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31st March 2012

Think I want to go back...
Hey honey - great final log for your wonderful journey, bet it feels like you were never away already! Still, you get a couple of days off next weekend and the weather has been brilliant since you got back! Have a great weekend, Love Rose xxx
20th March 2012

I remember it well though I suspect that it is even more chaotic now than it was when I was there... Another wonderful entry!
20th March 2012

I could spend a lot longer there, it was brilliant, so much more to see and experience than we crammed in.
20th March 2012

I want to go back!!!
Thank you for reminding me of all the wonderful places in and around Sydney - my home for a year and I loved it...
20th March 2012

I can just see you there Rose - it suits your sense of fun and energy for life!
2nd March 2012

Oh Sarah, I am so jealous - what a wonderful trip - trying to convince Col that this is what we need to do - it just looks so beautiful. Hope all ailments are on the mend now. Keep in touch, love Rose xxx
3rd March 2012

Ah, thanks Rose, it is wonderful - but 3 months (or 6 even) would be better than 2 for when you plan yours as I am not ready to return and still feel the need to be on the road. I can see you & Col now having a fabulous mega world trip, you can always talk to K&S on Skype once they're at Uni - Skype has been brilliant for keeping in touch with my parents :-)
27th February 2012

Good neighbours
You just sound like you guys are really having such a wonderful time. This blog almost go away from me, thought I hadn't heard from you for a while so I looked you up. Glad I did, another lovely read. Take care a nd big hugs xxx
2nd March 2012

Crikey - I have comments!
Dearest Rose, I have just found all your comments - I had no idea they were there (there is no indication on my travel blog homepage), I just stumbled across them. So apologies for not replying sooner. I am so glad it is inspiring you and Colin to think of a big trip in the near future! Yes, it is great having this blog facility now - I would have loved to have used it way back in my earlier days - instead of sitting in remote post rooms sending/receiving telegrams! As you can imagine, I am not really looking forward to coming home! much love chum, Sarah xx
14th February 2012

Okay, you have succeeded in bringing tears to my eyes and a question to my heart - what was I thinking going all that way and not visiting Uluru? Hopefully you are inspiring Col enough that we will defo do a trip in the not toooooo distant future. Fantastic writing as always my lovely lady - Happy Valentines xxx
From Blog: Uluru - wow!
6th February 2012

It all looks so fantastic, you really have arranged such an exciting trip for you and the kids, the will never forget it. Hugs xxx
3rd February 2012

Happy Aussie Day
Go'day, glad to hear that you are still having a fab time - images are stunning - especially Michelle's hair flick - wow! Thought Adam's mate at the fireworks display looked vert cute - hee hee! Love hearing your news though you were missed last night:) Love Rose xxx
2nd March 2012

Yes, he was definitely a cutie, but Adam is the one getting all the attention in this trip, time and time again!
30th January 2012

You've been doing your homework too
Sarah its great and so educational to read the latest installment of your blog. The pics are enchanting too. I am so impressed by all the detail and facts you're including - it'll be great to have for you guys to refer to when you get back as well. Hope you're feeling better now - I was wondering how you were getting on. Yucky to have a bug when you're travelling but I expect its kind of inevitable isn't it? love to all, Carla
2nd March 2012

Hi Carla, sorry to only just pick up this message - I had no idea it was there. It was a nice surprise to day to find it and others, although we are now finished with Oz and are in Thailand. You must have embarked on your mega trip too now - enjoy yourselves and keep safe. much love Sarah xxx
27th January 2012

Downunder Log
Again a lovely read Sarah - you do sound like you are all having a wondreful time. Sorry to hear that you have been poorly, sure that there is a lot of great fish to eat now that you are recovered! Keep well and keep them coming - hugs xx
27th January 2012

Where's Brucie Badger? xxx
2nd March 2012

He's met a possum lady friend!
24th January 2012

Why aren't you in the lab working?
just kidding - looks like you're having a great time! Cheers, Jon
2nd March 2012

I so miss the lab Jon!
24th January 2012

Hi Sarah. Loved to hear your news and fabulous pictures. Wish we were there! Looking forward to the next installments. X
2nd March 2012

Thanks Julie - I hope you've seen the latest blogs? Sarah xx
23rd January 2012

Gday folks - how lovely to see your pics already - you all look so relaxed. Definitely an advert fro sabbaticals... Have you got used to being upside down? Hope the journey was good. Fancy taking rain with you - was it warm? Indian monsoon rain is fantastic: warm, bucket -ized drops and short-lived. Enjoy. Love to all, Caz'n Nash & sprogs...
2nd March 2012

I definitely like being upside down ! Sarah xx
23rd January 2012

A new career - travel writer
Hi there guys, what a wonderful blog entry that is - great information and wonderful images. You really could easily change careers Sarah! Glad to hear all is going well and that you are enjoying yourselves; I do wish I had had this mechanism to communicate when I was out travelling. Very envious of all your experiences but looking forward to the next installment. Take care one and all. Love Rose xxx

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