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North America » United States » Florida » Orlando August 4th 2010

Today we are flying to Orlando, Florida, so while Tim catches up on a bit of sleep I head back to the Rockefeller Centre to do a post home. Even though it’s not far, I can’t walk with the boxes so I catch a cab. Here’s where stereotypes are shattered again - I flag down a cab outside the hotel and when tell him where I need to go, the driver tells me I would be better catching a cab from the other side of the street as because of the one way streets he would need to detour about 10-15 minutes to get me there. Such a nice thing to do I thought, and to add icing to the generosity cake, he didn’t even hang around for an advice tip! So off to the other ... read more
2. Flying over Florida
3. Flying over Florida
4. Flying into Orlando

North America » United States » New York » New York August 3rd 2010

We are up earlyish for our Madam Tussaud’s museum visit. Again, we are able to walk there taking in the sights and sounds of New York City. I love it, there is so many things going on that for a tourist there is no quick way of getting anywhere! The walk up Seventh Avenue holds almost as many of the label shops as Fifth Avenue, but not as pricey and then there are lots and lots of smaller shops mixed in to make your day interesting - and potentially expensive. Luckily we have somewhere to be so we hold ourselves back (that’s right, both of us, my Tim is a good little shopper himself!). We pass through Times Square and it is breathtaking, we are coming back here tonight to see Jersey Boys on Broadway and ... read more
2. Times Square
3. Times Square
4. Planet Hollywood

North America » United States » New York » New York August 2nd 2010

Tim had a sleep in this morning, which is good for him after a couple of late ones and busy days. So while he caught up on some zzzzz’s , I got us breaky from around the corner at the deli, food is noticeably cheaper, not sure if it will be for the whole of the US or just New York. Here was a NYFD fire truck across the road from the hotel, after having been to Ground Zero I can’t help but wonder how these guys may have been affected by that fateful day…. After Tim and I have breaky in our room we walk to the Rockefeller Centre to do a post home. This is the building that 30 Rock is based around, so me being a bit of a fan of all things ... read more
2. THE Fifth Avenue
3. Fifth Avenue - Trump Tower - You're Fired!
4. Fifth Avenue - The closest Tim will ever get to the Playboy Company!

North America » United States » New York » New York August 1st 2010

I woke up still sore and sorry, but hey, I’m in New York, so I’m not going to let a couple of cracked ribs stop me from enjoying the experience! We manage to work out the subway to get to Battery Park (with some help from some other tourists - blind leading the blind) which is where the Statue of Liberty boats depart from. THE SUBWAY To say the system is enormous is an understatement! Looking at it, I don’t think there is anywhere you couldn’t get to. One downside is that sometimes you may have to change trains A LOT to get to where you want to be. The other downside is that it’s a bit on the stinky side down there, maybe to stop people hanging about - although remember in New York everyone ... read more
2. The subway
3. Lots of 'no's' going to the Statue of Liberty
4. She's big!

North America » United States » New York » New York July 31st 2010

We got up bright (okay, maybe not so bright after our late night last night) and early to leave at 7am for our flight to New York. The taxi took us to a 24hr chemist on the way to the airport so that I can fill my script for painkillers as we won’t be able to fill it in the US. We had a really nice driver, he moved here from Ghana was plenty happy to have a chat. It’s a strange Immigration system as we went through the US Customs before we left Canada, much like when we went to London by train from Paris we were processed by UK Customs before we left France. We also had to use the automatic ticket machines here to collect our boarding passes and luggage tags, no chance ... read more
2. Really small
2a. Good to see your still smiling though
3. Hello New York!

North America » Canada » Ontario » Niagara Falls July 30th 2010

We're up bright and early for breakfast then it’s just a short walk across the road to catch our train to Niagara Falls. Even though our train doesn’t leave until 8:30am we need to be there early because there are no assigned seats and we’ve been warned that the train can get very full. It doesn’t just service Niagara Falls, there are a few stops before Niagara and then it continues over the border into the USA and onto New York. It’s before 8am and there is already a long queue waiting for our train. It’s a nice scenic 2 hour train trip to Niagara Falls and before we know it we’re there! We opt to catch a taxi to the Welcome Centre instead of waiting for the shuttle bus which is not due for another ... read more
2. On the train ready to go to Niagara Falls
3. Great view, except for that Montreal fringe!
5. Everyone all packed onto the Maid of the Mist

North America » Canada » Ontario » Toronto July 29th 2010

We had a 7:30am flight to Toronto with Air Canada so we were up bright and early. At least we could just drive to the airport and not have to worry about cabs. I manage to successfully navigate our way to the airport and then it’s a short one and a quarter hour flight. The Air Canada flight crew are once again really nice and we’ve enjoyed flying with them. We catch a cab to our hotel, the Fairmont Royal York. It’s in the same chain as the hotel at Lake Louise so I’m already prepared for Tim to not like it. It’s one of the oldest hotels in Toronto and directly opposite the railway station, and it’s also on the stop line for Greyhound buses. This is the main reason I picked this hotel to ... read more
2. Our bathroom
3. Our view
4. Ice Hockey Hall of Fame

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal July 28th 2010

Unfortunately I think today is the day that put the final nail in the Montreal coffin for Tim. After a good sleep in, I convinced Tim that we could go for a drive to a beach about 45 minutes away that was recommended by the concierge that hadn’t been affected by a recent oil spill that. Hoping that a nice beach visit would lift Tim’s spirits and also his opinion of Montreal. When we left it was nice and sunny with a few clouds way off in the distance. Unfortunately for us the grey skies began to roll in and then it started to spit the closer we got to the beach. When we found the beach entry it was actually in a National Park and as with most National parks there is an entry fee. ... read more
2. We found the beach, but this is the closest we got to it
3. Our little Kia
4. Our little Kia

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal July 27th 2010

Because Tim slept so much yesterday he struggled to sleep last night, so I was up early, plus I was excited about today. I had breakfast and got talking to the lady at the table next to me who was also alone. She had been to Quebec City yesterday and said it was a wonderful city with lots of history; I’m even more excited now! I get back to the room and Tim is still asleep so I potter about and try to be quiet, easier said than done in a hotel room! When Tim wakes up he says that he’s not keen on looking around Quebec City before the show, so we will leave mid-afternoon to get there in time for the show. Even though he is not keen, Tim agrees to come ice skating ... read more
2. The little kids get zimmer frames...
3. ...but not Tim
4. Couldn't get him into the middle

North America » Canada » Quebec » Montréal July 26th 2010

Tim has a sleep in this morning while I go and get all that girly stuff done - hair and nails. We found a hairdresser not far from the hotel last night on our walk home so after breakfast I head there, to discover they are closed… I go to the coffee shop next door and after buying a muffin and coffee ask them if they know when it will be open. Turns out that Monday is hairdresser closed day here, if only the opening hours sign was in English. No matter, I’m directed to a street where there is a shopping mall and everything is open. HAIRDRESSING, QUEBEC STYLE So after walking past some very, very nice clothing stores I find a hairdresser who can see me. Before I left home my wonderful hairdresser, Michelle, ... read more
2. Monday is 'Cool Car Day' at Hooters
3. Hooters Montreal
4. And of course the football on tv

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