other factoids coming up in next instalment. Tassie is an interesting place!
9th February 2010

You missed out one of my favourite Tassie-related tidbits in your list of facts. You should have drawn attention to the phrase a 'Mapatazzie', meaning something equally pleasant, and similar in shape.
5th February 2010

Hey mister It's time to leave the Commonwealth of England and naturalise youre way into the United Provinces of the Netherlands. Youre one of us now US !
16th December 2009

yeh it would be nice...but it is expensive here also and if I was to get my licence I'd have to do another test in the UK after three years.
16th December 2009

I reckon that now could be a good time to get those lessons in ... ?
16th December 2009

yes it matters
Hi Phil....thanks for the condescension...but you didn't actually point out any "errors" nor "misguided opinions". Happy to discuss or make factual amendments. RE: Sir Robert Grainger Ker Thompson
16th December 2009

Does it Matter?
Actually a pretty cool site and tour of the DMZ. You are oh so wrong in some of the statements about the war. Factually wrong as well as philosophically. Probably not worth worrying over, but I always feel the need to point out errors and misguided opinions. Still like the site and descriptions. cheers
25th November 2009

Hey so I read your post, good to see that you found some work. I like your commute on a bike much better than mine in a car. How is the book on the history of Austarlia so far? Eric
16th November 2009

loving that adam and stacy pic
17th October 2009

I am wise
So you did quote my ranga definition huh? you are so not up to date then with your blog if thats where ur up to - dust storms! Oh and u stole my pic! thatll be worth something one day ;)
30th September 2009

Thanks for the comment PA - you've done some incredible travelling and you are clearly dedicated to the travel blog - me too! Keep it up!
30th September 2009

Hello San San I'm glad I was able to bring back memories of your home town - we had a good time and the smiles will always be remembered! In fact the further I am away from Burma the stronger my desire to return - it's a special place and the people are wonderful. I hope you are able to return soon too... Aung San Suu Ky forever!
29th September 2009

I was there few years ago and it was my first attempt at rafting...since then, done few more rivers all over the place. Didn't bother with the day-trip diving as it looked way to crowded, but hope to do one day a liveaboard on the's fun to read your blog!
19th September 2009

My childhood place
John, Thank you for bringing up all memories of my childhood which I grow up Bhamo, North part of Burma. I am living in Canada for many years but I can never forget my hometown. Since I left Bhamo I always missed there. Someday I love to visit there again.
11th September 2009

It's tough here too AJ, I've been in Brisbane two weeks and trying not to get's hard finding work! Well done on booking a ticket!
10th September 2009

Wow, looks like a pretty good trip ! I am struggling in The Netherlands for a job, ignoring the bills. What a differance ! I am booking this week for Australia. Aiming for the east coast half januari. Greets, AJ
3rd September 2009

at last!
Finally! A non abusive comment on my blog! Thank you kateboo!
2nd September 2009

The Grand Tour
Your blog is hilarious. You sound like a Victorian Gentleman recording with ennuie the exploits of his travelling companions on a Grand Tour. You must be an aspiring writer or sumfink...
19th July 2009

sunken boat metaphor for trip. stripper pic would be slightly inappropriate!
17th July 2009

I guess its better to see pic of stripper than sunken boat.

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