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Sarah Perryman

Me and my family are off on our big adventure (OBA) to visit family & friends in Australia, and stop off in Thailand on the way home :-)

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Samui March 16th 2012

We had arrived in Koh Samui in the dark late at night and so next morning it was a lovely surprise to emerge into the gorgeous fragrant tropical gardens of our hotel, with the heavenly scents of frangipani and the colourful hibiscus and lotus flowers in the ponds. Then to wander through to the beach and see the classic sweeping bay of perfect white sand, fringed palms leaning towards the waves. Koh Samui is a typical tropical island blanketed in palms. It ships huge numbers of coconuts to Bangkok. The island is mostly uninhabited and pretty mountainous in the interior; most buildings are around the coastal fringe. There are many western style hotels, mostly well camouflaged, in our strip of coast anyway at Choeng Mon, one of the smaller beaches on the island. The local ‘samui ... read more
Our boat-shaped hotel pool
The finished meal after my lesson
Kayaking Ang Thong

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok March 4th 2012

On our first evening we gained an immediate sense of the chaotic frenzy that is Bangkok day and night. The streets around our hotel were teeming with activity, with the colourful street vendors & market stalls, zigzagging tuk-tuks, pink taxis, ear-splitting traffic, and a throng of tourists. The word ‘cacophony’ springs to mind. There are so many cars, motorbikes with whole families clinging to them and taxis – far too many cars for the roads and it amazed me how willing people were to sit endlessly in jams getting nowhere! Motor-bikes weaving in and out – they certainly must have the highest number of scooters per capita of anywhere. The smells overall are pretty bad, with a stench of decaying vegetable matter and ripe sewage all a bit overpowering in the humid heat. It’s notoriously a ... read more
China Town marigold flower stalls
Grand Palace, Bangkok
Ornate statue, Grand Palace

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Sydney » Rose Bay February 27th 2012

Our first day in Sydney was spent in Mona Vale Hospital. No, it’s not normally on the tourist trail but Michelle took a pearler on the beach whilst exploring rock pools our first morning in Sydney (we had arrived in the dark the night before) and broke her wrist on landing. Yikes, poor thing – it did look dreadfully deformed but fortunately it materialised that it was a clean break and only required plastering and no surgery thank goodness. What I have to say is that the friendliness & kindness of the people on the beach, who witnessed the accident, and the staff in the hospital, was overwhelming. A couple of girls rushed Michelle & Andrew to the hospital and another lady then found me (I was back doing chores at the motor home when this ... read more
Summer Bay Surf Life Saving Club
View from Kurangaichase
View of Sydney from Taronga Zoo

This was a drive in a motor home through an area of the most outstanding coastal wilderness, of ancient temperate rainforests and staggeringly beautiful beaches... However, whilst still within bounds of civilisation we camped first at Healesville, not far from Melbourne, to familiarise ourselves with the motor home we named Daphne. It’s a BIG motor home, 6 berth, and fills the lanes on the road. We got a good view from the driver’s cabin but unfortunately for the children strapped in the back the vista was not so good, partly due to the coarse black insect mesh on the side windows. This was the part of the trip I was most looking forward to, but the novelty sort of wore off when you have to 'make' your bed every evening and to find we had limited ... read more
Close up of cheeky koala at Healesville
Shipwreck Bay
Me, Adam & large fern tree in Croajingolong Nat Park

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne » CBD February 11th 2012

Well, what a shock – back to chilly weather, not unlike an English summer. Only 17-22 degrees here although the day we arrived it had apparently started as 35o and suddenly plummeted as a massive storm swept in. Actually, our flight only just made it in to Melbourne as we saw many storms encroaching which resulted in the diversion of all flights following us that day. The flight from Alice Springs was remarkable in that the scenery over which you fly is dessert all the way. Of special interest is Lake Eyre which is Australia’s largest salt lake and the lowest point at 50 ft below sea level, in the midst of Central Australia’s desert. It really stresses how the habitable land is only a relatively small coastal strip of Australia. We arrived at my Uncle ... read more
Ramsey Street, aka Pinoak Drive
The (My!) Godfather
With Uncle Jeffrey & Auntie Kathy and Daphne the motorhome

Oceania » Australia » Northern Territory » Ayers Rock February 6th 2012

As the plane approached Uluru there was eager excitement all round to spot the great rock from the air and luckily the plane circled for landing and so all got a birds-eye view of the infamous monolith as we approached the runway. It is really peculiar and amazing the way the massive rock protrudes from the never-ending flat landscape like a loaf of bread on a bread board (Ellen laughed at this description but that’s what it looks like!). It is actually a mass of sedimentary rock laid down in an alluvial plain from the erosion of a great mountain-scape, only to then be turned 90 degrees on its side – hence the striations that we see in the rock. Uluru draws people like a moth to a flame and it does not disappoint. It is ... read more
At cultural centre
ellen and friend at Uluru
Approach to Alice Springs

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Rottnest Island February 3rd 2012

This beautiful city, as we have seen, has a vast playground on its door step of endless beaches and wild bushwalks. One of its real gems though is Rottnest, a small island some 20kms of its shores. We trundled off there for a bit of snorkelling, again in temperatures of nearly 40 degrees. There are no cars on the island and it is almost essential to hire bicycles if you want to explore, which we of course did. We were aiming for a snorkel-trail but due to the intense heat we could not resist dropping off in the first bay we got to, to cool off, Henrietta’s Bay, after a small shipwreck close to shore. This turned out to be a better snorkelling spot that the tourist trail site and we saw all sorts of tropical ... read more
Biking it on the Island
Adam and quoaka friend
At Peter's Birthday Bash

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth » Perth Hills January 31st 2012

Off we hopped, back up to Perth for Australia Day with the Perth-Aussie Farnham’s. A national holiday celebrated on 26thJanuary this date commemorates the arrival of the British first fleet to establish a colony at Sydney Cove in 1788. The date is controversial to some Australians, particularly those indigenous aborigines, leading to it being called various alternatives, such as Invasion Day and Survival Day- as we saw with the protests on the day at a function attended by the Australian prime minister (not sure if you got the on the news back home). The conflict between the two groups seems to be a hard one to solve and is a considerable national challenge. Anyway, moving on ... For Australia Day, we ventured out to the Darling Range of Hills, inland of Perth, to an idyllic small ... read more
Perth Skyworks fireworks, source - the web!
the Swan Bell Tower
S & A Kings Park

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Margaret River January 24th 2012

Down we trekked from the heat of Perth south to a comparatively cooler area called Margaret River – originally a ‘surfer dude’ township but now better known as a fabulous wine region..... The reason for this destination was Matt - Andrew’s nephew / cousin to our children. He lives there with his lovely wife Paula and their two incredibly sweet children Olivia & Zoe. He was a championship sponsored surfer and has surfed the world over – his favourite breaks in Indonesia where he worked on a surf boat as a chef. But now with a family, he tells me Margaret River and the Cape Leewin-Naturaliste Coastline is just about the best place a surfer can be to raise a family and still hit the big surf daily. It is one of the world’s top 5 ... read more
Shell collecting Margaret River
Boranup Forest

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle January 21st 2012

First impressions of Perth when we landed were the vastness of the sky, its blueness and the brightness of the light. Artists come here to seek out this crisp dazzling light I gather, it is quite startling. The other shocker was the heat – it was only 7am in the morning but we certainly felt out of place in our fleeces and jeans in the 25 degree heat – not as bad as others who had ugg boots on though! Having not slept on either flight and therefore meaning we had not slept for three days we have been catching up on some of that – quite tricky in this heat (it has been 41 degrees today). But that has not stopped us enjoying the differences; the beautiful exotic birds such as galahs, kookaburras & rosellas ... read more
Our rental car - upgrade to 4WD. Cool!
An evening dip in the Indian Ocean
Drying off after dip in the ocean

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