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8th October 2010

Blogger of the week
Hello Sepulchre :) Congratulations! :) You are the Blogger of the Week. Your future blogs will be displayed in the Blogger of the Week tab, on the Front Page. Check this out. Mel TravelBlog Moderator
27th September 2010

hi thanks i happy very much and enjoyed watch your website
25th September 2010

Glad to have the whole Niima clan reading my blog!
24th September 2010

That's was great!!!!
Hello there, I really enjoyed! I also want to travel around the world. I know Hamid also. He is my relation. Sahar(Aillin), Toronto.
22nd September 2010

salam ax hay khili ghasanghi endakhtin / aghe miseh chantaro brai man email konin mersi .
5th September 2010

hello from repulic of georgia a friend of hamid nima
23rd August 2010

Hey John, Just finished reading your blog in Armenia. I still haven't been to my country of nationality, but I was interested to read about your experiences. I could of told you a few things you could of told the Armenian women in Armenia to help you out there, lol! Eric
20th August 2010

Thanks Guerry. I think you'll find that nearly everyone who has been to Iran has nothing but praise for how open and warm the locals are. I highly recommend it as a holiday destination (if you can be bothered with the visa process). Best wishes
19th August 2010

Enjoyin the blog
Me bookmarked it and read some whenever the bosses aren't looking.
16th August 2010

What a charming travel story
John, we hear so many negative things about Iran, it was refreshing to read you post about such a warmly human interaction you enjoyed while in Esfahan. Good luck! Guerry
30th July 2010

thankss John for yer great account of yer journey,.it was 'Conkoor" im afraid to correct
15th July 2010

thanks! belated but appreciated. It didn't feel like a birthday really nor my 30th. Nothing's changed really.
14th July 2010

Happy Birthday
Happy 30th..........join the 30th club I am setting stall for the 40 brigade.
10th July 2010

Thanks Eric, I'm currently in Tabriz and waiting to head to Armenia. Iran has been great but I'm ready to move on!
6th July 2010

Hey John, Just read your latest travel blog. Good to hear you made it to Iran and are continuing your travels! Eric
6th July 2010

thanks meave - glad you enjoy the arse that I write whils I'm travellling. I wish I had a dictaphone for all the conversations I'm having whilst travelling here in Iran. Priceless. I'm beginning to miss England a little bit - y'know Shepherd's Pie and all. I look forward to the dole queue when I get back....meh
2nd July 2010

these blog entries are really interesting. you're wasted in admin. hope the travels are still going well. you've timed it perfectly, coming back to a tory gov't. oh sorry, a coalition. but yeah just to say i'm really impressed with the blog -- although it does lead me to believe that you are in london researching this and writing it as an elaborate fiction.
22nd June 2010

thanks aj - the visa was the difficult part as well as stopping yourself from spending money whilst you're sort of travelling-living abroad in Australia. Hope you get back on the road soon...or maybe I'll see you in Netherlands on my way back
22nd June 2010

I am in constant amazement, this is one seriously interesting country and culture. I haven't had time to read or write much because of it all.
22nd June 2010

Really cool to read you blog! So many new things... Are you in a state of constant amazement and loving it (getting back to purpose of travelling according to er, me)? And persian cats, of course, now I'll have to go there too, sometime.
17th June 2010

Hey man, Good story, what an adventure. It's great how you put youre mind in to things and make them happen. Good luck in the middle east. I've heard that they are offering spectacular boat trips to Gaza. Greets, AJ
12th June 2010

I enjoyed your photos from Wison's Promontory. I didn't make it there, but I love wombats so I guess I'll need to go next time I'm there! My blog is looking for travel reviews, photos, etc, to share. If you have the time, check it out at, or email me at Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)
18th May 2010

Very interesting report. Regards from hostels barcelona nest . Spain
27th April 2010

Dude! thanks for the comment - but I don't see my travels as a 'privilege' necessarily - I've saved up my hard-earned money to go travel and I can't really *not* report when things go wrong. I admit that if everything went well - there'd be little point in writing about it! “Travel is the saddest of the pleasures” ‘It gave me eyes.’
27th April 2010

you should clearly not be traveling... how annoying it is to read stories of people priviliged to travel and only complaining about the experiences that should in fact contribute to the appreciation of this tremendous privilige! Stay home and eat from your dumpster, please!

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