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20th May 2009

A new murt
A less cynical side appearing - a more europhile than sceptic, mellowed, chilled less confrontational. Bring back the old Murt.... Nice pics was doing the rivers of Colindale, Edgeware this week not on a par but Bentley Priory was nice up at Stanmore. M
18th May 2009

me enjoy
enjoying your blog great pic of you with Bart smiling suits you - you should do more of it stay safe and stay with your passport you eejit x
4th May 2009

hey Jamie, thanks for the comments and glad (someone) is enjoying it. the readership for the blog is not in the hundreds, barely that, but it's consistent, and there are many readers of this blog as it gets listed under countries. i'v saved all my bank details in a word document in an email so I can see it whenever I want (when the right Word version is in an internet cafe!) Australia is defo looking like paradise from here and I may well look up your father for a sofa moment! Cheers J
3rd May 2009

"the Golders Green version of a Nigerian money scam" hahaha bang on, Jamie, bang on.
1st May 2009

Peace at last
John, Good to see you're back on form. The tone of that posting is a lot more airy than the last few. It's great isn't it, when after weeks of stressing you fall into a place that really suits you. Shame you've got to move on huh? Respect for that dive of the waterfall, and the jenny-grabber shunning. nice one. Hold onto your passport.
30th April 2009

Bus Ride
Hey John, Sounds like a long journey of a day! I hate to be the burden of bad news, but Laos has worse transportation than Thailand. I would rate Thailand bus and train services a solid 6 compared to Laos which I would give a 3. I never Once rode on a bus that was on time during my travels in Laos. Once I bought my ticket with a travel agent, only to be dropped off at the bus station and had to wait in line for over an hour and pay additional "holiday" fee to board the bus. I was not happy, Anyways Im in Ko Samui for another day or two, I have a small bungalo by the beach. It relaxing and casual here. I did get too much sun today, so I might of gotten slightly burned. Did you and Kristen get to meet for drinks on the 26th floor of the bar that night? Eric
30th April 2009

Stop yer whinging Murtagh!
Mate, I've spent the past three nights reading through your blog just before heading to bed (a nice, comfortable, normal bed in England by the way :) and all I can say is what a colossal debacle! Sounds like you've had some cracking times there, but your wallet/passport etc fiasco really does blow the mind. How can one man be so unlucky?! Seems like all is going well with Danielle though, despite your best efforts to appear to be the Golders Green version of a Nigerian money scam to her. So when do you get to Aus? Oh yeah, not to take the wind out of your sails or anything but there's a chance a lot of the hits you're getting are just automated search crawlers from google, yahoo etc. Well, I know they make up a good portion of the site I administer. Might not be the case just for a blog like this though. One thing I might suggest is that you get an online storage space where you save an encrypted word doc with your bank passwords etc. At the very least use it to write down your swift code etc. It's all such a pain in the arse - I've had to go through the same thing. Anyways, keep your head down and keep enjoying the sights, sounds and smells mate. It's been very entertaining reading your blog and you do have a pretty good style. I didn't expect anything less though from you. Trust me when I say that Australia will be like heaven for you now when you get there! If you need some accommodation at Sydney let me know. My old man lives a but south of the city.
24th April 2009

Where am I?
Hi Eric, hope you're enjoying Laos! Jumping off cliffs is the way to go fun-wise me thinks. Glad you're finding the time to read the blog!. I'm currently in Kanchangaburi, soaking up WW2 stories of the death railway. I'm going to Bangkok tomorrow to meet up with Kristen at The View bar - atop a skyscraper, so you should try and meet up with us for some drinks! I am gonna be around for a while, waiting for my UK passport - still. I could be here all bloody week. Hope to meet up.
17th April 2009

Haha, nice to see some empathy there, it's been a complete pain in the arse my travels in Thailand. I've not really enjoyed it, I just await the philosophizing to come that makes me accpet things, but to be honest I'm so stressed out with things hitting me I've given up hope. Bangkok I left before any troubles, I did see some Red supporters flocking into the city, but to be honest from what I know about Thailand, it's very divided along wealth lines. Mind you, the Thais I've met seem to be very chilled out, there's no madness around I don't think so I'm hopeful.
14th April 2009

Well my fellow traveller, (of course it has been ages for me but i am a true wing and a prayer traveller at heart), it sounds like you have had a truly marvelous trip so far.. haha its awful but you have to admit, life is not that full of problems usually so there has got to be a reason.. I do not really believe in 'bad' karma.. except for bad people. Just look at it like a real opportunity for change. I mean come on, life must care about you to challenge your capacities so intesely. Anyway, thank you for the very entertaining story there. I am impressed. I have really had similar domino effect horrid luck myself at times too and trust me, I can relate to the feeling of utter helplessness. Hope you do or did get a chance to relax... deeply. I actually am reading this page because I was digging for current political and public states in thailand and since there a sort of media block out on the unrest of the country, I was looking to see if any travellers had blogged interesting info. Perhaps you can shed some light... my email is attached and feel free to write. Bye Summer- in Canada
14th April 2009

Hello fae London
You do like getting your photo taken - what a posser you are and that white vest is this Rab C Nesbitt coutture. Was grey all weekend in London and rain over Easter bank holiday then surprise back to work and a cracking sunny day. You seem to be moaning about bad luck least yer not in capital they say there is riots in Bangkok - Did you start it ?. Laters M
10th April 2009

.....thanks bud
hey thanks for posting the ugliest photos of me ever and making me out to be a 21 year old douche bag! awesome!! it is, however, well written.
18th March 2009

love Myanmar
i love this country!!
2nd March 2009

you are a great story teller
the only contact with a cop i had was in pathein when one of them offered me a ride and he then proceeded to take me to his english class so i ended up teaching english for about 2 hours.jan 2009...this was i second trip and will be back in 2010..
10th February 2009

Glad to see you're letting go: Less than 24 hours into the tour of the undiscovered world, and you're on the bloomin internet. Nice hotel - shame about the pants. I'd make the most of those clean sheets if I were you. Have a good time in Rangoon.

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